Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy...Cuppa!

" Royal Crown Pottery, Fine Bone China, England "Frontham" #11"
This delicate and simple powder pink puff of a tea cup was the first one presented to me from my sister Becky, among the now maybe "five cups" she's given me over the years. She still remains one of my favorites~my "PINK BECKY" of course! Hey, if there can be a PINK FLOYD, I can have a PINK BECKY! teahehe!
My sister and I get to spend much more time together since I moved to GA, we're only 45 minutes apart! She's the baby out of six of us, I'm five years her senior; but somehow she's always taken care of me like I'm the baby....... Hmmm, what's up with that? For real, she's the best Sissy anyone could want!
PINK BECKY and I probably have shared a cuppa together more often than anyone else, except it's typically an evening cup instead of an afternoon cup. Regardless, we always enjoy it!

"Te'a Mutt"
"Royal Grafton Fine Bone China Cup, Made in England, #844/5"
Royal Albert Bone China Saucer, England
"Tootie Fruitie" (the cup) was a gift to myself one day while shopping at a consignment store, my favorite place to shop? Emma's Attic here in GA, of course! This find came from the state of PA however at another consignment shop. I remember she was only $3, since she had no matching saucer. My mother gave me a 50th Anniverary cup that belonged to a distant cousin who passed away, so I decided to borrow her saucer to give Tootie Fruitie some stability! You know, to give her that sense of security if tea should slip from her lip~
Who would ever guess these two aren't a match? Lovem, Lovem, Lovem...
"Duchess Fine Bone China, Made in England"
"Royale Becky",'s another one of my blessings from sister Becky! I'm not sure where she falls in the lineage of gifts..but, isn't she a beauty? I adore tea cups that have fruit, and this one reminds me of the pink version of Yvonne on one of my other postings.
"Royale Becky" is a constant pick of mine when I grab one of my beauties... I think sometimes the other cups get a bit "teaved" when she's the lucky one to join me for tea some days! But, that's what makes a tea collection fun, it's like I'm still that little girl with the tea set that my girlfriend gave me when I was 10 years old. But now, instead of 4 teency weency cups that I pretend with, I have 100 + cups that I play for real with, and my friends are no longer make believe! Now that's progress! wink, wink!
"Te`a Mutt"
"Princess House Exclusive, Hammersley Fine Bone China Cup, Made in England"
"Andrea by Sadek Saucer"
Glory, Glory, Glory... "Glory" is this cups name, because I simply have a lapse in memory from where I picked her up. She's a Te`a Mutt, so I know I'm the one who gifted myself with her. So, "Glory" seemed to be a fitting name, don't you agree?
The saucer actually belongs to a sweet "teapot/cup in one set" that my girlfriend Kathleen gave me a few years back. The saucer looked so great with this lonesome cup that I gave it a new home. The really cool thing is that when I have a large party, I mix the matching cup to this saucer with another Te`a Mutt saucer and it's another mismatched beauty!
"Temple Collection, LENOX, Citation Platinum", Made in USA"
I may be in deep "Tea Tea" here...but I "think" this cup was a gift from my daughter Kimberly. My friend Kathleen asked me how I could remember so many details about all my cups., the interesting thing is that many of the cups I have vivid details of and some for an unknown reason I'm blank on. "Miss USA" ~ I thought that would be a fitting name for her, since she is my only true tea cup in the collection that is made in the USA.
She's elegant, slender, sleek, and wears platinum. It appears she's definitely done some competition in her day! Notice how modern she looks too! I'd say one of my tea partners in her 20's would go for Miss USA, don't you agree?
Ciao for Now...

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