Monday, March 29, 2010

My March Madness with PINK, Claudie & Julie's visit, and it ALL "made my birthday celebration" the best!

This post is like my life lately, "not in order"~ The only people that really know this are the people that spent a few days with me recently. Drumroll....Here I am, getting ready to serve my first tea to "Claudie (Bubblin Over) & Julie" on their visit to GA from Canada! I couldn't believe it, they were FINALLY here in my very own home! Deb, my blogging bud from Confessions of a Plate Addict, joined us for the day we went Junkin~
For anyone that knows Claudie, it's all about her love of PINK, lil angel's, pastels, cupcakes and FUN~ And that's exactly what I offered her when we celebrated our birthday's together the first night she was here. Claudie brought along a great surprise, a NEW PRECIOUS FRIEND, Julie~ Both Claudie and I were born in the same year (not tellin) and only one week apart. We all enjoyed a lil cake together - see above and then we broke out our gifts to each other! It was so much FUN~
When Claudie and Julie went to their rooms, they each found some lovin from "moi"~ :) Claudie found alot of Pink in her room, and Julie found some Purple, which I came to find is one of her favorite colors (colours) too! :)

Then we went for a day of fun....and I took them to see my favorite photo taking place, "The endless Bradford Pear trees at a nearby private drive. I was so hoping they would be blooming, but the buds were just out and it was still a bit nippy.
This is a great pic of my sissie Becky that came up to meet Claudie & Julie "in person"...and we had tons of fun laughing and chatting about "everything". Trust me, "everything". :) Aren't we all so pretty!
It's about time that Julie, "our favorite photographer and fav new blogging friend" joined us for one of the final pics of their visit. I took them to Chateau Elan Winery so they could experience a traditional Irish dinner at their local Authentic Irish Pub. Once again we have Deb, myself, Claudie, and Julie. The bottle of wine was given to Claudie for her birthday as we walked upon the lawn to take a picture of Claudie & Julie at the fountain. It was a cute story that Claudie just might share with you when she gets back home and is posting again. I think she'll probably have enough stories from her USA Tour of Bloggers homes for the next year of posts, I'm sure of it!

Well, my March Madness is coming to a close, and I will forever cherish the time I had with Claudie, Julie, Becky, and Deb during the few days we had together. Hey anyone going to post the vintage hats at A Flea Antiques? :)

Claudie, you are EVERYTHING I knew you would be, PLUS more friend! And, Julie, I've gained a NEW friend in you...thanks for sharing Julie with me Claudie~ :)

Hugs & Kisses to all my blogging buds that I've missed visiting. I'll be by soon!
~CC Catherine

PS: Photos complimentary of Juli!