Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Second "Pinknique" Saturday Post - A "Pinknique" Shopping Spree...

Thanks to Beverly for hosting another fabulous PINK SATURDAY! Be sure to visit her site to view all the other participants Pink Shares for the day!

All "Pinknique" items are located at the Dahlonega, GA Antique Mall. I thought it would be fun to share all the "Pinks" with you from my Shopping Spree!

And we begin with these precious "Pinknique" Sherbert dishes. Precious and Pink, the little pair sit on a lonely shelf, awaiting to capture their new owners attention. Next, a lovely Deep Pink Tea Cup... I love this one...

A special "Pink Depression" dish...all "Pinkniqued" out and no where to go... A Precious Pastel Pink S/P set...this is a very unique set and is only $12.95

A unique Pink Polka Dotted Porcelain Shoe Bank...I think this might be about saving your penny's for your shoe fund! ;) Is she calling your name?

You got it! A "Pinknique" Powder Pink Thermometer! Now, I've seen it all... ;)

"Pinknique Trio" Distressed Chair, Pillow, and shelf... (all sold separately)

Pink Rooster anyone? Yes, a PINK Rooster! ;)

Love these "Pinknique" French dishes...a set of four ~ "Francais et Chic"

A "Pinknique" Water Pitcher... I'm keepin it flowin.... ;)

The "French" little shop in the Antique Shop has this adorable watch made using a French "Pink" cool is this? Love it!

"Pinknique" Sheer Pink Stemware...$9.95 each...they are worth the investment for the PINK Lovers!

"Pinknique" Striped Pink vase at just $9.95

A lonesome "Pink" depression glass...sitting pretty in a quiche dish! Loved the shape of this glass.

I leave you with a final "Pinknique" view...a lovely Pink/White pitcher with three lovely Pink Depression glasses... The pitcher is really a "Pinknique" sweetie...

See you again next Saturday for another "Pinknique" Posting day!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Show and Tell item...and ~Sale-Sale-Sale Shopping Spree Combined!

Hi, "Combining" a Show & Tell item today, as well as am taking yon along on a Shopping Spree with me! Thanks goes out to Kelli @ Kelli's House for hosting Show and Tell Friday! Please be sure to stop on over at Kelli's place to see who else is playing today after you enjoy my share... You won't want to miss all the fun! This is my first time participating in Show and Tell Friday! Enjoy...
This is a gift hand made for me by my brother-in-law Barry. Barry has been on disability for years and decided to try to do something that wouldn't bother his health. He started making these lovely little keepsake boxes last year and I was fortunate enough to receive one as a Christmas gift. I'm going to use this box for old letters that my Grandma wrote me over the years. Now, come along with me on a really brief shopping spree! ;)
~SALE, SALE, SALE... I'm excited to invite you to go on a Shopping Spree today to Dahlonega, GA with me. Get your seat belts on, it's quite a winding road! ;) Dahlonega is a quaint little town in GA where my nephew is attending a Military College. This is my first trip here too! You'll be quite amazed at the great finds we're going to see today! Dahlonega's Antique Mall is across the street from a fabulous Italian Restaurant! Let's gooooo....
First on the shopping spree is a "Spectacular" Aynsley teacup. The price is $45... A bit more than I have ever spent on a teacup, but this one actually is causing me to rethink that. The color is rich and the violets on the inside are just awesome!
Next we see a Bone Dish in Purple/White ($28.50). I've never seen one like this before and it really is a rare find! For those of you that love purple and white...this one's for you! ;)
A'ha ~ A Lochs of Scotland coffee pot that matches a set of teacups (8) that I found in PA at a thrift store two years ago for only $15 for the entire set. The coffee pot is selling for $70 ~ you think it's too much money?
This was a "Have To Show You" section of the shop...It's like going back in time to France~ I loved it! Stop by my blog for Pink Saturday where you're going to see some featured pink items from this item is a watch found on the table in this section that was made using an antique french hankie.
This tea cup ($24.95) is most likely one of the most unusual cups I've ever seen. It's in Gold and Red...Very Royal looking!
I had to snap this pic, notice how the tulips are all "Tulip Teacups"? Just too cool... Drats, I have no wall space for the lil bout you?
For the Gardner lovers in the group...Another great section of the shop... Many neat bunnies, silk plants, and some extras! The mantel and mirror above are super...
I'm typically not a green fan...but, something about this just jumps out and says...BUY ME, BUY ME, BUY ME! Lil ole me is only $29.99...and I came all the way from Italy too... ;)
I love this little trio set...all in one! I'm calling it the "Be Happy Trio Dish"! Adorable...and whimsical~
Another Green item today... "What's goin on with me?" ;-) Very "Francais et Chic"...a A Park Hill Green Rooster Lamp ($65)...nested within a chic green feathered wreath (not sure if the feathered wreath is sold separately) I love seeing a wreath used for an affect other than to hang on a door or's so cute & green too~ ;)
Well.......thanks for enjoying the Shopping Spree with me today! If you're interested in any of the items, let me know...I can give you the phone number of the Antique Shop; I'm sure they would ship right to your door if you are interested in any of these items!
Till Pink Saturday Post....
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pineapple Symbolizes Welcome & Hospitality ~ Welcome to "Doors of Charleston"

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Please be sure to meander on over to "Susan" at A Southern Day Dreamer by clicking on the logo below once you review my tour of Historic Home doors in Charleston, SC.
This Pineapple Fountain resides on the Waterfront Park area in the Historic section of Charleston. The view of the fountain was absolutely stunning the day I snapped this pic.
The "Pineapple" symbolizes Welcome and Hospitality.
I think the first thing a Real Estate agent would tell you is to pay attention to "curb appeal" when preparing your home for sale. It's one of the first things that speak to a potential buyer, or to those coming to visit. Well, in Charleston, the door is the curb appeal, since there are few lawns in front of the homes...and appealing these doors are!

Come, take a stroll with me to just a small selection out of the hundreds I snapped on a recent visit. The "Pink" entryways are personally one of my'll see more than one on this tour.
This stained wood door at the top of the staircase lends me to imagine what it must have been like to attend a party there by candlelight in earlier days.
Taking Pink and adding lots of crisp White is near "Perfection" ~ throw in the green shrubs as bookends and a wonderful green fern on the porch...aha, it is "Perfection".
Another doorway that spoke to me as if it were a friend beckoning me in is where a garden way entrance led you to the front door. This definitely is the "Ultimate".
Another one that is just "rockin" is the wood style entry door that has a gold mail slot and green ivy on the brick wall that is on both sides.
Luscious green ivy combined with this door makes it breathtaking!
Another Cinderella entryway door is this one. The entryway porch was built with brick steps that led to the door on both sides. Another favorite~
The color on this door was like a Pink/Taupe color with more White, hmmm. The detailed side entry windows and the window above the doorway speak to me as if it's saying, "Please, come see the jewels the King just adorned me with". Lovely matching black wrought iron hand rails usher in each guest. This entryway door speaks subtle royalty to me.
Lending it's way to an European flair is this entryway door. I love the black and white, and the filigree in the half moon shape at the top of the door. Have I said this is my favorite yet? ;) Now you know why I took hundreds of door front pics!
Another beauty, all dressed up and anxiously awaiting her guests... This one is for those of you out there that love to decorate with bold colors, especially deep pinks! The design on the lower part of the entry way where the black wrought iron is located is more for decoration than practical purposes; just another way to emphasize how special this home is! I like to see this as "Very French", my interpretation of course. ;)
How does one compete in a place like Charleston, this home did a fantastic job of doing just that. Notice the staircase that swirls on the right hand side of the entryway...the black wrought iron fencing in the porch area...and the ivy growing on the entire front of the porch wall... Large urns with potted dwarf trees add just the right look, just as if they were matching earrings! The black bench located at the base of the porch silently says, "Come, sit a while...take a short rest, then come inside and dine with me...the best is yet to be!" ;)
A very "French Country" entryway area is this door. I love the matching black wrought iron lights, the blue door, the luscious ferns on each side; as if fanning you while your host welcomes you to stroll in.
More luscious greens with a metal gated door leading you to another location where the front door is located. Very lovely!
Chic & Pink! Another favorite, very European~I love the potted ivy on the top that is continually groomed to create the "Hat" affect~ Talk about "Prim and Proper"~
And for me, this one speaks "Tradition"...a lovely wood entryway with more of a traditional style, and just enough to make it very pretty, not too over the top~
Now, I would feel extremely welcomed in any of these homes, wouldn't you?
This inspires me to work more on my own entryway door area.
Don't forget to visit Susan at "A Southern Day Dreamer"
for more exciting Outdoor Wednesday shares!
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tablescape Tuesday with Functional Art Pottery ~ Table for One Please

Welcome to Tablescape Tuesday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Once you are done viewing my Tablescape, please make sure you stroll on over to Susan's to check out all the others~
Table for one please~ My Tablescape is Functional Art Pottery made by "Cesca", my husband's Aunt. We've been collecting for about 10 years now, and this is just a very small selection of items she's custom designed and they are all interchangeable, as you'll see.
First, the dinner plate, all of these pieces are either thrown on a potters wheel, or are hand created. The colors of each design are made to mix and match with the different patterns she creates. My favorite, the Rose centered dishes. This is the place setting with the dinner plate only.
Combined with the remaining unique pieces she's created, (all but the tulip glass candle filled with black beans and a votive candle) you can see she has a tremendous eye for thinking out of the box. To the right you'll see a long leaf platter for appetizers to munch on prior to dinner. To the left is the bread plate, even the drinking glass above the knife matches this arrangement. Other items will be showcased below. Salad is served...
Then comes my sister, Becky's, Matzo Ball Soup. It was fabulous, as always! This larger Rose designed soup bowl has a different color rim that matches the salad bowl used in the pic above.
For dinner, Lemon Pepper Pork Chops with Stir fried String Green Beans and Vidalia Onions.
For Dessert, New York Style Cheesecake with fresh fruit. Note, the dessert dish was used for the bread plate. When having dinner for one, using some of the dishes for two purposes helps in keeping the amount of dishes to wash down to a minimum. Hmm...yummy~
A nice close up of the tulip glass bowl, only $3 at a local Antique shop near me.
It's the only glass piece I've added with the place setting, but I really think it adds texture with the dried black beans and candle for soft lighting.
Drinking glass...created in same pattern that matches the casserole dishes and salad dressing pitcher.
Salad Bowl and Soup Bowl are different sizes, but same pattern.
This is such a cool piece! I use it for green and black olives, as you can see...the black ones are all gone, (our favorite)!
A close up of the dish that I used for both the bread plate and the dessert. I use it often as a butter dish, a cheese log dish, and even as a base for a pillar candle. Functional art is just that, functional for decorating with and practical for using in the kitchen! Love it!
This pitcher (one of many that I have of her designs) is about 5 inches tall, and as you can see has leaf like impressions on them. These are some of her very unique pieces that I can never walk away from.
Low casserole, for veggies. She always makes sure the design on the lid matches the base.
Larger casserole dish that I served 10 pork chops in, has larger leaves on it. Also, note how the leaves match up with lid and base.
Even if dining for one, we should still be able to relax and treat ourselves as special by using our favorite things! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to stop by Susan's~