Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have my EYE on Valentine's Day... :)

Happy Valentine's Day
 to my precious Blogger Friends!
I've got my eye on you today... literally!  ;)

So does my Princess Mignon Abbie ~ 
She wants to invite us to a special tea today!
 Should we have the tea in Paris, she said?
Or since Paris is so far, let's go to Caff`e Rel in Franklin, NC ~
that way we'd be back in time for dinner...
 On the menu we'll have a lovely Hot Chai Tea
 We can sport our favorite Red hats in celebration of Valentine's Day 
 We'll shop till we drop to find Abbie's favorite book, Little Pink Pup...
while out and about
 Abbie will open the door for us at Caff`e Rel...
"Please come out to the back patio", she'll bark... :)
 Here we'll bask in the sun and order from the menu...

Oh my, what will we have???  
There's so much to choose from~
But Abbie recommends this French dish...

And after lunch...as we leave to go shopping,
Abbie will sport her Valentine's Day glasses 
for us as we wave Bonjour...
Happy Valentine's Day once again friends!
Hugs from Georgia~
~CC Catherine