Monday, October 4, 2010

These R a few of my F*A*V*O*R*I*T*E things!

A Teacup Chandelier...and in my favorite Blue & Whites...
Stopping by my favorite place at Aunt Bee's! The first thing you find is her glass jar of cookies to your right on the counter! I'll have one today Aunt Bee, Thank You! :)
Next to the cookie jar, you'll find her business cards...she's the SWEETEST lady you'll ever meet!
She serves piping hot coffee to drink free while I roam the 70+ vendors in her Antique Shoppe
How can I not fall in love with this oil on canvas?
And teacups galore, this one was "only" $4~
I couldn't walk away without falling in love with this pink hand inscribed bedroom dresser...Oh, how I want that! It spells out PINK just walking by it! Lovin it... This caught my eye as SOON as I walked in! French & Fab!
This next item,only $8! A "totally" fabulous purchase! I can't wait to wear a vintage black dress and wear this little lady! You'll see her below with a special piece in my collection of vintage wear!
These little piggies cried all the way home...not really! :) But they'd like to! I already have my own Kitchen Piglet - these are ONLY $15 or less. I think they are $13.99. If you're interested in them, post a comment and I'll call Aunt Bee to see if they are still there. They ARE a super catch! The little chalkboards are removable too.
How do you like my vintage hat with the vintage black slip that belonged to my grandmother? I want to get a pic wearing these together... Vintage is SO chic! The armoire was a great purchase at a yardsale two years ago for $75. We use it for the TV in the Pink Guest room!
This, "I HOPE" will be the next hat I add to my collection! She's only $10! Can't you just see this on me? I can too! ;)
And this lovely? She's a plant......I met her at the Athens GA Botanical gardens last week. Isn't she a BEAUTY?
Thanks for dropping by and enjoying a few of my favorite things!
Hugs to all~
~CC Catherine
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