Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strolling through life one day at a time while breathing in the spectaculars along the way!

Welcome Friends!
Open the door & come on in to see the places & things I got to experience in my journey up North the past two weeks.
As you walk through this "Mystery Door", you'll be amazed at where it's going to lead you in the small rural community I grew up in...I sure was!
It leads you to this porch that overlooks a pond that was owned by my 6th grade teacher many moons ago! His daughter now owns the property and built this fabulous porch that overlooks the family pond that my Great Uncle fished at when I was a young girl.
This is the view of the external "faux" windows and flower boxes that greet you when you walk up to the building.
As you can see from the rear side of the building...the door is screened, the opposite side of the door that has the lace is on the porch entry side, which really makes you feel like you're indoors.
What you cannot see is the fact that there is a fountain on the top of the tin roof that with the flip of a switch becomes a recycled water pump/fountain from the water in the pond. The rain falls off the edge of the roof and you sit and breathe in the beauty, as well as hear the sound of the rain trickling down... The love seat rocker makes a great addition to allow you to rock & enjoy!
Then on to CT to an ice cream shoppe, this was in their flower garden which I found quite amusing...but sweet! See the hula dancers?
A drive down a few side streets in CT proved to me that New England states know how to showcase that Cottage look I so love...check out these posies on a side porch~
I had to grab this CT home with the Pink Door for my Pink friend Claudie! The side door was pink also......and it was a dream to see it matched the pink geraniums in the front door! :)
This home was my favorite. The blue/white awnings were on three sides of the home. Gorgeous!
Then to a little antiquing in Glastonbury CT. Deb, check out this rooster painting! Superb!
This little mirror is for a small child, if I would've had a pickup truck, it would have come home with me for my grandie! It was only $70 and was in great shape!
French Pottery I adored...couldn't miss snapping them!
What a chic showcase, couldn't resist! And, she had pink netting sashed on the mannequin!
Last, but NEVER least, a Chandie made out of brass & marble! I still am considering calling the shop and having it shipped to me. It was GORGEOUS!
Well, thanks for coming on my little tour!
I hope to share later this week the exciting trip we had when we visited Franklin, NC recently.
Hugs to all my blogging friends~
And drop by Susan's on Wednesday to enjoy her Outdoor Wednesday where you'll see other great outdoor shots, I'm sure!
~CC Catherine