Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two weeks away ~ Quilting, physical therapy, and shopping

While I was away, I attended one of my Mom's Quilting days...and so did a furry friend below. Isn't she just so cute? She didn't get much quilting done, as she was too busy drinking her cup of tea and visiting everyone there. :)
Here's my Momma on Quilting Day. She is recovering from a stroke that paralyzed her entire right side 12/28/2011. She is already back to quilting, a true miracle she thought she'd never do again. Isn't she so pretty?
I took this quilt square to work on at my Mom's Sister~Friends Quilt day ~ I made it for a friend that is retiring at my work.
I'm leading our work team to complete 32 10.5x10.5 squares that will be all different for the quilt. I am thrilled with how mine turned out. I hand drew the teacup pattern. The handle was so tough to get right, so I decided to use buttons in her favorite color, purple, instead of fabric.
The pic of my mother above (standing :) is beside a quilt top she completed for my sister...all done by hand. Isn't she fabulous? I do a square, she does an ENTIRE quilt top - her 13th in 10 years. And, she's standing WITHOUT her cane! ;)

And's a gal named Cathy that I met on my way home to GA at the Shoppes at Mauzy, VA. They allowed me to snap her pic, she was so kind to me. ;)


I hope to post real soon about an auction that I want to do for a blogging friends granddaughter. Kathy Black, from Mimi's Garden blog, experienced a very sad loss late last year when her daughter in law died shortly after childbirth. The money I raise from the items I auction off will all go to this little girl.

Stop by again real soon, as you won't want to miss seeing the items I'll be custom designing to auction off!

I'm going to create a button if you'd like to advertise it on your blog. The more people we get participating, the more interest there might be in bidding on the items and this little blessing of a baby girl will get 100% of the proceeds of the sale of these items.

HINT ~ One item I'll be auctioning off will be a custom designed Tea Cozey with a French theme material made by "Moi".

Happy Easter Everyone!
~CC Catherine