Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking back and Looking Forward...Blessings are everywhere with New Beginnings.

It's hard to apologize for being absent from blogging a lot in 2012 because of these precious angels in my life.  
I travel to see this little guy above once a month - 7 hours round trip and it's worth every ounce of lost sleep to do that.  His name is Jonny - he'll be 3 in June this year, and at the same time we'll be welcoming our Grandie #4, his sibling- gender unknown at this time. 
 Then we have my GA Grandies that live pretty much in my backyard.  Catie (4) is on the left sitting on her MeMaw's lap, and Tyler (6) is sitting on my lap.  They are the bright stars in my life that are nearby! :)
 With a new year comes new decisions for all of us. 
I'm trying to decide if I want to get back into my "C"reative mode and open a small little boutique/space in a local dealer area nearby to sell my creations and add some antiques into the mix.  I like what this vendor has done with Burlap and the way they camouflaged their pegboard wall.  Trying to get an idea on what I'd like mine to look like while viewing all the spaces.
This vendor (artist) I thought was VERY creative using this stunning model to sit in the midst of their area to draw attention.  
She is definitely an eye catcher...and I just thought she was cool~

So, now I decide what I drop and what I pick up for 2013- 
At the same time I want to simplify my life...
The vendor option would be great, because I only have to refill stock, I don't have to work there.

My Grandie #4 arrives in June, and I want to be hands on with this new little one too ~ so I think
this new venture could be fun, and would give me the outlet I've been longing for.

Do you go through this type of turmoil at this time of the year too?  
Balancing family with hobbies or business?
I'm guessing it's just ONE more thing we have in common.

I've missed you all...and decided it was WAY past time to stop in and say hello.

It's also a great way to get my mind off some things I just have no control over - life is like that, isn't it?  Sometimes we worry about the things, people, health...that we can't rescue and save.

I was reminded when writing this post that it's one reason why I loved blogging, it was a wonderful ESCAPE into a world where most everything is positive and fun.  
Sometimes we ALL need that escape.
Today I needed to dive back in and join you...
and say Hello and Goodbye for now.

Hugs to all my blogging buddettes~
~CC Catherine