Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Give Away ~ My S&T with Celebrating an Outdoor "Life" Tablescape with a bit of Cinco de Mayo Strawberry Margarita Cake!

"Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Margarita Cake

Recipe link is at the bottom of this post today!

Mmmm MMMM...Good!

Welcome to Thursday's Tablescapes with Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" , Show & Tell Friday with Kelli at Kelli's House & Friday's Foodie Friday with Michael at "Gollum Designs". Please be sure to stop by their blogs and enjoy all the other shares today once you view my post today! I have a GIVEAWAY you don't want to miss below too! ;) Two ways to enter!
Today I'm Featuring my DaySpring's "LIFE COLLECTION" Tablescape
& Blog Give Aways to celebrate Mother's Day!
You Have 2 Ways To Enter my Blog Give Aways:
1. Leave a comment on this post with your email address
2. Copy the Blog Button below to advertise my Blog Giveaway~ put button on your sidebar and link it back to this post & email me at serendipitea@bellsouth.net for a special drawing! Come with me now to begin enjoying our lovely spring day sitting at my bistro enjoying the view of my garden...and the lovely Life Collection dishes I'm so excited about getting today!
For today's tablescape I set up a Bistro Table for two in my garden...and my "Chef Claude Peter" is acting as our Host. I found Chef Claude Peter marked down to just $10. He was a distressed terra cotta Chef Pig that needed a makeover. Amazing what a can of spray paint, black marker for the jacket buttons, and a satin bow tie does for the Chef! Today he's carrying a bouquet in his bag for the guests! Even though he's French, he's got an open mind about celebrating Cinco de Mayo~ ;)
I'm showcasing in the pic below the Fun B/W Dessert Plate, #40991, $8.99 & the Red Bowl, #40987, $8.99. I turned the bowl upside down and have used it to elevate the dessert plate to hold a pillar candle...or a miniature tall frosted cake. Since I'm a lover of all things French, I love the fun Black/White. Many of the dishes showcase over 15 languages that feature the word "LIFE". There's also a scripture on some of the items from John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full". Below you see the 16 1/4" x 12 1/4" diameter Large Oval Platter, #40989, $26.99. This platter looked stunning outside, the blue in the platter matched the sky.
Ahhhh...Chef Claude Peter sees the first guest arriving and he's so excited! Doesn't the table look lovely? I've decided to use the striped side of both the place mats and the table runner that is also part of the Life Collection from DaySpring. This is the opposite side of the place mat, #46267. I love the fun and summery look with the languages spelling out Life. The John 10:10 scripture is also written on this side. The place mats come individually for $5.99.
One of my surprises when I opened my shipment was the size of this 10 1/2" tall Lg Pitcher, #40985, $24.99. It holds 3 quarts of liquid. As you can see with the fun print and colors, it lights up the event. Seldom do you find something with such a unique blend of style and color with an inspirational message. Another reason I fell in love with this set! I love the red!
This is a side view of the layered look with the plates and the bowl on the table. Chef Claude Peter enjoyed baking these scrumptious soft and chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert today in the event the Strawberry Margarita cake is not your cup of tea! ;) I used the large oval platter to hold all of them...
The Life Collection Blue Mug, #40995, $12.99 is shown with my white damask napkins. I love the way it looks fanned out over the mug. Sweet Tea is on the menu for our beverage for lunch today! ;)
Doesn't everything look so colorful? This is one of my favorite pictures I captured today!
Chef Claude Peter is so blessed that you could stop by today... He hopes you'll have a cookie on him before leaving!
Chef Claude Peter and I thought you might like a closer look at the plates layered. The small 6" diameter "Life" Bread Plate #40992, $5.99, is shown here as the center top plate. I love the way the little outer stripes look with the other patterns underneath it.
I love the way the bowl accents the B/White plate. The bold flowers on the Large Dinner Plate that I've used as a charger here gives the exact contrast I was looking for.
Another view of the Dessert Plate layered on top of the Large Dinner Plate/Charger. Perfecto!The Large Dinner Plate/Charger is 12" in diameter, #46210, $19.99. It showcases the 15 languages to spell "Life" and the John 10:10 scripture is in the middle of the plate. One more view with the fun red bowl on the layered plates.
Ahhh...Chef Claude Peter insisted I get a sky view of the table he's hosting...
And there Chef Claude Peter is again...showcasing his fabulous chocolate chips! He's insisting you take one for the road! Go on....take as many as you want! ;)
As a special "Thank You" to all "Catherine de th`e Cup" readers, DaySpring is offering the following:
Save 20% off anything at "Dayspring.Com", including the recently released Life Collection, and they are offering you free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
The coupon code for my readers is LIFE20, be sure to include it in the appropriate location when placing your order online.
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Gifts will be the following for Blog Button Ad Give Away:
(1) DaySpring Life Collection Table Runner, $16.99 value
(1)DaySpring Life Collection matching Full Apron, $19.99 value
(Set of 2) DaySpring Life Collection Place mats, $11.98

Deadline for leaving a comment on this post is Mother's Day at midnight, PDT.

The Winners of All Give Aways will be announced on my May 11th post.

Click on Link Below for
"Strawberry Margarita Cake Recipe"

~Au Revoir from Chef Claude Peter and Moi, ~CC Catherine

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peace Dove ~ Art Inspires Art

Welcome to Meta Monday...and be sure to drop on over to Susan's @ "Between Naps On The Porch" for more Meta Monday posts!
My husband's Aunt presented him with this hand painted Peace Dove with the Cross this past Christmas. He'd seen it hanging on her wall and fell in love with it. Since she was turning 70 years old on the birthday they share in April, he decided as his first Stained Glass item he'd make all on his own, he'd recreate the art into his own interpretation and present it to her for her 70th Birthday gift.

First, he selected his glass -
Second, he took the photo of the painted art and printed it off on an 8x10 paper and assigned numbers to each piece. He would then need to cut this puzzle like paper and tape it to the glass so it was cut precise.

After cutting each piece of glass, he then used copper to cover the edge of each piece of glass. If you look closely enough in this photo below, you can see the copper edging. After all glass pieces are edged with the copper, it's all put together and push pins are used to keep it in place while he uses the solder gun to apply the solder.
With the solder applied, he attached the chain and it's ready to hang in the window.
This is a close up view! His Aunt fell in love with it!
It was his first attempt, and he's never had any professional lessons; just my daughter showing him a few things. He wants to pursue this in the fall by taking classes.

I'm so proud of his first piece! ;)

Happy Monday~

~CC Catherine

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal Friday- An Unlikely What?

Welcome to my "Leopard Theme" Frugal Friday!
Be sure to drop by Wendy's at "The Shabby Nest" to visit all the other FF shares! ;)
First, you'll visit the finished product, the little sweet stool that sits to the right of the fireplace in my Master Suite, it has a Leopard Print. Isn't she just the cutest lil thing you've ever seen? Now for the story of how she began living her new life... Once there was a slinky pair of Leopard pants that I somehow slid upon my body...I loved these Leopard pants, but rarely ever wore them unless a shirt went to my knees since I was so uncomfortable with their "sleek" (tight) look! ;)

So....I got to thinkin about what else I could do with them... Looking at this adorable needlepoint covered small stool, my mind began to dream up how this stool might look if it were to be converted into an animal print to put in my master suite near the fireplace. Hmmmm.... I bought this little stool for only $3.00 at Queen of Hearts in Buford, GA; a wonderful Antique Shopping Mart with loads of vendors. What a buy, eh? Notice the bottom of the stool in the tag underneath in next pic. The stool was originally made in CT.
So, I have a pair of Leopard Pants, and a Needlepoint Stool that doesn't match anything I have. Yet, I really don't want to ruin that needlepoint...too pretty. SOOOO, hmmm...what if I cut the one leg off the pants... and just use the stretch pant as a slip style cover.
Voila, It worked....and I didn't need to stitch a thing! No one ever knows the difference that this little dream of stool didn't come like this originally. Check out the top of it below:
Now, how easy was that?
Well...gotta run, workin on another Frugal Friday Project for next week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Whimsical Fun Tablescape ~ It's All About Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict Today! ;)

Welcome to my Whimsical Fun Springy Tablescape Thursday post!
I've saved my Tea Tins for a long time for such a time as this...
Be sure to drop by my friend Susan's at "Between Naps On The Porch" to visit all the other tablescapes today after you are done visiting with me and Princess Mignon Abbie!
Bonjour Debbie of Confessions of a Plate Addict!
Today it's ALL ABOUT YOU!
Yep, Princess Mignon Abbie is watching for you to join us for tea today! ;) She's wondering if you're going to bring Baby Kitty along for scones and tea as well??? She's watching and waiting for you...
As Princess Mignon Abbie watches the cars as they meander by, she's got her eye peeled for you so I can put the teakettle on! Oh, that's right, you love coffee! We'll have a pot hot for you! Chachacha... ;)
Oh, wait...I think that's you...Abbie's caught you pullin in the drive...
Abbie is awestruck, she's finally getting to meet the infamous Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict., I've told her all about you ya know...
Oh yes, look at our view that we'll have while we have our favorite hot bev... the scones, fresh lemon curd, and that sweet devonshire cream...mmm

Debbie, like our posies? I white washed this old chair when I decided I didn't need another chair in the house. Isn't she a cutie? She holds my favorite ivy with our Bunny that keeps us all on "track"! ;) The cute hydrangea flower pot was picked up for $12 at a little vintage shop in the country years ago...I love it!
Here's my cheery wreath that I picked up a few weeks back at a Consignment shop for $5. I love Gerbera Daisies and these colors were screaming to be on our front door to greet you Ms Debbie! ;)
Here's the view from the sidewalk... And here's another view of Abbie watching you walk up the sidewalk! ;) Isn't she just so mannerly? Oui~
Now, the tablescape... It's what you've waited for... ;) Meet my tea cup "Kimberly"...I'll be sipping my favorite tea from this cup I named after my daughter, Kim. It was a Mother's Day gift a few years back. The chargers are imported from Italy. The porcelain luncheon plate is a lovely floral pattern from Germany.
The sugar & creamer are recent buys for just $3.50 for the pair. My lovely lil lady with her silver garden ball...This makes the perfect centerpiece with the lovely silk topiary in the background.
A little miniature bird house sits on the table near you Debbie...isn't it cute?
Debbie, Please... take your seat! This tea cup is one of my fav's! I bought it for my collection, so it's hand picked for you!
Here's a closer view with everything in view... I decided to use the shades of purple and blue on the tablescape to pull in the pansies in the table topper cloth. The bookend plants are nested within tea tins that I've saved for tea parties. I've placed Ice Plants in them and they are just precious.
My Princess Mignon Abbie is so happy you're here with us!
Giggle ~ Giggle ~ Giggle "Princess Mignon Abbie" is like a little girl just chuckling up a storm from that story about why Baby Kitty couldn't make it. I've never heard her belly laugh like this before... Abbie, please...mind your manners!
Uh, Uh, Uh...Ms. Debbie......can't wait to have another Cuppa~
From My place to Yours today!
~CC Catherine