Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It only takes a moment to reach out to be a Friend...

 It Only Takes A Moment...yes Ireane, it certainly did~

I recently spent my birthday enjoying a day of beauty at a local spa for my Birthday celebration.  While I was getting into my comfy robe at the locker, a lady was getting into her locker to prepare to return home.  I jokingly told her that I brought a new book to read, but was bummed that I forgot my new Jimmy Crystal reading glasses I had just bought.  I made a joke, we laughed...and I left to scuffle off into the waiting room without any specs.

As the mystery lady was leaving, she jokingly made a cute comment from the distance as she noticed me extending my arm two feet out so I could read the spa menu.  :)  Again, we chuckled.

She then scampered over to me in my comfy chair and said something to the tune of this, "Here...take my reading glasses and use them today...when you're ready to leave, just leave them at the front desk and tell them they're for Ireane to pick up on Wednesday - I come here several times a week to work out".  Stunned at her kind gesture, I said, "Are you sure?  How kind of you to offer your glasses to me".  She said, "Definitely, please use them today and enjoy your day here, I'll get them on Wednesday".

So...gladly I accepted her kind gesture.  As she walked away, I sat there thinking...
1.  This lady doesn't know me...
2.  She has no idea if I'll remember to leave these glasses for her or not - so she's going out on a limb for someone she doesn't even know.
3.  What's in it for her?  Honestly, she was just "reaching out to be a friend to someone that she didn't even know - Moi~
4.  After more thinking (ouch it hurts when I do much of that) ..I began to put her glasses to good use.

Oh, she also said during her offer to leave them..."my glasses are just a little cheap pair" - and I remember thinking, "Who cares, my eyes aren't picky; they're just needy"~  At that moment, it didn't matter what the value of her glasses were to me, it was her "gesture" that was standing out as PRICELESS & WORTHY of catching my "Eye's Attention".  Her act of kindness is nearly unheard of in today's society.

So, in return, I wrote a thank you note and took back to the spa so that it could be given with the return of the glasses to "Ireane".  In the note I told her just how much her kind gesture meant to me...and that I'd like to repay her if she'd allow me to host her a Tea Party for 4 in her home.  She excitedly phoned me within days after getting the card and accepted my offer.  I got approval for an adjusted schedule with work for that day (April 18th) ..and I'm out to meet "4" new friends that I believe I'm "destined" to meet.

One week after meeting Irene, I found this lovely short poem and it really summed up her offer to share her glasses with me that day.  Please enjoy it, and PAY IT FORWARD...be a friend today to someone YOU don't know...You just may find yourself having the time of your life finding out where it may take you - or not. Lovely Irene's intentions that day were just BEING KIND!

It Only Takes A Moment

©Tom Krause

It only takes a moment to reach out to be a friend
But to the one who needs you the memory never ends.

A simple act of kindness to a person you don't know
May plant a seed of friendship that for them will always grow.

We sometimes lose perspective of the difference we can make
When we care more about giving and care less of what we take.

So remember that your actions may help change a life someday.
Always think about the person that you meet along your way.

For it only takes a moment to reach out to be a friend
But to the one who needs you the memory never ends.

I'm planning the menu for Ireane's party - and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!  I'll try to tell you all about it later.