Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Whimsical Fun Tablescape ~ It's All About Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict Today! ;)

Welcome to my Whimsical Fun Springy Tablescape Thursday post!
I've saved my Tea Tins for a long time for such a time as this...
Be sure to drop by my friend Susan's at "Between Naps On The Porch" to visit all the other tablescapes today after you are done visiting with me and Princess Mignon Abbie!
Bonjour Debbie of Confessions of a Plate Addict!
Today it's ALL ABOUT YOU!
Yep, Princess Mignon Abbie is watching for you to join us for tea today! ;) She's wondering if you're going to bring Baby Kitty along for scones and tea as well??? She's watching and waiting for you...
As Princess Mignon Abbie watches the cars as they meander by, she's got her eye peeled for you so I can put the teakettle on! Oh, that's right, you love coffee! We'll have a pot hot for you! Chachacha... ;)
Oh, wait...I think that's you...Abbie's caught you pullin in the drive...
Abbie is awestruck, she's finally getting to meet the infamous Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict., I've told her all about you ya know...
Oh yes, look at our view that we'll have while we have our favorite hot bev... the scones, fresh lemon curd, and that sweet devonshire cream...mmm

Debbie, like our posies? I white washed this old chair when I decided I didn't need another chair in the house. Isn't she a cutie? She holds my favorite ivy with our Bunny that keeps us all on "track"! ;) The cute hydrangea flower pot was picked up for $12 at a little vintage shop in the country years ago...I love it!
Here's my cheery wreath that I picked up a few weeks back at a Consignment shop for $5. I love Gerbera Daisies and these colors were screaming to be on our front door to greet you Ms Debbie! ;)
Here's the view from the sidewalk... And here's another view of Abbie watching you walk up the sidewalk! ;) Isn't she just so mannerly? Oui~
Now, the tablescape... It's what you've waited for... ;) Meet my tea cup "Kimberly"...I'll be sipping my favorite tea from this cup I named after my daughter, Kim. It was a Mother's Day gift a few years back. The chargers are imported from Italy. The porcelain luncheon plate is a lovely floral pattern from Germany.
The sugar & creamer are recent buys for just $3.50 for the pair. My lovely lil lady with her silver garden ball...This makes the perfect centerpiece with the lovely silk topiary in the background.
A little miniature bird house sits on the table near you Debbie...isn't it cute?
Debbie, Please... take your seat! This tea cup is one of my fav's! I bought it for my collection, so it's hand picked for you!
Here's a closer view with everything in view... I decided to use the shades of purple and blue on the tablescape to pull in the pansies in the table topper cloth. The bookend plants are nested within tea tins that I've saved for tea parties. I've placed Ice Plants in them and they are just precious.
My Princess Mignon Abbie is so happy you're here with us!
Giggle ~ Giggle ~ Giggle "Princess Mignon Abbie" is like a little girl just chuckling up a storm from that story about why Baby Kitty couldn't make it. I've never heard her belly laugh like this before... Abbie, please...mind your manners!
Uh, Uh, Uh...Ms. Debbie......can't wait to have another Cuppa~
From My place to Yours today!
~CC Catherine


ellen b said...

Oh what a very polite doggy sitting there watching over your tablescape and front door! Such a fun outdoor scape. Happy TT!

Martha said...

I love the plants in the tea tins -- I've never thought of doing that -- and drat, I've thrown many away! Nice tablescape and a nice dog -- Ollie wouldn't be that good!

Joyce said...

Sweet dog sitting there waiting for company or a treat. So cute. What a nice way to spend the day having fun on the front porch.

The French Bear said...

I just love your teacups, they are so pretty and delicate. Such a sweet idea, to have a table set at the front entry with such a gallant little hostess waiting to greet everyone!!!
Margaret B

prof en retraite said...

Oh CC!! I can't wait to see it all in beautiful! I studied every photo!! And I get to meet the wonderful Pricess Mignon Abbie! Such good manners! I'm afraid Baby Kitty couldn't sit in a chair for so long, so it is best that he stays at home. He does, however, send his regards! I love Abbie's expression upon hearing the news! I'll see you tomorrow!!!! ...hugs...Debbie

Cynthia said...

Debbie will be thrilled! What a lovely post with a beautiful dog and so many beautiful things on that just so lovely table. Did you make the tableclothe? It's gorgeous and I love the chair you re-did for outside. Charming CC, lucky Debbie- wish I could join you two! Cindy

bj said...

Oh, I just LOVE your pretty tea tablescape..the dishes are delightful and the centerpieces just precious...but, most of all..I am in LUV with your sweet dog!
Such a cute post...
xo bj

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a charming post! And what a charming little dog awaiting your guest so nicely! I'm certain that Debbie will love all the attention and care you've taken to welcome her.

marty39 said...

CC this is just so pretty and I just know Debbie is going to love every minute of having tea/coffee with you. She is the greatest friend and I'm sure she will explain in a very funny manner to Princess Mignon Abbey why Baby Kitty was unable to attend. The tablescape is just gorgeous. I hope you two have a great time, wish I was there too. Hugs, Marty

Chandy said...

What a fun time you two will have!
Beautiful table! Lovely dishes! Great share for today!

xinex said...

What a cute post, Catherine! Your dog is a cutie also! Lovely tablescape, love the girl centerpiece and the plates!..Christine

Blondie's Journal said...


This was an adorable, sweet and funny post and I am sure Debbie loves it! Looks like you two gals are meeting up tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about what I am sure will be a great time!

Love your tablescape and sweet Abbie is invited to my place anytime, she is well mannered and groomed! LOL


Kammy said...

Dear Catherine and Princess,
I enjoyed my visit. Thank you for
being such a gracious hostess. Your
table setting was lovely and warm.
Hugs ~

Kathleen Ellis said...

Too cute....Abbie is such a perfect lady! Have fun!
Your flowers are looking so pretty!
Ours are almost out...on my way to MA to do the PINK Tea!

Amy said...

Ahh.. what a cute doggie, sitting so patiently. Love all the adorable goodies, that chair & wreath are fantastic. Pretty flowers too!

Shelia said...

Oh, Catherine! This was so cute! Now I'm in love with Miss Princess Abbie ~ she's gorgeous! And I can tell she has a sense of humor too!
Your tea table is precious and I love your patio set - it looks vintage. Your home is so lovely on this spring day. Would you please go inside and bring out another favorite cup? I'm on my way!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Raggedy Girl said...

First of all I love the puppy so much. I love the porch table scape, so pretty.
The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

Celestina Marie said...

Oh Catherine,
How fabulous!! Your sweet Princess Abbie is adorable and sitting so pretty for all the pictures. What a beauty she is. So well mannered!!

I love your tablescape and inviting entrance on your porch. The whitewash chair is perfect and your wreath is the perfect touch on your door. So welcoming, just like you, with your lovely posts and creative writing. You are so talented with all you do.

Always the best place to be my friend. Thank you!

Also, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.
Good luck in my giveaway.
Blessings for a great day.
Celestina Marie

Linda/"Mom" said...

* What an uplifting way to start the day! Just wonderful! Many thanks, Linda *

Janie's World said...

It looks as though Princess Mignon Abbie is so delighted with her company. Such a beautiful and polite baby! I love your Kimberly tea cup, so soft and delicate. Your entry way looks so inviting! I love the table on the front porch, you can watch the neighborhood go by. Fun post!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is adorable with the doggie! Good idea with the tea tins, I have several tins I can't part with, maybe I'll try this sometime!


Michelle said...

Cute post and your pup is so good! Mine dogs are too big to sit so nicely at the table!

I love your porch!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh CC, Abbie does look like she's laughing! Such a fun post, and a lovely tablescape. Lucky Debbie! Are you sure Abbie wouldn't have eaten Baby Kitty if she had come along? laurie

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Your table is lovely and Abby is adorable. She would be welcome for tea at my house any time.

Karen said...

Catherine. What a lovely post. I couldn't wait to scroll down and see the next picture and read what you had to say. And Abbie is being so good!! You guys are going to have a ball finally meeting and just enjoying your day.
What can I say?
uhhhhh .. . I'm on the next plane. Make sure Abbie watches for me too!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hello Dear CC!
Stopped by for a visit to your lovely, whimsical table. Love the color and cheeriness! Outdoor tables are my thing right now. Love the dog - what a wonderful guest.

Cass @ That Old House said...

What an adorable post! I love your dog; she's just gorgeous, and so well behaved (at least in still photos!). Patient lady, your dog!

I like the plants in the tea tins, too. Very creative!

Linda said...

That is so sweet! I know Debbie will be thrilled to be welcomed to such a lovely setting. Très bien!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Catherine...this was sooo much fun! Love seeing your sweet Princess Mignon Abbie waiting so patiently! Love your tea party 'scape and the chargers are beautiful! Susan

LdyDy said...

Hello Catherine! Thanks for dropping by! I love your wonderful tea table for two! How neat that you set it on the front porch. Relaxing with a nice cup of tea while watching the world go by. Your Kimberly teacup is gorgeous! One of the prettiest yellow teacups I've seen. Miss Princess Mignon Abbie behaved very nicely at the table! Good girl!!

Dixie said...

Cathy... do you think you could get "Princess Mignon Abbie" to drop by French Lique and teach Precious how to sit still while I take her photograph? You know, etiquette is a part of "tea" and obviously "Princess Mignon Abbie" has learned her lessons well!

Isn't front porch tea just wonderful!
hugs. Dixie

Charlene said...

What fun you must have had at this tea! And Princess Abby looks a lot like my Princess Reba. Check my blog & see Princess Reba & tell me what you think. Reba is my third Sheltie but, my first female. Aren't they the BEST BREED!!!! But, the hair!!!!! Maddening indeed. Have a great weekend

prof en retraite said...

Hi CC!!! Ooooh! What fun! I had the most wonderful time at your tea party! I hated to leave! Everything was so perfect! Your house is just gorgeous! Once again, I was the gawking tourist...thre's the gazebo, the wreath on the door, the tea tins with their plants...etc...just like in your blog! I even got to see your famous chandelier! Abbie is precious! Such good manners! And those scones........yummy! What a treat! Merci beaucoup for having me over. You are such a kind and generous friend!...hugs...Debbie

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable post I've read yet and I love how mannerly Princess Mignon Abbie is and so very beautiful as well. Your teacups are lovely as is your tablescape.


Robin said...

What a lovely tea setting. It all looks so lovely and inviting.

I hope your day has been beautiful.

Chari said...

Hello Catherine...

Ohh my...what a delightful tea that you and Princess Mignon Abbie planned for Ms. Debbie and Baby kitty!!! Your porch is lovely, my dear! And I just love that bright floral wreath that hangs on that pretty black door...such a fine welcome to all of your friends!!!

I love the pretty centerpiece...that little garden girl is simply precious and so perfect for your tea time table! I sure enjoyed Oooohing and Aaaahing over your pretty tea cups and place is all so beautiful! I'm sure that you ladies had a terrific tea time! Thank you for letting us in for a little peek! Hehe!!!

Warmest wishes,

Thibeault's Table said...

Catherine, Princess Mignon Abbie is adorable. I have a soft spot in my heart for Shelties. We lost our beautiful "Stetson" two years ago.

I really enjoyed your Tea party.

Miss Janice said...

Love your teascape! That is one beautiful teacup and saucer! And, I might say, a very well-behaved doggy!

Miss Janice said...

P.S. I love reusing the beautiful tea tins!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

CC, that very adorable dog is a very shiny object, indeed. If she goes missing, you'll know exactly where to find her!

Loved this!


Sheila :-)

Deb said...

I love it! the gerber daisy wreath is so pretty, I love gerber daisys, I have one plant with yellow flowers. My daughter in law used red gerber daisys for the weddding this past weekend they were so pretty

Fifi Flowers said...

ARe you just LATE to the TT party or are you not doing a table this week?????
I do you will pop over for a visit even if you are not posting a TT.. if you do post one late... please let me know... I wouldn't want to miss out!
ENJOY your day!