Thursday, March 5, 2009

Foodie Friday & a Virtual Shopping Spree with SHIPPING avail...

Happy Foodie Friday!
Today I'm sharing a recipe I absolutely love:
Butter Bib lettuce torn in small pieces
Red Cabbage in bite size shreds
Mango in bite size wedges
Fresh Blueberries
Oven Roasted Walnuts
Paul Newman's Raspberry Vinaigrette with Walnuts
Toss & Serve
To see other Foodie Friday's, stop by Gollums by clicking on logo below:Now for your guided tour of just a few of the great things Emma's Attic has in store this week for you! My friend Abbye is the owner of this shop and she is willing to ship some of the smaller items directly to your door. If you live in the Greater Atlanta area, you'll want to pay her a visit in person and tell her ~CC sent you.
Call Abbye @ 770/965-2400 EST to confirm price of item.
She just told me many items in the shop have just went to 1/2 price.
One of these items could be on sale from the price you see listed on the tag.
Now, on to the tour...
This is a lovely mirror that is distressed, I love the style of it!
Doubleclick on the photo to enlarge, Price is $29.95
A gorgeous French Chick for only $7.95 made from metal and wire.

A French themed Photo or Recipe Board!

I believe this is a Firefly lamp...
This is a custom painting and so reasonably priced you can't believe it.
Double Click on Pic to see price.
A gorgeous Lamp!
A varied assortment...the mirror and chest are for sale
and are marked down to a great price!
Old headboard distressed and custom painted
to use for a focal point in a room.
Wrought Iron Bench that is very sturdy and in great condition.
close up of the bench handle ends
Antique Chair priced to sell at $49, great condition!
Framed Tapestries, she has two of these! On sale for 50% off,
now$12.50 each., or two for $24.95! These are custom framed! A Chick Plate!
No specific markings on this, but reasonably priced@ $9.95
Unique desk and chair.
Unique Lamp & Shade
These sturdy ivory washed pillar candle holders
are priced to move...$5.95 for one in front view.
Adorable Rooster Decanter
Spode Plates ~ 3 at $9.95 each
Marking on back of the one above:
Chic Lamp with West Indies Flair
Black & White Toile set...SOLD ON 3/7! Everything (but toss pillow) in this pic is 50% off of original consignment $74.95 price.
YES...that's right all for $37.50! This set is made by WAVERLY!
and includes 2 drapes, 1 sham, two striped & ruffled pillowcases, twin bed quilt, . Shipping available! Great condition~
Another Bed set...very nice in Black and Neon Green Silk
If these are still available...the entire set of 4 rooster dishes are $7.95 with 25% discount, equaling a total of $6 for all four dishes!
Emma's also has Wooden Round Frames for Plates., $6 each.
Look how nice this one below looks with the rooster plate in it.
A Lovely Painted Chest that can be used as a Coffee Table
A single bookend, priced at $3.95
Could be easily distressed to match your own decor.
This is a little lamp with an angel on it, adorable, only $9.95~Very Frenchie!
Norman Rockwell Plates Framed (Sold as a set of 3)
Paris - Squares for hanging!
And, look what I bought on my way out for my Porch Makeover!
And the chair & cushion and footstool were only $44.95! Yep!
Don't forget ~ Call Abbye if you are interested
in any of these items & check to see if they are 1/2 price.
Her number is above in the pink picture calling card!
Don't forget to view all the other Foodie Friday
entries by clicking on the F.F. logo above~


Smilingsal said...

Your recipe looks yummy!

Terri and Bob said...

I love bib lettuce! I cannot wait to try this!

marty39 said...

Your salad looks so good, I will have to try it. Your chair and ottoman that you bought for your porch are just gorgeous. This shop looks like a fabulous place full of really wonderful treasures and so reasonably priced. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

once in a blue moon... said...

your ff pic is gorgeous! send it in to foodgawkers of tastespotting~

prof en retraite said...

Hi CC...Hope you are feeling better! Love the look of the window treatments. I haven't seen plate frames...oh, my!! A new thing for me to buy!! I love those Spode plates. Hmm...I will have to go see her! Your salad looks yummy!!! I had so much fun Monday...still laughing!! Have a good wekend...Debbie
PS...I loved your blogging w/o obligation button!! Great idea. Your commentary was wonderful! Enjoy your family this weekend!

Gollum said...

I am so making that salad tonight. It's so pretty, it's edible art.
I SO enjoyed the shopping trip. I have a bench similar to the one you showed; I bought it at a flea market for $5 but need to recover it. Can't wait for the next recipe...and shopping excursion.

Shelia said...

Morning, Catherine! Oh, that salad looks so yummy! I want to make this! The bibb lettuce - I can almost taste it! I loved looking at all these wonderful things! I could do some shopping!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be said...

I loove your Salad girl thanks for sharing...and WOW!! what a fun day shopping just loved it...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Fifi Flowers said...

You have some FASHIONABLE food & shopping items! I want that salad NOW... yummmm!
BTW... if you want a sneak peek at the Chair Collection frameable notecards you will be receiving... pop over!

Melissa Miller said...

The salad sounds so refreshing and delicious!

Love all the beautiful items as well.
The rooster plates are darling! ;)

Yira said...

This is a very colorful salad-- so welcoming of spring.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Your recipe looks yummy...
Thanks for the shopping trip...that was nice of you to help her out this way..
hugs ~lynne~

Judanna said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful blog. Love the roosters and your wicker chair and stool.
Thanks for sharing.

bj said...

Ummm...can't wait to try this one!

Anonymous said...

I love salads and am going to try this one!! And the Creamed Asparagus over buttered toast sounds yummy too- will give it a go!

So many cute things your friend has for sale

Chandy said...

What delish looking choices for today! Thank you for sharing!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the fun tour, I would love that wicker chair set too! Your recipe also sounds very good and healthy too, I loved the pics of your luncheon get together posted on Deb's blog, you all look so cute! Cindy

Blondie's Journal said...


The recipe sounds like a winner. I have jotted it down to make in the spring or summer!

I love the shopping spree! A lot of eye candy there! However, I had my eye on the bench and I know that is not shipped free!! Oh well...


Bo said...

Oh yum...that salad is looking mighty good about now...I'm not good at fixing mangoes, but I should try them again.
Your friend's shop has so many darling things! ;-) Bo

xinex said...

Hi CC! I love mango so I know I will love this salad! I enjoyed virtual shopping with you. Nice reasonable items..Christine

Linda said...

CC, That salad sounds fab to me. I just love fruit & lettuce....hardly ever have veggies in a salad. Oh, I am still admiring the lovely note card you made for our pretty! Linda

Susan said...

Salad sounds delicious...I am goign to make it soon!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a beautiful salad! Yes, I think a salad can be beautiful when it looks like this one.

I enjoyed my shopping trip. So many wonderful treasures, and the prices do sound so reasonable. Thanks for sharing that. laurie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just went back to read about your "Freedom In Blogging Without Obligation Is Fabulous!" button. What a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for offering to share it. I will be taking it to my blog and proudly displaying it. laurie

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Catherine...I was just thinking about you and about to come for a visit when i found your comment!
:-) I'm so glad others are grabbing that adorable button...maybe it wll start a revolution through Blogland. :-) I haven't decided what to put on my blog yet...but I should put something. I loved this virtual shopping! And your salad for FF looks delicious! I need to eat more salads and less sweets. I recently became reacquainted with a little French cafe and bakery and in Marietta and have been stuffing my face! LOL

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Your salad is so colorful, looks yummy!

Shelia said...

Hi Dear Catherine! Oh, I was very happy to help out with your niece! She is such a beautiful girl! I love her already - cornbread and sweet tea! Hey, that's good stuff!
Have a blessed weekend, my friend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

xinex said...

Hi CC, sorry I am just responding to your comment now Somehow the email notification went in my junk forder, But anyway, yes, you can deep fry the eggrolls....Christine

Terri and Bob said...

I answered one of your niece's posts. She is doing a great job!

I am having to make my blog private. If you would like to be a part of my readership, I hope you will send me an email at

I know, it's a pain. So sorry for all this!

Jojo said...

I am so hungry just looking at the salad! That was so much fun to go shopping at Emma's. Hoping to end up somewhere near her shop very soon.

Helen said...

Wonderful salad fixin's .. and the shopping? There aren't enough words to describe how I enjoyed that!
I have spent hours this Sunday afternoon catching up with old posts, etc and wanted to tell you that the price you paid for your blue cake stand was lower than what I paid - $44! I have to stay far away from ebay.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

This salad looks and sounds wonderful!