Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from ~CC to all my Beloved Blogging Buds!

This is "Moi" saying "Happy Thanksgiving" Blogging Buds! This is another picture at our recent event at my church entitled "Beautiful". I was the hostess of this table and we had a grand time. Earlier this same day I got to enjoy the company of Rose, from "Santamakers Journey"; Debbie from "Confessions of a Plate Addict"; and Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch" as we had an early tea party at my place and then went antiquing in the afternoon. We closed the day with lunch at an Irish Paddy Restaurant at Chateau Elan near my home. I am quite thankful for all of you out in Blogland that I've come to know this past year. Each of you are so kind to visit often and I really do miss being more of a daily or weekly visitor. Life in my home these past months is nearly a blur... Note: Must slow down and smell the roses more often in 2010~ :)
A lovely Thanksgiving theme table at the Beautiful event. The hostess did a fabulous job!
Praying you had a lovely day with your family and friends yesterday!

Much love and Hugs!
~CC Catherine

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pizazz, Vintage,Creative,Passionate Blues, and Totally Beary Cute!

Okay...I love this pic I took at a recent gala event at my church. Notice how the table hostess decorated her bottle of bubbling apple cider? Is it not just too cool? It's got "just" the right amount of pizazz! Just so that she was voted the best set table! Stunning!
Is this not a beautiful vintage wedding dress? A lady loaned the dress for our scenery on the set of the gala event! She is celebrating her 50th anniversary this year... The dress was impeccable...and could have been worn that night it was in such great shape! Oooohhhh how I love vintage!
I hosted a table as well...and the theme of my table was "Using anything that someone else either threw away, or that I gave new life to". This is just one "sneak peek" of something that I'll share more in a future Tablescape Thursday post. I had been saving my Hedley Teabag cans for a special event. This night fit the bill and I gave six of them away after the event was over. I planted little pansies in the tins, tucked some Spanish moss in around the edges, put a floral pick in the plant, attached a "Spiritual tea bag" and doubled it as a place card by attaching the name of the person sitting at each seat. Everyone loved their take away gift that evening.
This pic has nothing to do with anything but the fact that I fell in "Love" with her blue eyes! She is a young huskie and her name is Arianna. Now, how could you resist these baby blues? She politely allowed me to snap her pic on a recent Outdoor Fall Fair we attended.
And last, but not least, my "Beary Cute" Claude.... Yes, I don't wear jewelry... Well, Claude is secure in his masculinity and allowed me to use him as a prop when I recently kicked off my friend Vonnie's Silpada party at a weekend open house. We had a blast later hanging jewelry off my chandie, on the bear, anywhere I could get inspired to take pics! Thought you'd enjoy Claude.....I always do, even when he has no jewelry on! :)

Well...gotta run, hope to visit some of you real soon! I feel like Road Runner these days....I'll drop in, say "Beep, Beep"...and off I go again! ;) Life happens...and I'm just tryin to keep up with it all!

Love to all,
~CC Catherine

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some days even Beautiful things feel like they're in a BUBBLE! ;)

My friend was visiting from NC, as I decided to do a Silpada Fine Silver Jewelry party for her. I decided to get creative and hang the jewelry on my chandelier. Then did a bit of playing around with some filters and voila...... A beautiful Bubble of Jewelry and Chandie combined!
Love to all in Blogville Land!
Click HERE if you want to go to my friends website and check out the glitz!