Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where did it go? :(

Time flew by wAy too fast these past two months...while doing that, I enjoyed meeting up with my Momma that is recuperating from her stroke in December of 2010 rEmArKaBlY. My two blonde sisters are Becky (beside me) and Barbie (beside my Momma). Absent from this pic is my sister Carole and brother Will.
I was the CANDID photographer at my nieces wedding while there in PA and my niece wanted a pic of the back of every one's hair...this is the shot I had them pose in, and I LOVE IT~
This shot above was a creative one...I actually cropped it to have just the bottom portion of the bridesmaids dress, it was gorgeous~
The Lovely bride, my GREAT Niece Carissa, and my Mother. Mom no longer walks with her cane or walker either. Aren't they just so precious?
Last but not least, the GORGEOUS shot of the bride before the wedding with her mother... Pic taken from my camera stretched up above my arm just to get an aerial shot...She was breathtaking~

I spent about 1.5 days editing the pics of the wedding rehearsal and wedding day; it was well worth it~

Be on the look out for a silent auction that is coming benefit little Amelia, Kathy Black's granddaughter. More to come....

Hugs to all, I sure do miss blogging...miss SO much, but I am enjoying life, regardless of how busy it is~

You too?
~CC Catherine