Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sale, Sale, Sale...Now I've GOTCHA!

Sale, Sale, Sale is kind of a joke between me and my sister Becky. We were at a craft show in Atlanta a few years back and afterwards we were driving by a store front and I seen the sign in the window that said "Sale". I screamed out enthusiastically, Sale...Sale...Sale, she's teased me ever since!

So, you'll have to forgive me, SALE, SALE, SALE! When Susan from Between Naps On The Porch shared her trip to the Classy Flea a few weeks back, I was enthralled and loved every minute of the window shopping spree! I thought maybe you'd enjoy mine from last Saturday from a little Antique Station in Hoschton, GA.
I started off by taking this picture, because this is the same set of dishes my mother had from early on in her marriage. I've fell in love with the design and have started to pick up a few here and there when I find them in the price range I want to pay. These are sold by piece only. I love em!
Next we have this adorable Shabby Chic Antique cradle. The shop owner said how beautiful this would look with Red Geraniums in it out on someones porch. Wow...I could see that, cool idea, thanks Shop Owner! ;) This was in the price range of $80-$90
This little demitasse cup was sold separately, but actually had a pair available. Very reasonably priced I believe for $9.95 ea.
This little precious vintage sugar/creamer with roses are selling for only $15.95 for the pair.
SALE, SALE, SALE - Now, this I could have went for, the entire set for under $35.00! You have to click on this pic to enlarge to really appreciate the beauty of it! It may be over the top for many, but for anyone loving the Romantic and Victorian look, it's right up your alley!
These were Vintage Funky to me...and very whimsical. I thought they were very cute! Oddly enough, the prices on these are quite high per piece. $20 & $30 for some of them. I don't know that much about the value or prices of something like this..., so it may be right for the item. The lids (flowers on the top) are a type of painted metal.
SALE, SALE, SALE - Ahhh....for those purple lovers out there! Again, enlarge this pic...this set of 12 purple glasses are quite rare I guess, they are selling for $120...but are on sale for 20% off. They are gorgeous, that's for sure! Kathleen... ;)
SALE, SALE, SALE - This little demitasse cup came as a set of 4 for only $9.95, made in Germany. It was all I could do to restrain myself from grabbing them. The store is 10 minutes from me, it's still possible that by the time you read this that they could be in my very own Tea Castle here. They are so adorable!
SALE, SALE, SALE - And last, but certainly not least, this was another item I nearly purchased. The set of two dinner plates, two luncheon plates, and two matching mugs were retailed at $9.95 with 20% off. So, for under $8 I could have a nice Bistro luncheon set. I kept myself composed and somehow felt a sense of satisfaction just snapping the pics instead of spending the do-re-me. =) Well, there you have it! A few of the items that caught my eye at the Antique Station in Hoschton! Enjoy... ~CC


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I have one of these plates, normally hangs on my wall. My mom had picked it up before she passed on and had given it to me, because it reminded her of me. Isn't that sweet? Fun outing!

prof en retraite said...

Noooo!!! You were not in Hoschton! You were right up the road from me!!! I've been to that place a thousand times! And you were in Dijon, too? I went to the university there one semester. You need to email me... so we can figure out how to get together!...Debbie

Wendy said...

You listed several things that I would love to have. Why can't we have antique shops like that where I live. The ones we have are mostly crafts or things from the 70's. I would love to have a good antique/flea market in my area.

My mom and I have a running joke between us also. We were driving past a little shop one day and there was a line of people standing outside. She was so excited and told me she would turn around and for me to go get in line while she parked the car. We had no idea what kind of store it was, or what the people were standing in line for. But if they had a line, it must be good stuff.
I have teased her ever since. To this day we still do not know what the shop sells.

marty39 said...

What a fun shopping trip. I just knew Debbie would love them all. You two really do need to get together, you will love her, she's such a doll and so much fun.

mbkatc230 said...

Sale - definitely got my attention. I refuse to pay retail lol. You'd better hurry and grab those black and white demitasse cups before I do! Thanks for the shopping trip, Kathy

Miss Janice said...

Oh, I want those dishes in the first photo--how beautiful they would be in my home! Thanks for the tour:-)

The Cottage In The Curve said...

I would have had a hard time passing up the cream/sugar set.

There's nothing like a good sale.

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi there,
I was talking of the plate with the lady and man, they are very pretty. A table set with them would be beautiful!

~CC Catherine said...

Valerie, interesting story behind that plate you like. Some patterns reflect a musician to the left of the woman, but not all designs. Someone told me that and I really liked the fact of finding the ones with the musician, this one has him! Debbie, I emailed you..let's do coffee soon! Wendy, the shop owner said if I found potential buyers that he'd ship. Let me know if you want the phone number to his shop! MBKATC230, hey, if you want them, go for it! He'll ship to you and everything! You'd probably get them for under $15 or so...but you'd probably want him to insure the pkg, which could bring it up to $18 or something. Let me know and I'll get you his number. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm over my SALE SALE SALE post... I somehow knew it would get your attention fellow SALE lovers! ~CC

carolinajewel said...

Love all those sale goodies! I think I would have had to have bought the over the top Victorian dresser set!!!!

Dixie's Whimsey said...

What a great post... I love looking at what others see on their shopping trips.. I think it gives you tons of inspiration without having to buy! So, did you buy anything... or just window shop? I love the teacups.. especially the black and white... yes, I think great minds do thing alike. I'm posting tonight what I actually bought... a couple of surprizes.. but I'm still going back in a couple of weeks!

hugs... Dixie

~CC Catherine said...

Dixie, I was "in control", got out of the shop with a $3.50 purchase, two books! ;) The way I love to shop so frequently, there would never be enough room in my home to put everything if I bought it..and secondly, I'm workin on paying my second car off. I'm on the Dave Ramsay method of getting out of debt. Antiquing and Consignment shopping really digs into that, drats! =) So, I think me and my camera are going to love window shopping for awhile! And I'm totally cool with that, it was much fun! ~CC

CIELO said...

I would buy the lovely purple glasses are silver tray without a thought... so gorgeous! Hopeful Friday is up now... thanks for reminding me. ;)



Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Catherine...Loved the tour-felt like I was shopping with you!! I could have happily snapped up almost everything you showed! I will say my favorite is the set of black and white demitasse cups, they are worth going back for!!


jeanne said...

Hi CC, I enjoyed your shopping trip so much. You have a good eye for wonderful vintage things. It is all good. Did you buy those demitasse cups? smile.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Okay, I wasn't sure how deep my plate was still packed away, but I did find it and it does have the guy playing the flute, Sheffield. A table set with these would just wonderful. Could not put it in the dishwasher though, 22 KT gold. I, of course, am going to keep mine on the wall! Ha.

Cynthia said...

Hi CC,
I loved the shopping post! I think my favorite is the set of china your mom had! There are some (few) good antique shops around here but the china is much higher priced! I think I need to head south. Seems like everyone lives in Georgia! One of my best friends of all time, lives in Duluth,GA so a good reason to go again. Cindy

LdyDy Loves Cake said... fun it was to go shopping! That vanity tray should be in my house!!!Te he...also thanks for your get well wishes and for stopping by. Byeee!

Carrie said...

What fun to go along on your virtual shopping trip!