Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Dishin on the GA Luncheon & My Give Away Arrived from "The Gypsy's Corner", Tam's place! Yeaaaaa!!!

Can you believe it?
Last Monday I met the GA Bloggers for Lunch at La Madeleine and had just the best time. When I arrived home to find my Give Away I won from Tam celebrating her Blogs FIRST BIRTHDAY at "The Gypsy's Corner" on my doorstep, it was like having "TWO MINTS IN ONE"! ;) What a great day it was all the way around! Being that we all love opening these gifts., I decided to start the post off with the Give Away....(Happy Birthday again Tam) =) I love my gifts, each and everyone!

Tam packaged the gifts so beautifullyI love "EVERYTHING"! Pink/Ivory Toile pot holders, a floral hat box (I collect these), a pink silk rose heart hanger, to the right of the heart is a matching floral note pad, a lovely porcelain floral round dish with lid, a small black easel with a plate with bird & b/w checked ribbon, a lovely metal vintage container with thread from Germany (I adored that., & I see it must be hiding in the hat box... :(...missing from the picture is a lovely porcelain lacy looking white glazed ball with two birds. Congrats Tam on your Birthday Anniversary and thanks again

for the SUPER Give Away! You've got super taste!

Movin On... to the GA BLOGGERS Luncheon., and my "UPSHOT" of La Madeleine's! Crystal, I didn't do too bad, eh? ;)Debbie, from Confessions of a Plate Addict, and I rode together., she graciously offered to drive us after we had that GA blizzard last week. (Thanks again Debbie) ;) We had a lovely ride down & back., and we both chatted and giggled like school girls that hadn't seen each other for years. It was soooooo cool! When we arrived the ladies had mingled about and were enjoying their lunch they had just sat down to. Debbie and I gave some "eeks", ooooo's, and ahhhhh's...and off we were then to get in line to get our own lunch. This is just a few things I seen on the way while ordering my scrumptious french prepared lunch:Hmmm....ambiance., Ahhh...why do they start with the desserts? Always... ;) YES! I was proud of myself, I ordered two Lemon Madeleine's (not pictured) to go with lunch. If you've never had a have to buy one. Some Starbucks actually carry them., they are sooooo good! I had to have a picture of looked so "photo-errific", doesn't it? Calling all chocolate lovers., that's for sure! ;) mmm....more (sigh) more.... (more sighs) ;) I was tempted with this Strawberry Napoleon, but stayed strong... Then a few cute candids., this is Sue, from Rue Mouffetard . She has a great blog I just learned about after I met her, lots of FRENCH! LOVE IT! (She made the most delicious looking cupcakes and brought them with her to share) Another cute snap of Deb at Drivin 55 . She also is a new blogger I'm now following. It was so cool to get to meet new faces and find out about their blogs! This pic blurred a tad, but still wanted to share., it's Sherri from Design to Shine & Crystal, my new pro photographer bud from her blog at Olive Rue . Both Sherri & Crystal had just met a couple days before the luncheon since they live in the same town., they have already become quick friends., and I just love both their blogs! Gotta checkem out! Here's just a short candid with only half the group., I caught Cheryl from JoJo's Joys & Susan from Between Naps on the Porch looking at the adorable calendar that Sue brought of her granddaughter...we were all checking it out that day, just adorable! Rose from A Santamakers' Journey is on the other side of Susan, but I think she was searching for something in her purse, her head is down.For more great pics and a couple that shows more of a group shot, please visit all the other great bloggers below that met for lunch (whom most have already posted other pics on their sites last week) they all have super blogs and I love following them to see what they've got to share next!

Deb @ Drivin 55
Crystal @ Olive Rue
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard
Linda @ Nina's Nest
Joyce (no blog yet :-)
Denise (no blog yet :-)

The only pics I don't show above are of Debbie and myself...but that's okay., we're on all the other blogs laughing our heads super fun time ended that day with a nice cup of hot Constant Comment tea in Debbie's home, and guess who I got to meet "IN PERSON"...yes, Debbie's staff! Baby Kitty was extremely mannerly and the rest of the staff as well, I'm eager to get to know each of them better! ;) Thanks for the tea Debbie & the visit after we returned home!!! ;)
If you get an opportunity to host a luncheon in your area, do your best to make it out for the event. I think we could have been there for the entire day and would still have had something to chat about. We all had such a super time and are already talking about doing it in the summer.
Well...that's it for now friends...stay true to yourself and blog as inspired! ;)
~CC Catherine


Kathy said...

Catherine, it looks like all of you had a delightful time. I would love to have been there for the luncheon - unfortunately I'm just too far away for this one. Great pics and description of the afternoon!

Cynthia said...

Hi CC,
Now what's your secret? Everytime I turn around your winning another giveaway! Congrats and love your take and pics on the luncheon. The desserts look fabulous! Cindy

Linda said...

Hi CC, Congrats on your lovely gifts you received. Also, thanks again for a reminder about that fun day we had at La Mad. Linda

Bo said...

Hello lucky won some great gifts from Tam and I just read on Roberta Ann's blog you also won her! The Georgia ladies luncheon looked like so much FUN. ;-) Bo

Chandy said...

It's great to read another post about this great gathering. Your location was a great choice, we were there just recently and I fell in love with the Florentine quiche!

~CC Catherine said...

Cindy...I don't know what my secret is... Go figure., I'm new to all this and I'm amazed at how blessed I've been., I think my Grandma Odessa is looking down on me from heaven., she was always the blessed one to win doorprizes all the time! I'm lovin it though...I'm getting gun shy though now to leave a comment on anyone announcing a giveaway..hahaha ;) ~CC Catherine

Helen said...

Your last few words ... blog as inspired are so spot on ... thanks for sharing.

Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post. And the bunny basket will arrive at your home on Monday. Please enjoy and I so enjoyed putting it together. I love blogging and I especially love visiting other bloggers to see all the wonderful posts. Have a great day!

Roberta Anne

Sue said...

Hi Catherine....super pictures...I love the Sacher torte one...all of them were great....I was too busy stuffing my face to take photo's of all the good stuff....great shot of me....face hidden behind the camera!! That's the way I like it....I've been blog free for a few days and a few more days to come....I infected my finger re-potting Basil and it's twice its size....can't type too much...I spent the whole day taking drugs and drinking water!! I am getting my table ready for tomorrow night....Stop back for a birthday celebration for Barbie's 50th!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway. It looks like you all had such a great time at the luncheon. Wish I didn't live so far away, boo hoo.
Have a great day!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

That looks like so much fun makes you wish you were in Georgia!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh my what fun that looked like you all had!!! The desserts look so tempting!!!

Congrats on the giveaway!

Shelia said...

Hi Catherine! Oh, how nice to receive such a nice gift!
Now I'm a bit jealous! How wonderful to get to meet up with so many blogging friends! That was a pretty big group! Everyone looks so pretty!
Be a sweetie and thanks for sharing,
Shelia :)

prof en retraite said...

Oh CC! What gorgeous gifts! You do seem to have the luck of the Irish...oh, you're French!! lol It was a fun outing last Moday, wasn't it? Baby Kitty loved you and says come back any time! Thanks for the tip on Emma's Attic...I'm enjoying my finds! Hope you are having a great week! hugs...Debbie

Jojo said...

It was so much fun. I just can't wait till the next time!!!

Patti Cakes said...

Oh what fun. Thanks for sharing.

xinex said...

Congrats! Susan's giveaway are all beautiful! Lucky you! Did I have to see the happy pictures where you were all enjoying meeting each other? Did I have to be envious again? J/K. I am very happy that you all had a great time...Christine

Miss Janice said...

Love your little gifts and I would have loved to be at the Madeleine's luncheon with all y'all!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hello Catherine dear~
Looks like y'all had a FABulous time! and enjoyed some delightful French treats! Mmmmm!
Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoy the interview...let me know!