Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas brought great gifts under the Tree...

Celebrating "CATE"

"Th`eodore Haviland, Limoge France Teacup"
For Christmas 2008, our daughter, Tyler & Cate's Mommy~Kim, gave me this lovely Limoge Cup. In honor of Cate's birth on 12/18/08, I'm naming her "Cate". It seems fitting since Cate is my namesake, "Catherine Elizabeth". This cup will always remind me of little Cate; delicate, beautiful, and fragile! One of Cate's Christmas gifts from me was a miniature Royal Albert Tea Cup and Saucer. It is adorable, and looks as if she could sip from it, even at 8lbs. 11oz. I look forward to the day when Cate, Tyler, and Mimi can have tea together every time they come to my house. Lady Katherine gave me the idea that when she marrys, I can give this to her at her bridal shower...won't that make this such a special gift? Thanks for the idea Lady K!



Lady Katherine said...

How sweet the children are under the tree. I love the story of the tea cup, make sure to print your Cate tea cup to save for Cate. I have one granddaughter named after me, but with just the initial K. for her middle name.

~CC Catherine said...

I will certainly save this cup for Cate! Your suggestion planted the seed that I'll present it to her on her wedding shower., a long way off hopefully! 8=) She's only three weeks old! 8=) Thanks Lady K~

~CC Catherine