Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"Philippe Deshoulieres, Limoges France" is inscribed on the bottom of the cup.
One of my favorites in my collection is "Frenchy". I call her Frenchy because I found her in a French shop in Dijon France in August of 2000 while vacationing there. The cup is fine white glazed porcelain with an embossed floral and leaf design.
I tend to be partial to her when selecting a cup to enjoy a shared tea with, maybe I select her because she reminds me of the fabulous time I had while in France. I still remember my daughter and I lying on the grass beneath the Eiffel Tower gazing up in awe...it all seemed like a dream. "Frenchy" reminds me that it was the real deal! Now, I bring a bit of France back into my day when I have tea with her!
Windsor Bone China - Made in England, 400.M/68 is inscribed on the bottom of the cup.
This Fruit motive cup was a gift given to me from my Mother-in-law, it had belonged to my husband's Grandmother Frances, her mother.
I really cherish this cup, because of the sentimental value. I have no idea as to whether this was a part of a set, or whether it was a gift to her at one time from a friend. Regardless if she ever used it or not, I'm thankful that she now calls my home her home. "Frances" as she's now called is a lovely addition to my collection because she has such depth in color and style. She appears very royal with her deep burgundy palette and gold trim.
"Moonlight Rose" is a Royal Albert Bone China Cup.
She hails from London, as that's where I was visiting in May of 1999. I had earned a trip for four and accompanying me were my husband John, mother Myra, and sister Becky.
My sister knew I loved collecting tea cups and was always bringing one home from every country I visited, so she decided she'd buy my cup in honor of London. So, together in the Royal Albert store in London, I picked this one out. The cups name? Becky, of course!
I decided I loved the cup so much that if she were buying me one, I'd buy my daughter one just like it then as a souvenir. My daughter also has begun her own tea cup collection, "Et la tradition se poursuit". Translated in French, that means: "and the tradition continues".
Aynsley, Bone China England, Reg'd No. 765788 - #5190/6
This cup has a unique story behind it. It reminded me of a stunning cup that was to be the first tea cup that I gave my friend Kathleen for her tea cup collection. I searched and searched for a specific cup, because her favorite color is purple. The cup I purchased for her was found in an antique store and I think I payed more for that cup than any that I've ever paid for, but it was well worth it. Her cup, very much like this one, had tiny little deep purple like thistle blooms.
Well, this cup has a yellow tint to the cup, versus hers being white, but I still fell in love with it when I found it on Ebay. Yes, I said Ebay! It was the "first" and "last" purchase I ever made there. I must say, the price was virtually less than half of what I paid for my friends cup, but what the "tea"...it was the experience of the search and find that I enjoyed the most. Now when I have a cup of tea with "Eb`a", I get a little chuckle!

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