Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrating my 100th Post with Great Blogging Friends!

I was blessed to have had a lovely weekend with a few GA Blogging Buds! Left front to rear of table and to the right is, Cheri from GeerGathering, Moi, ~CC Catherine, Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict, Susan from Between Naps on the (Fabulous) Porch, and Rose from Santamakers Journey.

I had it in my lil head that I so wanted to do a post on my first Auction Bid Win ..to celebrate my 100th post, but I think friends definitely top material possessions, am I right? For sure... :) The table was set very simply, because the main focus was on "US".

Princess Mignon Abbie joined us for Tea and Scones as well!
Oh, the Maple Scones, Scrumptious fruit and veggies and luscious cheese ball and crackers tasted delicious too~ And here the scones are displayed on my little corner stand that I used for my very first Meta Monday post ions ago. :) Oh how I've missed participating over these past summer months... :(

Hope to see you all a bit more often. The quilt was finished in time for Tyler's birthday celebration. He loves it...I'll post some completed pics soon, promise! :)

Hugs to all who've stopped in to say you miss me...I'm amazed that you still come on over! BUT am totally blessed by your visits and comments! MISS YOU ALL!

~CC Catherine

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm ALIVE...and I'm so thankful I still have my FAITHFUL Blogging Buds! Look at what I've been doin...and doin...and doin...

Princess Mignon Abbie up above a bit tired from watching me run around this past two months like a lil French Chicken with her head cut off...
This is a QUICK POST to say I'm ALIVE! :)
and...what I've been doin! Nope, I've not been taken by Body Snatchers...but I kinda feel like it!

I decided to finish a 3 year old project! It's almost done.
I started this quilt for my first grandchild literally three years ago. His third birthday is 10/10 and I decided since the birthday theme was FISHIES, I'd finish the Oceanic Fish Quilt that I designed for him (my first quilt) long long ago...come look with me. I'm nearly done too! This is one of the fishies...

This is a long distance pic of the quilt at an angle. I'm quilting it all now...after I finished the applique's...and then I put the border on and "voila"...it will be ready for the WRAP! Party is this Sunday!
Traveled to PA for a friends funeral...and at the Restaurant afterward there was a Historic Bridge and when I walked over it, this was sticking out of the stone bridge wall. No kidding....had to have a pic of it! Talk about a once in a lifetime moment.
Worked on this in between quilting for my girlfriends birthday gift, "Kathleen Ellis" of LifeStyle Designs... It's in the mail to her...can you tell me what it is? :) Kath...do you know what this is? It was soooooo much fun making...and the cool thing about it, I'm making more! :)
This little tiger (poodle) I babysat for a week. Is he not the coolest little guy you ever did see? Ms. Abbie was in love.......is in love! She loves French Men! ;) His name is "Baloo". He has chocolate hair, chocolate eyes, and chocolate nose...and chocolate LIPS! He's CHOCOLATE! teahehe!
Oh how I've missed you all...now that the quilt has been nearly taken care of, I think I just may be back online soon! My company of four months has left...and I'm not making as many HUGE meals! YEA.... :)

Hugs and Sugar to all of you that left me such adorable and friendly notes saying how you've missed me! I have SO missed each of you! I'll be making the rounds to your place SOON!

Ciao for now~
~CC Catherine