Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"Botanic Australis, Illustrated by Philippa Nikulinsky, Porcelain by Australian Fine China"
"Aussie", as I call her, came home with me from one of my journey's to Australia. Truly one of my favorite countries I've been blessed to experience, it took me forever to find a porcelain cup in Australia. I thought I would have to settle for Ironstone, as I did in New Zealand.
Lo and behold, I visited the Botanical Garden in Sydney the day before we were to return home. And there she was, sitting on the gift shop shelf staring at me. My Mother-in-law was with me during the find, and it was a great feat finding this little "Aussie" gal so many thousand miles away. She's one of my more conservative cups I'd say...she is gorgeous, neat, and the markings are delicate and only bordering the outside top of the cup. She's elegant and I love her!
"Royal Vale, Made in England Bone China, #1999 Inscribed on bottom of cup"

This cup has an interesting history. The pretty green floral saucer she sits on is a thrift store find for a dime by Nikko. I can never resist these orphan cups and saucers that I see from time to time, so I mix and match them to create new interest amongst the brood. I guess some might say this one is a Te`a Mutt.
The cup was also purchased as a "stand alone" and thus, we now have this gorgeous pair together. The cup has a unique flower that I believe is a Columbine flower, one of my favorites. They reseed very easily and can populate a garden year after year with new babies. That's the flower I'm referring to, not Te`a Mutt!
"Tree of Kashmir" By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen China Potters, Paragon Fine Bone China, England Reg'd.
This cup was, I believe, my first cup given as a gift from my girlfriend Kathleen! One good cup deserves another, right? I love this cup...and of course, her name is Kathleen!
The interesting story behind this cup is that one day while living in Harrisburg, NC, my neighbor at the time was having a yard sale. She had two 10" plates for sale that matched this cup exactly, same manufacturer, etc... Perfect for a tea for two, but wait a minute, I only have one cup! So, now I'm on the look out for a cup just like this one! If you find it for me, please let me know... 8=) I'll invite you for tea if you locate one for me to purchase!
"Royal Albert Bone China England"
This is Polly! Have you ever heard of the largest Yard Sale in the country? Well, my good friend Polly, my daughter's Mother-in-law, knew I collected tea cups and she brought her home to me as a gift in 2007.
This cup is so mysterious, not only does it have unique pink and purple shades on the roses, but the cup itself is the most interesting shaped cup I have in all the cups I own. The cup shape appears to almost look like a flower blooming when you look at it from the bottom up. Inside the cup you'll notice a single purple rose in full bloom. You can also see fine ridged lines all around the middle to the top of the cup on the outside.
" Aynsley, Fine Bone China & Made in England"
This was my first Aynsley cup to enter my collection. Her name is "Yvonne" and she was given to me by a lovely friend with raven black hair that originally was born in Wales named Yvonne, of course. She moved to England at one point in her young life and eventually made it to the states with her husband and children.
We met at a church in Charlotte, NC and we spent many times together throughout the years we lived there enjoying tea, scones, and more importantly, a wonderful friendship. We once visited a lovely tea house together in Matthews, NC., what lovely memories this tea cup evokes!


Kathleen Ellis said...

I Love being first!!! Is there a prize?!!! ;-)
What a great idea, my friend! I don't know how in the world you remember all those details about each cup....it is a gift!
I so enjoyed this littel trip to teacup land...I had to go and look at the cup and saucer you brought back for me from Australia...remember that one? of course you do! It, too, is porcelain with the pink viney "Cooktown Orchid" painted on it. It's taller than a traditional teacup and it is among my favorites....many of which I've received from you my dear! I ALWAYS LOVE receiving or finding a beautiful teacup....like a miniature piece of artwork! I've recently inherited a small collection from a very dear friend, they were her mothers. She passed away quite some time ago at 90 something! They are beautiful!

Lya Sorano said...

Beautiful! And my "prize" is that I get to see some of these cups, and sip tea from one or another of them every other month or so. See you tomorrow, Catherine!

~CC said...

I'm honored that two of my favorite Tea Buds posted a comment first on my newest Blog. Thanks so much, and keep on the watch for the other 90 cups soon to be posted and chatted up about. Till Tea Time... ~Catherine

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Wow. what an amazing teacup collection. They are all so pretty. You have a good eye for finding saucers for the little orphan cups...they go together so well! :-) Susan