Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ECLECTIC Tablescapes plus the most important part, the DESSERTS!

Today is TT, and be sure to drop by Susan's at "Between Naps On The Porch" to see all the other contributors!
This is a picture I took of an apple pie in process that my mother in law baked a couple Thanksgivings ago! I loved it so much that it made "the cut" and is in my photo note card series that includes "foodies".
This is the lovely tablescape that the Apple Pie was served as dessert for!
The dishes belonged to our Grandma Cerilli, so it was like including her
in our festivities of the day~ It was a bittersweet memory.
This tablescape photo was taken during a Holiday Showcase. Isn't it stunning?
Another tablescape photo that I shot at the Holiday Showcase., it truly could be used for an Engagement party and you could use the colors of the season for the bows on the chair.
These are my home made desserts I like to create for my parties. Home made chocolate cream pie, home made cream puffs, scones.... Need I say more? mmm... mmm...
My favorites are on the top, Italian Almond Cookies! YES!
Aha, now we've got desserts for the tea parties; after the guests had a chance to take a few bites! ;)
This is one of my favorite tablescapes, where the guests fill their plates and choose their seating throughout the home. I like to think of it as the "Mingling Tablescape"! This presentation always blows the guests away, and they enjoy going back again and again to fill their plates.
To create the display...I use three sets of different size glass rounds. Using heavy stemware I turn them upside down and then add one layer of glass on top of the stemware, then repeat, and add a smaller round of glass. The bottom layer is positioned on the table on this one, but it can also be elevated and lights can be displayed underneath of it and covered with bridal netting. The glass tops can be used to display food only, or a combination of food and dishes like I have above.
Hope you've enjoyed this ECLECTIC mixed sets of tablescapes and desserts today!
~Au Revoir
~CC Catherine

Anticipation...Bon Jour, a Dog's Perspective!

~Bon Jour, I'm Mugsy and I like "Toast"
Today it's all about me and why I've not been included to be a recipient of the Breakfast Toast!
I've been looking high and low all morning to see why not! hmmm
(Snicker Snicker with lots of slobbers)
Toast does a body good, look how muscular I am...I'd make a great advertisement commercial I know, like the "GOT MILK" Commercial???
This is me, thanking my Master for NOT sharing his toast with me!
I'm even polite, despite my not being included in the "Hu-MAN" breakfast tada's!

I still lovem...
they let me scratch their hardwoods up and all.....
so, if toast isn't an option for me today,
Maybe it will be tomorrow.
I'm hangin out to share my sad eyes and chops...and
who knows...I might be comin back tomorrow to say
A Silly Share today in case it's RAININ in your neck of the woods!
~Au Revoir
~CC Catherine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Once you leave home, it's never the same when going back...

Welcome to Susan's "Outdoor Wednesday"~
Please be sure to visit all the other participants today by visiting "A Southern Daydreamer"

This week I'm sharing a familiar visit that most of us have encountered at one time or another, visiting an old home we've owned when we're back in town.

As I drove through Harrisburg, NC about 10 days ago, I couldn't resist driving by the former homestead that was our first when moving south from PA. Camera in hand, I snapped a few from the curbside...even on a rainy day it still looked grand. Of course everything (the trees we'd planted) seemed so huge. The Deodora Evergreen tree to the left of the house foundation was planted only nine years ago, and it now is higher than the home. I still remember standing there and getting my picture taken with it and sending to my Beloved to show him. (he was working in AZ at the time on business). The yellow Forsythia on the back side of the home blooming was planted from a root of my mothers from the home I was raised in from PA.

This is the house from the front curbside., I never thought of painting the door blue when I owned the home...isn't it lovely? The Inkberry Hollys planted in front of the bay window were purchased from the local grocers at the time for only $2 each., they look so pretty and delicate, exactly why I wanted them there. The flower beds were all created by my Beloved and myself...and we miss seeing the perennials blooming.
This is the right side and rear view of the home. Here is a red birch tree that we planted, it's in the forefront of this pic. I still remember the day when I seen my husband standing by the tree feeling all smug because he'd pruned the two large suckers that had grown up on the side of the tree. I dropped my head and said, Honey...those weren't suckers, they were part of the Birch tree...Birches are supposed to have three trunks... We both laughed...and the tree grew big and strong despite him cutting two thirds of it away. ;) The trees we planted in the rear have blossomed since we left. What great memories of all the hard work, sweat, and sometimes tears when we'd work all day in the gardens.
In the rear of the home was a small hill that backed up to the main entrance. In the summer it's all nice and green. We were given three Mimosa tree shoots from my brother in law and planted them on the top of this hill. These are the naked Mimosa's that will soon be getting their leaves. Everyone said we'd regret planting them because their messy, but we loved them mess and all. A Mimosa tree in bloom is so gorgeous to me and the tree really lends itself to such an exotic feel in a garden. On the other side of the bank it was completely covered with ground covering shrubs.
Thanks for allowing me to share my memories of our old home with you. It's never the same when we go back, but it's nice to reminisce and remember the joys our family shared there together.
Those memories never die...
~CC Catherine

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thanks Roberta Anne for my Give Away won from "The House In The Desert"~

Somehow since I've joined Blogland I've inherited my Grandmothers
good fortune of winning give aways! Recently I received this lovely gift in the mail after Roberta Anne from "Little House In The Desert" offered her Anniversary Give Away on one of her recent posts and I was the "fortunate" winner!

Roberta Anne, I love each and every item in the package! What a lovely and thoughtful Give Away...I'm enjoying each and every item already~ Thanks so very much!

Happy Anniversary once again!

If you've not gotten to visit Roberta Anne at her blog, please do so today; she has a delightful blog~ ;)

~CC Catherine

I'm Secure in My Feminity "Green Faced" Meta Monday

I'm Secure in my Feminity Meta Monday Post! ;)
My Before:
Green ~ My sister gave us an Arbonne Facial Masque
I'm on the left..Sissie Carole is on the right!
Progression... A shot of me with hair down with makeup on & bangs!
And....Green Masque off... ;)
More Progression...Bangs grown out, hair longer...
And, I'm sitting in the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, TN.
What a difference hair & makeup make! Eh?
Hope you enjoyed my Silly Meta Monday post!

Don't forget to visit our infamous hostess Susan from "Between Naps On The Porch" for more Meta Monday shares from fellow bloggers!

~CC Catherine

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Outdoor Tea Party Tablescape Under the Pergola!

Welcoming Spring with an Outdoor Tea Party...
Be sure to stop over at "Cielo's" to see the other lovely Spring Parties!
There's always room for home made chocolate covered pretzels on the menu!
The view from my Veranda shows the Pergola near my home which servedas my "Outdoor Room" for our Tea Party Tablescape recently! You'll also recognize later from the pics shared that the table on my Veranda is the same table used for the Tea Party!
It's great to be back for TT with a sweet story of an Outdoor Tablescape Tea Party I held just two weeks ago with two little neighbor girls, Mariah, 8, & Kethryn, 10.
The setting that day was this gorgeous blue sky! ....And the Outdoor Pergola near my home where we set up my Bistro Table for four
shown in the very first picture shared above.
Thanks Beloved for helping me carry everything over to set up for the afternoon party!
I had a great time preparing for the girls to arrive after returning home from a b'day party.
A closer view of the table scape under the Pergola...I selected my purple and white checked tablecloth to use, since it reminds me of spring...and you'll see all the little touches of spring from the faux daffodils (they look so real you'd swear you could smell them) and the little bunny on the table holding the posies to the china serving up all the delicate posies as well!
The whimsical Teapot and Sugar & Creamer were a gift from my dear friend Kathleen many years back. I always adore using it with my younger tea guests, because it's just so fun! The girls and I drank the pot dry...and for a few moments, Castle, Kethryn's 8 year old brother, joined us for two quick cups of tea as well. The plates (6) were purchased at Luckett's Store in VA while on vacation for only 75cents each. They are from Bavaria, Germany. The small glass teacups are clear glass and very petite, just right for a little girls tea. Since our refreshments were Girl Scout Peanut Butter cookies, we didn't use forks, only small tea spoons for stirring our tea. The napkins are delicate little ivory tea napkins with a little flower cross stitched. I placed them in front of the plate so the flower would drape over the cloth just a tad. I used real sugar cubes with tongs for serving. The girls loved asking for "two lumps".

The tea served was Peach Apricot and they loved it too!

They also enjoyed having milk in their tea! It was so enjoyable just to sit with them, listen to their stories, and watch the little stars in their eyes when they'd share something they love with me. They both felt so special and kept telling me how much they appreciated all the little touches to the table. I realized that day while reading my Romantic Homes magazine while waiting for them to arrive, this is truly what tablescapes are all about...blessing those we care about. I hope you've enjoyed my Outdoor Tea Party Tablescape Under the Pergola!

Don't forget to visit Susan over at "Between Naps On The Porch" to visit all the other Tablescapes!

~CC Catherine

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday, Teatime under the Outdoor Pergola!

I'm glad to be returning to celebrate Outdoor Wednesday with Susan at "A Southern Daydreamer". Please don't forget to enjoy all the other posts celebrating Outdoor Wednesday by clicking on the logo below after viewing my share today!
A few Saturdays back I decided to host an impromptu tea party for two little girls in my neighborhood. Both Mariah and Kethryn joined me for a "Spot of Tea" under the Outdoor Pergola near my home.
Come back tomorrow to enjoy seeing the entire tablescape with me and my "TableScape Thursday" post.
We shared a great time "Outside" on the sunniest day earlier this month!
We're already scheduling our next Tea together, only this time we're going to make the refreshments together and then we'll enjoy them together!

Till Thursday...
~CC Catherine

Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards I've been blessed to be bestowed upon...

A Gracious Thanks to all those who've shared awards with me!

Tablescaper Award from Debbie at "Confessions of a Plate Addict"

Thanks Kathy from "Mimi's Garden"
Sisterhood Award from Heidi at "Bargain Hunting In The Corn"

Bubblin Over Award from Claudie with "Bubblin Over"

Marie Antoinette from Susan from "A Southern Daydreamer"
& from Lady Katherine from "Lady Katherine Tea Parlor"
Butterfly Award from Lisa at "Simple Blessings"
Friendship Award from Linda C. at "Seasons of Life"

The Thinker Award from Marty 39 at "A Sroll Thru Life"
and from Sheila at "Notesongs"
Thanks again!
~CC Catherine

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Foodie Friday & Cannoli Topped Whipped Cream Cake with Chocolate Mousse Frosting!

Happy Foodie Friday!
Enjoy the recipes that fly today through Gollum's site! Be sure to visit her by clicking on the logo above to see all the other great and crazy recipes by other participants!
Whipped Cream Cake
1 cup Whipping Cream
1 Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1 ½ Cups Cake Flour
½ teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Vanilla

Whip cream until stiff. Drop in eggs, one at a time, and beat until light and fluffy. Add sugar and vanilla and beat again. Sift flour; measure and add salt and baking powder. Sift again. Add dry ingredients gradually to mixture. Beat well after each addition. Pour into greased layer pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Makes one large layer (9 inch).
This cake is very fine grained and velvety in texture.

1 – 16 oz. thawed Cool Whip.
Mix with 1 small Jello instant choc pudding
Frost as desired. Mini Cannoli’s fanned on top.
Once frosted, store in refrigerator until ready to be served.
Garnish with fresh Cannoli's right before presentation before cutting.
Each slice should include a Cannoli, of course! ;)
Bon Appetite!
~CC Catherine

Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Dishin on the GA Luncheon & My Give Away Arrived from "The Gypsy's Corner", Tam's place! Yeaaaaa!!!

Can you believe it?
Last Monday I met the GA Bloggers for Lunch at La Madeleine and had just the best time. When I arrived home to find my Give Away I won from Tam celebrating her Blogs FIRST BIRTHDAY at "The Gypsy's Corner" on my doorstep, it was like having "TWO MINTS IN ONE"! ;) What a great day it was all the way around! Being that we all love opening these gifts., I decided to start the post off with the Give Away....(Happy Birthday again Tam) =) I love my gifts, each and everyone!

Tam packaged the gifts so beautifullyI love "EVERYTHING"! Pink/Ivory Toile pot holders, a floral hat box (I collect these), a pink silk rose heart hanger, to the right of the heart is a matching floral note pad, a lovely porcelain floral round dish with lid, a small black easel with a plate with bird & b/w checked ribbon, a lovely metal vintage container with thread from Germany (I adored that., & I see it must be hiding in the hat box... :(...missing from the picture is a lovely porcelain lacy looking white glazed ball with two birds. Congrats Tam on your Birthday Anniversary and thanks again

for the SUPER Give Away! You've got super taste!

Movin On... to the GA BLOGGERS Luncheon., and my "UPSHOT" of La Madeleine's! Crystal, I didn't do too bad, eh? ;)Debbie, from Confessions of a Plate Addict, and I rode together., she graciously offered to drive us after we had that GA blizzard last week. (Thanks again Debbie) ;) We had a lovely ride down & back., and we both chatted and giggled like school girls that hadn't seen each other for years. It was soooooo cool! When we arrived the ladies had mingled about and were enjoying their lunch they had just sat down to. Debbie and I gave some "eeks", ooooo's, and ahhhhh's...and off we were then to get in line to get our own lunch. This is just a few things I seen on the way while ordering my scrumptious french prepared lunch:Hmmm....ambiance., Ahhh...why do they start with the desserts? Always... ;) YES! I was proud of myself, I ordered two Lemon Madeleine's (not pictured) to go with lunch. If you've never had a have to buy one. Some Starbucks actually carry them., they are sooooo good! I had to have a picture of looked so "photo-errific", doesn't it? Calling all chocolate lovers., that's for sure! ;) mmm....more (sigh) more.... (more sighs) ;) I was tempted with this Strawberry Napoleon, but stayed strong... Then a few cute candids., this is Sue, from Rue Mouffetard . She has a great blog I just learned about after I met her, lots of FRENCH! LOVE IT! (She made the most delicious looking cupcakes and brought them with her to share) Another cute snap of Deb at Drivin 55 . She also is a new blogger I'm now following. It was so cool to get to meet new faces and find out about their blogs! This pic blurred a tad, but still wanted to share., it's Sherri from Design to Shine & Crystal, my new pro photographer bud from her blog at Olive Rue . Both Sherri & Crystal had just met a couple days before the luncheon since they live in the same town., they have already become quick friends., and I just love both their blogs! Gotta checkem out! Here's just a short candid with only half the group., I caught Cheryl from JoJo's Joys & Susan from Between Naps on the Porch looking at the adorable calendar that Sue brought of her granddaughter...we were all checking it out that day, just adorable! Rose from A Santamakers' Journey is on the other side of Susan, but I think she was searching for something in her purse, her head is down.For more great pics and a couple that shows more of a group shot, please visit all the other great bloggers below that met for lunch (whom most have already posted other pics on their sites last week) they all have super blogs and I love following them to see what they've got to share next!

Deb @ Drivin 55
Crystal @ Olive Rue
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard
Linda @ Nina's Nest
Joyce (no blog yet :-)
Denise (no blog yet :-)

The only pics I don't show above are of Debbie and myself...but that's okay., we're on all the other blogs laughing our heads super fun time ended that day with a nice cup of hot Constant Comment tea in Debbie's home, and guess who I got to meet "IN PERSON"...yes, Debbie's staff! Baby Kitty was extremely mannerly and the rest of the staff as well, I'm eager to get to know each of them better! ;) Thanks for the tea Debbie & the visit after we returned home!!! ;)
If you get an opportunity to host a luncheon in your area, do your best to make it out for the event. I think we could have been there for the entire day and would still have had something to chat about. We all had such a super time and are already talking about doing it in the summer.
Well...that's it for now friends...stay true to yourself and blog as inspired! ;)
~CC Catherine