Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anticipation...Bon Jour, a Dog's Perspective!

~Bon Jour, I'm Mugsy and I like "Toast"
Today it's all about me and why I've not been included to be a recipient of the Breakfast Toast!
I've been looking high and low all morning to see why not! hmmm
(Snicker Snicker with lots of slobbers)
Toast does a body good, look how muscular I am...I'd make a great advertisement commercial I know, like the "GOT MILK" Commercial???
This is me, thanking my Master for NOT sharing his toast with me!
I'm even polite, despite my not being included in the "Hu-MAN" breakfast tada's!

I still lovem...
they let me scratch their hardwoods up and all.....
so, if toast isn't an option for me today,
Maybe it will be tomorrow.
I'm hangin out to share my sad eyes and chops...and
who knows...I might be comin back tomorrow to say
A Silly Share today in case it's RAININ in your neck of the woods!
~Au Revoir
~CC Catherine


Raggedy Girl said...

How cute and I love when puppies post!

Roberta Anne

Claudie said...

We had border collies that had to have their toast every morning along with our old P.J., the one with the tongue sticking out all the time.
I wish I would have met you about 2 weeks earlier CC. I sent Joy some very beautiful antique Boston Terrier figurines that belonged to my godmother. They were 60 years old and in perfect condition. The mommy and 2 babies....if only I had known, they would have been in your box of goodies...oh well "cest la vie"
Love the pic now on to your OW.
Love You
P.S. They canceled my appointment this morning...till March 31st..thank God cause I didn't sleep all night : (

prof en retraite said...

Hey Mugsy...Here's what you go on strike! No pats or stick chasing until you get a contract from management! Be sure to include all the toast you want in your terms. An occasional nice vacation is also a good idea. Take it from me...I've tried it and it works! I rule the roost over at my house...Baby Kitty

Deb said...

Mugsy is so cute, one of my schnauzers Nolan barks at you like hey what about me, and the other one Jake just gives you sad eyes, like please share with me. Cute post!

marty39 said...

So cute, and did he ever get toast? Hugs, Marty

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

What a doll baby he is! Only one of mine is tall enough to see the counter & stove tops, (thank goodness!) ♥

Murphy, my cocker, gives the ole sieve paw if we're not paying attention. He's quite demanding when it comes to toast & just about anything else edible! ☺

Miss Janice said...

Darling, just darling!

Dixie said...

Cathy... haven't dropped by in a while so thought I would today. love your pretty tablescapes... and I picked up your FIBWOIF... I'm doing the same.. but now... I can display it proudly... ;)
blessings. Dixie