Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oldest Pecan Tree in GA for Outdoor Wednesday ~ Roots and all!

Outdoor Wednesday has been on my heart ever since I took a reprieve from "life" and wandered up to the oldest Pecan tree in GA, that just happens to take up residence here in my own little town of Braselton. Life was kinda just "going on it's merry little way", and I just said STOP, I'm getting off!
I grabbed my camera and bundled up in a warm coat, grabbed a large trash bag that would serve as my blanket on the ground for taking up shots under the tree...and I had the time of my life with Ms. Pecan for the next hour or so! :)
Enjoy her wonder here, as I did a few weeks back on a very gray but glorious day!
Happy New Year everyone!

Be sure to stop by Susan's to see all the other Outdoor wonders today! Susan, thanks for offering this venue to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer! It truly is a great way to stop and smell the roses...or the little pecans that drop on the ground from this tree. Hugs to all~ ~CC Catherine

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Very Merry CHRISTmas and a HAPPY New Year in 2010!

Merry Christmas!!!
May the true meaning of Christmas ring in your home this Holiday Season. I count it a privilege to have come to know each of my blogging buddies this year! May your homes be enriched during this time with family, friends, laughter, and the realization of knowing that HE is the reason for this SEASON!
From our Cozy home to yours...
My beloveds and my toesies on the left and our children/grandkiddies on the right~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~

Hugs and Christmas Kisses to all...
~CC Catherine

Friday, December 18, 2009

Puttin On The Ritz with a Classy "or" Vintage Tea Theme for a Holiday Luncheon!

I recently posted about an event called "Beautiful" held at my church here in GA. This was our second year for it and it's always so much fun. I wanted to feature two tables that were hosted that used a "Tea" theme. This first one was created by a lady named Bobbi, it's the "Classy" style theme. Notice how she used a jewelry hanger for her centerpiece that flowed with silver jewels? Her color palette consisted of silvers, white, black, mirrored items, and crystal. Just the right mix for a totally classy look~
I hope you can see these fabulous chargers underneath her china. They are the fanciest chargers I've ever seen and were oohed and awed over all evening.
The tea set was part of the decoration, not functionally used for the event. So, even though you may not drink tea yourself......grab up that silver teapot at the GW~It makes a lovely centerpiece... The name card holder below fit the bill....a glittering silver shoe.
Voila.....a totally Classy Tea Party theme for a perfectly divine Holiday luncheon! You'll also see in the pic below that she used white bridal netting and wrapped it around the top of the chairs for a special affect.
Now for the Vintage Tea Theme! I've showed a few pics here and there of this table, as it was hosted by "Moi". :) Back in early 2009, when I participated for the first time in Tablescape Thursday, I brainstormed on what napkin rings I could use because I didn't really have that many sets. Using the same idea with this Vintage Tea theme, I'll share with you how I created them. I rummaged through my brooches in my jewelry box and then purchased new white pony tail holders. I pinned the brooches to the pony tail holders and slid them up over the napkins. The idea was one of the "a`ha" moments of the evenings for using what you have instead of going out to buy new in economically tough times. The young lady that was my guest took this PARIS brooch home as a gift from moi to her.
The china I used was mismatched intentionally, as I wanted everyone there to see that I had used mostly "misfits" to pull together the Vintage look., but also for a deeper purpose. Early on when I came up with this theme, I felt it served a spiritual purpose for the evening. So many times our lives feel messed up, we feel like we're not good enough, used baggage...and maybe will never "fit in" to what society approves of. Sometimes "we've" been tossed by the wayside like a stray piece of china put in the GW box for delivery. Intentionally, I pulled this table of misfits together as a message to all that sat at my table. I told each of them that GOD sees us all totally beautiful, regardless of any mess ups we've made, regardless of anything that has defined us in our past. HE loves us unconditionally for "who we are", not for "what we've done".
My "Tea~mutts" (mismatched tea cups and saucers) were showcased at the event. Another example of taking what I've found here and there and saved it to make a grand entrance at a grand affair. Little did each of them know they'd one day be Puttin on the Ritz at an event like this one! :)
The beautiful gold baroque oval photo frame is used flat on the table to showcase the elevated Teapot and silver jingle bell garland. All the items were either purchased at GW or were hand me downs with the exception of the mercury glass item turned upside down to serve as a stand for the red bejeweled picture frame that I used to hold my table number.
The Wedgwood blue tea tins had been awaiting this event for a few years now. I purposefully had been saving them for such an event. The pansies were just the right posie to smile when the guests arrived at the table. I used a floral pick and attached a clear wrapped Tea Bag with a bible quote on it and then put the guests name on a white flower shaped cut out and taped to the wrapped tea bag.
A Vintage event wouldn't be complete without borrowing something. So...I borrowed the gold chargers and silver flatware from my sister Becky. There was a time in my life that I thought "I had to own it all". But, again, tough times helps us to make better choices... borrow versus spending makes $mart Cents! :) And, what a lovely way to say "Welcome" for any Holiday Tea Luncheon guests~
I hope you've enjoyed both the Classy & Vintage Tea Party Luncheon themes today. Now...don't's "who you are today" that counts, you are a treasure to behold! :)
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! sure to drop by Susan's at "Between Naps On The Porch" to experience other wonderful Tablescape Ideas!
Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah
~CC Catherine

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from ~CC to all my Beloved Blogging Buds!

This is "Moi" saying "Happy Thanksgiving" Blogging Buds! This is another picture at our recent event at my church entitled "Beautiful". I was the hostess of this table and we had a grand time. Earlier this same day I got to enjoy the company of Rose, from "Santamakers Journey"; Debbie from "Confessions of a Plate Addict"; and Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch" as we had an early tea party at my place and then went antiquing in the afternoon. We closed the day with lunch at an Irish Paddy Restaurant at Chateau Elan near my home. I am quite thankful for all of you out in Blogland that I've come to know this past year. Each of you are so kind to visit often and I really do miss being more of a daily or weekly visitor. Life in my home these past months is nearly a blur... Note: Must slow down and smell the roses more often in 2010~ :)
A lovely Thanksgiving theme table at the Beautiful event. The hostess did a fabulous job!
Praying you had a lovely day with your family and friends yesterday!

Much love and Hugs!
~CC Catherine

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pizazz, Vintage,Creative,Passionate Blues, and Totally Beary Cute!

Okay...I love this pic I took at a recent gala event at my church. Notice how the table hostess decorated her bottle of bubbling apple cider? Is it not just too cool? It's got "just" the right amount of pizazz! Just so that she was voted the best set table! Stunning!
Is this not a beautiful vintage wedding dress? A lady loaned the dress for our scenery on the set of the gala event! She is celebrating her 50th anniversary this year... The dress was impeccable...and could have been worn that night it was in such great shape! Oooohhhh how I love vintage!
I hosted a table as well...and the theme of my table was "Using anything that someone else either threw away, or that I gave new life to". This is just one "sneak peek" of something that I'll share more in a future Tablescape Thursday post. I had been saving my Hedley Teabag cans for a special event. This night fit the bill and I gave six of them away after the event was over. I planted little pansies in the tins, tucked some Spanish moss in around the edges, put a floral pick in the plant, attached a "Spiritual tea bag" and doubled it as a place card by attaching the name of the person sitting at each seat. Everyone loved their take away gift that evening.
This pic has nothing to do with anything but the fact that I fell in "Love" with her blue eyes! She is a young huskie and her name is Arianna. Now, how could you resist these baby blues? She politely allowed me to snap her pic on a recent Outdoor Fall Fair we attended.
And last, but not least, my "Beary Cute" Claude.... Yes, I don't wear jewelry... Well, Claude is secure in his masculinity and allowed me to use him as a prop when I recently kicked off my friend Vonnie's Silpada party at a weekend open house. We had a blast later hanging jewelry off my chandie, on the bear, anywhere I could get inspired to take pics! Thought you'd enjoy Claude.....I always do, even when he has no jewelry on! :)

Well...gotta run, hope to visit some of you real soon! I feel like Road Runner these days....I'll drop in, say "Beep, Beep"...and off I go again! ;) Life happens...and I'm just tryin to keep up with it all!

Love to all,
~CC Catherine

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some days even Beautiful things feel like they're in a BUBBLE! ;)

My friend was visiting from NC, as I decided to do a Silpada Fine Silver Jewelry party for her. I decided to get creative and hang the jewelry on my chandelier. Then did a bit of playing around with some filters and voila...... A beautiful Bubble of Jewelry and Chandie combined!
Love to all in Blogville Land!
Click HERE if you want to go to my friends website and check out the glitz!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrating my 100th Post with Great Blogging Friends!

I was blessed to have had a lovely weekend with a few GA Blogging Buds! Left front to rear of table and to the right is, Cheri from GeerGathering, Moi, ~CC Catherine, Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict, Susan from Between Naps on the (Fabulous) Porch, and Rose from Santamakers Journey.

I had it in my lil head that I so wanted to do a post on my first Auction Bid Win celebrate my 100th post, but I think friends definitely top material possessions, am I right? For sure... :) The table was set very simply, because the main focus was on "US".

Princess Mignon Abbie joined us for Tea and Scones as well!
Oh, the Maple Scones, Scrumptious fruit and veggies and luscious cheese ball and crackers tasted delicious too~ And here the scones are displayed on my little corner stand that I used for my very first Meta Monday post ions ago. :) Oh how I've missed participating over these past summer months... :(

Hope to see you all a bit more often. The quilt was finished in time for Tyler's birthday celebration. He loves it...I'll post some completed pics soon, promise! :)

Hugs to all who've stopped in to say you miss me...I'm amazed that you still come on over! BUT am totally blessed by your visits and comments! MISS YOU ALL!

~CC Catherine

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm ALIVE...and I'm so thankful I still have my FAITHFUL Blogging Buds! Look at what I've been doin...and doin...and doin...

Princess Mignon Abbie up above a bit tired from watching me run around this past two months like a lil French Chicken with her head cut off...
This is a QUICK POST to say I'm ALIVE! :)
and...what I've been doin! Nope, I've not been taken by Body Snatchers...but I kinda feel like it!

I decided to finish a 3 year old project! It's almost done.
I started this quilt for my first grandchild literally three years ago. His third birthday is 10/10 and I decided since the birthday theme was FISHIES, I'd finish the Oceanic Fish Quilt that I designed for him (my first quilt) long long ago...come look with me. I'm nearly done too! This is one of the fishies...

This is a long distance pic of the quilt at an angle. I'm quilting it all now...after I finished the applique's...and then I put the border on and "voila" will be ready for the WRAP! Party is this Sunday!
Traveled to PA for a friends funeral...and at the Restaurant afterward there was a Historic Bridge and when I walked over it, this was sticking out of the stone bridge wall. No kidding....had to have a pic of it! Talk about a once in a lifetime moment.
Worked on this in between quilting for my girlfriends birthday gift, "Kathleen Ellis" of LifeStyle Designs... It's in the mail to her...can you tell me what it is? :) you know what this is? It was soooooo much fun making...and the cool thing about it, I'm making more! :)
This little tiger (poodle) I babysat for a week. Is he not the coolest little guy you ever did see? Ms. Abbie was in in love! She loves French Men! ;) His name is "Baloo". He has chocolate hair, chocolate eyes, and chocolate nose...and chocolate LIPS! He's CHOCOLATE! teahehe!
Oh how I've missed you that the quilt has been nearly taken care of, I think I just may be back online soon! My company of four months has left...and I'm not making as many HUGE meals! YEA.... :)

Hugs and Sugar to all of you that left me such adorable and friendly notes saying how you've missed me! I have SO missed each of you! I'll be making the rounds to your place SOON!

Ciao for now~
~CC Catherine

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Garden Tea Party with a CHIPPIE in the mix! :)

Memories made in a Tea Party in my Mother's Garden are forever embedded in my mind, and I'd like to share a little piece of it with you today! :)
Thanks Susan for giving us this venue to recall our fond times in the lovely Outdoors each Wednesday! Be sure you drop by "
A Southern DayDreamer" to enjoy the other posts today!

The party, May 25, 2007 - My sissy Becky with my Father-in-love Daddy Jim~ Yep, we even had a man drop by and share a scone with us! :) They enjoyed a game of golf and then crashed our party~
My mother's garden is up on the hill above her home...and this particular visit to PA she was having an IRIS sale to raise money to go toward building a Peru Orphanage for children. She raised $1,000 selling Iris roots that year. Before my trip up, I grabbed my Teapot, a selection of teacups, my favorite tea tray and recipes to make the scones! This is Helen on the left, one of my mothers dear friends and neighbors and quilting buddies, and my mother, Myra, on the right~
We sat the table up under the fruit trees near the Iris garden so we'd have some shade. The lovely lady that joined my mother on the left is my Mother-in-Love, Alice Jean. :) The hand made crocheted table cover is a gift my mother received from her sister, Audrey.
At one point in the day, you could see my laying on the ground in hundreds of positions to stage my props for some great pics after the tea party was over...I felt this would help me to recall why we all enjoyed our day so much even two years later. They remain my favorite pictures of all times... This one especially...
This one hands down is probably my most favorite of the Irises in the Sky shot!
A Field of Flowers to moon over in the sun~ :)
This white Iris is off my mother's porch - It reminds me of Purity...amidst the Outdoors
This Iris and blue sky backdrop are a Fabulous French Feel...and so colorful with the blues and yellow tones...
The Family of Cups awaiting their own conversation post the tea time~ Oui, they enjoy their own conversations even after the ladies are done sipping from their lip...
They sometimes move their conversations to other locations in the garden when someone walks too closely... ;)
As you can see, this little chippie that I found near my mother's home that day appeared he grabbed one too many scones and pocketed them in his little cheeks~ :)
Mother calls this one, "Old Fashioned Iris" ~ I love that name...
This one, I call it belonged to my mother's best friend who is no longer with us to enjoy our tea times. Her memory was captured that day with the addition of this lovely legacy she left behind, her Iris.
I hope you enjoyed revisiting a Garden Tea Party in the hills of PA today.

May today bring you a little bit closer to your own Tea Party in a Garden~ You won't regret it~

Seize the Day with Tea and your favorite Tea Cup~
~CC Catherine

Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd Fellow Blues on a Monday! :)

Drop by Sally's to see all the other lovely BLUES today!

Let's start out with this cutie pie of a PIC!'s not BLUE - but it's too cute to not share it with you! This is my precious little Allie (Grandbaby Girl Yorkie) that was hiding her head under the chair. She's so embarrassed when she wears her pamper! :)
Now this one, you have to THINK of BLUE when you see these precious shells! :)
This is one of my Mother's favorite Pink Dahlia's in her garden! Is it not gorgeous with the BLUE SKY backdrop? That fills my PINK cup too! :)
This is the beautiful ceiling of a B&B that I stayed at in Memphis, TN last spring. We dined in the evening and it was tremendously romantic.
My favorite tea party amongst the clouds and blue sky earlier this past spring!
A Whimsical Tea Set always looks great with a BLUE SKY Backdrop... God truly is the ULTIMATE artist!

Have a great Day!
~CC Catherine