Thursday, June 18, 2009

~A Parisian Cloche with ~Catherine de th`e Cup

Ahhh...My lovely friend Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" decided to have a Cloche Party...and I decided to join in! Please be sure to drop by Marty's place to visit all the other bloggers sharing their favorite Cloche designs!

Bonjour, I'm ~Madame ~Allie, and I will be your hostess today at ~CC's Parisian Cloche Party!
It's all about ~CC's favorite French collection...note the French bill used as a book marker within the cloche? Her Papa brought that back from World War II. ~CC decided to use this Cloche to hold some of her favorite French books. Surrounding the cloche are some more French theme items that she's collected over the years. Notice the teency candle to the left of the cloche? This candle was a gift from her sister Becky...the lid to it sits in the French Tea Cup that ~CC picked up when she visited Dijon, France.
A French Book Close Up Look~
A Front View
A Final View
Changing it up a bit...I turned the French Tea Cup upside down on the saucer and used it as a candle holder...the French box behind the cloche is a lovely design by Kris, from Tresbelle's creations. I situated all the other French items around the Cloche.
A Parisian Lighted can't leave the cloche on long or it steams inside. :) But, isn't it cute just for a sneak peek?'s Madame ~Allie saying ~AuRevoir...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Birdies Fly the Coop on Outdoor Wednesday

It's been ages since I've had the fun of participating in Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks goes out to Susan for hosting from "A Southern Daydreamer"! Please be sure to drop by her place to see all the other lovely shares!

Today I want to tell you about the birdies that took up residence in one of my brand new hanging flower baskets that are on my second floor Veranda Porch. One day there was a nest, and before we knew it were the eggs...and it seemed like overnight there were these:
Today this little birdie took his first flight to here...
from there:
You really don't want to hear the horrid details of how he almost got killed today... I'm afraid I'd be too embarrassed to share...but thank the Good Lord, He intervened and he's alive and well and flying amidst the neighbors trees now with his siblings. I love to hear their little banters back and forth and see them practicing their flights.
I hope you will remember that even though he looks really scared and teency just one week ago (last picture above), today he had all his feathers and only a teency spiky hair on top of his head left from the baby fur that he had last week. Amazing what a week does in a baby birds life.

I hope you have a lovely Outdoor Wednesday!
~CC Catherine

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mosaic Monday - It's all about Yorkies! ;)

My sister is above in the picture with her two Yorkie's. Her first Yorkie, Mazey Mae is the groomed one, and Bonnie Sue is the skinny hairy one she had just rescued through a Rescue Group. She learned after she rescued her that she's a mix between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua.

I hope you enjoyed this Mosaic of my sister with her Yorkies! ;)

~CC Catherine

Be sure to stop by "Mary's, at Little Red House" to see the other Mosaics being shared today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Generational Stitches Link Yesterday to Today with Meta Monday & a Blue Monday Auction for you!~

I feel like I'm springing up from a pool to get a breath of fresh air today! I'm back for Meta & Blue Monday....for the first time in a long time~ IT's great to be back!
Thanks to both Susan, from "Between Naps on the Porch" for hosting Meta Monday...I've gotten more projects completed when I participate in Meta's inspired me week after week!
And thanks to Sally, from "Smiling Sally", for hosting Blue Monday's. My passion for blue and white is extremely noticeable on my blog, as all of you well know. First up - My before picture of a Pillow Top I recently redid. Both sides of the pillow looked like this:

The other side looks like this completed after I stitched it onto the reverse side: The reason why this Pillow Top is so special to me is because my grandmother started it over 60 years ago. She tacked all the color you see on to a muslin square...she then embroidered all the black stitches you see. I found it ten years ago in her possessions and asked her if I could take it and finish it. I purposefully wanted to use embroidery thread colors different than black so that I'd always remember where she stitched. I recently completed this after picking it up and laying it back down the past five years. I love is a close up of the stitches:

Now for my Blue Monday Auction offer...I've recently decided to begin an Auction opportunity to my readers. Today...I'm sharing the following Blue/White favorites from my collection and am auctioning them off.

Items being auctioned:

Two exclusive dish designs that remind you of a Fitz & Floyd look. I have a matching pair of bowls that are a very nice size...each one is glazed so it can be used for food...and a little bunny is on the front of each bowl. (Two of these - 5 inches circular wide at top)

Then, the third piece to the collection is a 12" end to end, with 8" x 4" basket like tray with a bunny on each end. I've used this for serving bread, veggies, potato salad...anything you need to serve looks tremendous in this!

How the Auction will work:

1. I'm starting the auction of all three pieces at only $15.

2. If you decide you'd like to place a bid to purchase these, just leave a comment with your bid amount and your email address on this post.

3. If you are the highest bidder, I will send the payment arrangements to you personally by email. (Shipping and Ins/Handling charges will be applied to the total fee)

4. If for some reason the highest bidder does not end up sending payment, the next highest bidder will be notified to see if you're still interested in the items.

5. This Auction is only open to USA residents due to high cost of shipping out of states, my apologies.

NOTE: If this auction is fun and well received, I plan on doing this frequently.

Happy Monday to everyone~
~CC Catherine

Friday, June 5, 2009

~CC's Alive, and sharing just a bit of light...

Hello Blogging Buds!
I've been MIA now for about 3 weeks...I can't believe it's been that long since I posted last. I think that's a record hiatus for moi! I've missed you all terribly. Sometimes life just happens, and that's exactly what has been going on in my world during this time; lots of happening things going on.
I thought I'd just drop in for a quick share of some of my favorite chandy pics in my home. These are the antique chandy's that are in my dining room and my master suite.
I hope to be back more often in the upcoming days...

Thanks to all of you that continued to leave notes to me on my posts!
~CC Catherine