Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing Our Lil Guy ~ Born 6/29/10 weighing in at 7lbs.7oz.

There's something to be said about New Beginnings...
I am blessed to share that our Lil Guy, Jonathan David Jr was born today, 6/29/10.
He is "P"recious with a Capital "P"!
He is our second grandson and third grandchild!
Wanted to share our Love of "him" with each of you!
Hugs all...
~CC Catherine

Thursday, June 24, 2010

At 18 months, It's still important to learn the Basics of Tea Time~

Catie is my namesake, and she's my 18 month granddaughter!
I had to show you these pics as she explored my world of Tea Time ~ and I shared just a couple
tips with her along the way.
1. Always sit with good posture ~ She gets an "A"
2. Never put your arm on the table ~ She's gotta work on that one. :)
3. Always be sure to inspect the cleanliness of the silverware when no one is watching - just kidding...
Then on to the real fun, the Tea Pot & tray ~ What is that lid for she thinks...

Hmm...Any tea inside?
Nope ~ They drank it dry
Well enough of having "no tea" ~ I'm trying on Mimi's shoes she says...
And before I knew it, she was tired and needed a bit of afternoon shut eye ~ But as all angels do, she needed to work on her lil angel wings awhile before she could shut her eyes.

I hope you enjoyed Catie's little Tea Time excursion today!

We are anxiously awaiting her little cousin that is due any hour...his name is Jonathan David. He will be her first baby cousin on our side of the family and my third grandchild and second grandson.

We are excited!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely hot summer!

Blessings to all of my friends I adore in Blogland!

~CC Catherine

Friday, June 11, 2010

What does one do when a PC crashes? For me, I kept busy...and am awaiting the birth of my third Grandchild!

This post is to give all my blogging buds a quick update since I just got my PC back from the Computer Docs after getting a new hard drive.
I kept busy...held a Vintage Tea for a local Writer in my home - Sneak Peek of the hat & earrings below~ I wore my grandmothers vintage white pearl earrings, her jersey silk blue/white dress that I remember her wearing when I was a little girl...and then I sported a great new blue hat that a new friend, Julie, gave me earlier this Spring. I even wore my Grandmothers floral shoes - yes, we have the same size foot! The Tea was so much fun, and we made some great memories for the featured guest!
Then this past weekend I was in Cornelius, NC and visited a great little authentic FRENCH owned Chocolate/Wine/Coffee Shoppe. The owner is an artist and his art covers the walls. His wife is the Chocolatier...and she does FABULOUS designed and tasty chocs! The wines are all French!
Today I decided to start my day off right......so, I'm really trying to eat well this summer and make it a lifestyle and not a whim any longer. The Blackberries were scrumptious and the parsley is from my own herb gardens in pots on my front porch. I grabbed my favorite magazine, Romantic Homes, and showcased the platter on my favorite Italian Tray which was a vintage find a few years back. A picture perfect morning with great flavor! :)
And, now I await the call that I'm a MiMi again.....and I will soon share my new grandson, lil Jonathan David, II with you all!

Ciao for now...hope to visit you all very soon!

~CC Catherine