Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Garden Tea Party with a CHIPPIE in the mix! :)

Memories made in a Tea Party in my Mother's Garden are forever embedded in my mind, and I'd like to share a little piece of it with you today! :)
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The party, May 25, 2007 - My sissy Becky with my Father-in-love Daddy Jim~ Yep, we even had a man drop by and share a scone with us! :) They enjoyed a game of golf and then crashed our party~
My mother's garden is up on the hill above her home...and this particular visit to PA she was having an IRIS sale to raise money to go toward building a Peru Orphanage for children. She raised $1,000 selling Iris roots that year. Before my trip up, I grabbed my Teapot, a selection of teacups, my favorite tea tray and recipes to make the scones! This is Helen on the left, one of my mothers dear friends and neighbors and quilting buddies, and my mother, Myra, on the right~
We sat the table up under the fruit trees near the Iris garden so we'd have some shade. The lovely lady that joined my mother on the left is my Mother-in-Love, Alice Jean. :) The hand made crocheted table cover is a gift my mother received from her sister, Audrey.
At one point in the day, you could see my laying on the ground in hundreds of positions to stage my props for some great pics after the tea party was over...I felt this would help me to recall why we all enjoyed our day so much even two years later. They remain my favorite pictures of all times... This one especially...
This one hands down is probably my most favorite of the Irises in the Sky shot!
A Field of Flowers to moon over in the sun~ :)
This white Iris is off my mother's porch - It reminds me of Purity...amidst the Outdoors
This Iris and blue sky backdrop are a Fabulous French Feel...and so colorful with the blues and yellow tones...
The Family of Cups awaiting their own conversation post the tea time~ Oui, they enjoy their own conversations even after the ladies are done sipping from their lip...
They sometimes move their conversations to other locations in the garden when someone walks too closely... ;)
As you can see, this little chippie that I found near my mother's home that day appeared he grabbed one too many scones and pocketed them in his little cheeks~ :)
Mother calls this one, "Old Fashioned Iris" ~ I love that name...
This one, I call it belonged to my mother's best friend who is no longer with us to enjoy our tea times. Her memory was captured that day with the addition of this lovely legacy she left behind, her Iris.
I hope you enjoyed revisiting a Garden Tea Party in the hills of PA today.

May today bring you a little bit closer to your own Tea Party in a Garden~ You won't regret it~

Seize the Day with Tea and your favorite Tea Cup~
~CC Catherine

Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd Fellow Blues on a Monday! :)

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Let's start out with this cutie pie of a PIC!'s not BLUE - but it's too cute to not share it with you! This is my precious little Allie (Grandbaby Girl Yorkie) that was hiding her head under the chair. She's so embarrassed when she wears her pamper! :)
Now this one, you have to THINK of BLUE when you see these precious shells! :)
This is one of my Mother's favorite Pink Dahlia's in her garden! Is it not gorgeous with the BLUE SKY backdrop? That fills my PINK cup too! :)
This is the beautiful ceiling of a B&B that I stayed at in Memphis, TN last spring. We dined in the evening and it was tremendously romantic.
My favorite tea party amongst the clouds and blue sky earlier this past spring!
A Whimsical Tea Set always looks great with a BLUE SKY Backdrop... God truly is the ULTIMATE artist!

Have a great Day!
~CC Catherine

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Papillote" French Eatery in Savannah GA made my weekend Get Away a totally French Experience!

Welcome to another Fab Foodie Friday with Michael at "Designs by Gollum"!

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA this past Monday.

While in Savannah, I came across this divine newly opened of 5mos French Eatery called "Papillote". While there I enjoyed one of the Chef's fabulous French pastries called "Coffee Macaroon! It melted away into my mouth and I still remember the experience, yummy and delicious! :)

This is what I purchased in the "Papillote" to bring some of the French experience back home. A luscious tea that I tried for the first time today! It's "tea-heavenly"! ;) And, I asked the owner if they ship, and they do! Oui!

Then, of course, I needed something French to munch on as well, so my Beloved Hubby bought me a Quimper Tin (Yes Debbie, Quimper Tin! :) full of French Bretagne Biscuits (cookies) by "Ker Cadelac". Both are products of France. Ahhhh....Sighhhhh....a totally French experience that I brought back home!
Be sure to check out the Papillote if you are in the Savannah, GA area! Here is the information for their location below. They have their own Website and the owners are totally fantastic! Be sure to read their credentials and bios under ABOUT US - they will be around for a very long time I believe! We were totally excited to have found this gem of a French Experience and plan to revisit when in Savannah the next time!
For those of you that have never gone to Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA - It's a MUST! I love each city in a unique way! While in Savannah, we stayed at The Catherine Ward House Inn., a B&B. It was a lovely experience and the owner Leslie was very hospitable to us! So...not only did we have a great FOODIE experience at Papillote, we also had a fabulous time of relaxation at a lovely Retreat Getaway! Click here to check out the B&B!

Hope you all are having a really great and fun Summer!
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~Au Revoir
~CC Catherine

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Foodie Favorite Worth Repeating for Foodie Friday!

Thanks to Designs by Gollum for celebrating another Foodie Friday!
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This salad is MY FAVORITE~ I found it in an AARP magazine four summers ago and it's fabulous!
Butter Bib Lettuce
Red Cabbage
Oven Toasted Walnuts
Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette

~CC Catherine

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Favorite Outdoor Shots For Wednesday! :)

A "Shout" out to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday on this lovely sunny GA day! Please be sure to drop by her place to see all the other Outdoor Wednesday shares!

My first favorite Outdoor pic is this shot of Middleton, SC - a plantation near Charleston. We had the best time here about three years ago and we are revisiting on August 15! I can't wait! The restaurant on the plantation makes THE BEST "White She Crab Soup".
Another favorite pic is the Pineapple Fountain that I snapped in Charleston... Pineapples are a symbol of "Welcome" and I just adored this's located by the harbor.
A snap of my Lantana when I lived in Charlotte, NC - this butterfly took up residence~
My totally favorite outdoor pic of my great nephews enjoying ice cream at their cousins new Ice Cream Shop...
My pics at Biltmore Estate Gardens
More great nieces and nephews...this time they are the flower girl and the ring bearer...and the ring bearer, Eaven, is blowing his bubbles in the flower girl, Carly's, hair. Isn't that just like a little boy? :)
Have missed visiting you all this summer......Life has been like a box of chocolates....and I've been picking quite a few interesting ones this summer! :)

~CC Catherine