Monday, April 26, 2010

Dogs, Cars, Family, and Celebrating my Beloved's 50th! Something Blue?

I think this year my fascination for all things French has taken a back seat to family, and rightfully so~ Yet, the love still resides within my heart to be on the search for anything to add to my collections when I get a chance... Life in the Family Lane has pulled me back into "real time" and it's far from French~ It's actually very my Beloved! I threw him a Surprise 50th Celebration just last weekend~ Note, the sweet cake above! He was blown away to see the 50 guests in attendance.Every man turning 50 wants a BMW Z3 convertible, right? Well, here is my beloved taking his mom for a spin in his new (used) car of only one day, she flew in from CT for the surprise!

This is at the end of the party where we got to give our sons a big hug goodbye. Peter is in the blue, and Jonathan in the white shirt. Our daughter Kim is below in the pic where her husband, Chip, is kissing her, and my grandson, Tyler, is kissing his sister, Cate. We are VERY blessed!
After the party was over, we spent the night at my husbands Aunts home where his mother also stayed. On the morning of his birthday, he kissed his Mother the last minute he was 49. And then he kissed her again the first minute he turned 50. He told me that was the highlight of his birthday...and that made my heart warm. Any son that loves his mother that much, makes a very loving & thoughtful husband, and that he truly is! You'd never guess that my Gorgeous Mother -in-Love is going to be 69 in June. Yes way, she uses Oil of Olay! ;)
Now for the dogs...all seen this week! :) This little pooch riding shotgun below in the rig was in a traffic jam on my way home from the birthday party on Hwy 85. I couldn't resist.

These little pooches are Australian Shepherd puppies, 9 weeks old. They are sisters...
Wait a minute...that doesn't look like they're sisters? Nope, they're not. Enters the one year old Great Dane...He nearly took her pretty little spotted head off after I snapped this pic. The Great Dane, a recent rescue, is learning manners her new owner said. Uh, gulp...manners? Rule #1, you never eat a puppy on your first day out trying to improve upon your manners. ;)
Now for some posies, these are near my patio...and I have rarely got to enjoy them this past week, as I've either been in Charlotte, NC for the surprise Party or in MN on a business trip. Yes, could you please pass me a bit of cheese to go with my "Whine"? ;) Ahhh, Merci!
Well, now I'm home....and I'm going to "make" some time to stop and smell the Irises this week. I still have many to bloom yet. Can you believe this Iris garden is only two years old? My window boxes are filled with a Hot Pink Ice Plant...and it's just beginning to bloom, I can't wait till it's lush in pink, they'll remind me of my Claudie friend when they do... :)
Next weekend I have a friend coming in...we are going to sip tea, eat scones, and "Enjoy Being Friends". Maybe soon I will get enthused about taking pics of my recent junkin finds to share with you. Right now though, it's all about Dogs, Cars, and Family...and, Oh Yea, posies too! :)
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Hugs & Have Missed You All Dear Friends...
~CC Catherine

Monday, April 5, 2010

I love making my guests feel special! Here's some of what I do...

I make sure there are some snacks in the room that they can munch on...
I have inspirational books on the night stands for their pleasure. Amongst my favorite here on this list are From the Father's Heart. It was a gift to me from a friend, and I treasure it! All that pick it up love it as much as I do.
All guests like pretty things to look at!
This is the "miniest" of all cloche displays I think. The items inside are only up to 2" high. I recently hosted a tea party and this was a great little way to celebrate the day!
And what woman wouldn't feel "special" in a room with this on the mantel! Even though the Gucci bottle of cologne is long gone, the beautiful decanter and the vintage purple hat still look great on the "empty" Gucci gift box. And some would've thrown those empty boxes and decanters away? What a waste...aren't they just so chic with this hat?
Another way I always love making my guests feel special is to lay this prayer on the bed once I turn it down. It was written by a missionary friend that was still preaching in her 80's before she went to Heaven! It's a great way to end the day-reading her lovely words...

Now, this is the way I make my Beloved & I feel special! This is our master bedroom, and we have a wall of mirrors. We have started adding some tiny ones to the wall, and every time we do, it adds an even more special touch to the room.

I love hosting guests in my home, and every time I know someone will be staying with me I start to plan how I can make them feel special! Many of the things I do for them I've learned over the years by observing others. So, feel free to take any ideas I have here today...and make your own guests feel special when they visit this year!

~CC Catherine

Photos are courtesy of Juli while she was visiting from Vancouver, Canada (Thx Sweetie) ;)