Friday, July 24, 2009

Princess Mignon Abbie taking a Peep at a Peep! :)

Mignon Princess Abbie takes a Peep at a Peep on our porch! She took her first flight out of the next on our front porch and was afraid to do much else than perch on our stoop by the window where Princess Mignon Abbie adored watching the lil Peep!
The little Peep now flys to and fro around our home!
And Princess Mignon Abbie still enjoys looking for her...


Happy Weekend Everyone!
~CC Catherine

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 4th we celebrated 27 years of Marriage & Dogs on Thursday, an Odd combination!!! ;)

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July 4th started out with a GRRRReat Independence Day Parade in our neighboring subdivision. Isn't this little golf cart rider above a hoot? I loved him~
The picture below is of my Tyler, waving his flag to and the shades! ;)And here he is, riding his bike through the parade~ His first Holiday Trek!Here we are...we decided to celebrate our special 27th Wedding Anniversary in our favorite Tea Room in Clarksville, GA - Baron York Tea Room CafeMy Beloved called ahead to Dea Irby, the Tea Shoppe owner, to have a special tea for two ready for us when we arrived. Here is just a little bit of what we dined on~A great view of the Tea Room with an "Up Shot" in the Historical section of Clarksville~ ;)Back to the festivities of the day with our Mascot in the Parade!And for the family...everyone celebrated the weekend as well~ My future daughter in law prepared this delectable Asparagus Quiche that I found the recipe for online. We all loved it, excellent reviews~If you want to enjoy the Asparagus Quiche, Click here to enjoy the recipe!

Happy Early Foodie Friday~

Have a blessed day~

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Special Tribute in Memory of Justin Todd Vest, "Yoshi", our other son...

Two days ago a young man of just 27 years old died in an unexpected motorcycle accident. All that knew and loved him called him "Yoshi", except my husband, he loved calling him Justin Todd Vest, his given name. Yoshi was, and I'm sure will continue to be in memory, my youngest son Peter's best friend. And to us, he was like one of our other sons. He called me Momma Cos and my husband Mr. C.
He leaves behind a precious 18 month old son, Preston, whom the sun rose and set on to him. This stained glass heart was a project my husband just completed...the stained red glass cross in the center of the piece reminded me of the time that my daughter made and gave him a stained glass red cross years ago. He was so excited with receiving the cross from her and the next time I seen him he had it on a long chain around his neck that he wore as a necklace. When he smiled, he lit up the room...and that's what happened the day she gave him the cross, and when I seen it on his chain, his smile lit up the room even more.
There was something about the way his eyes lit up when he saw me and he called me Momma Cos. He would hug me, smile his big smile...and that's the way I will remember him. Please say a prayer for his family and friends this weekend, this is a huge loss. May we all remember to cherish each day we live, and do our best to be the best we can be for the people we love and that love us.
Today Heaven is blessed to have Yoshi's big smile for eternity...and we will continue to remember him proudly as our son, our friend, and as our brother... We love you Yoshi!
~CC Catherine & family