Tuesday, December 9, 2008

© The Beauty Within Is Not Always Complete Until We Meet The Perfect Partner....

Aynsley - England Bone China #C493/7
Meet "Kimberly", my Mother's Day cup of a few years back, given to me by my precious daughter Kim. She went on a mission to find me a cup to match the pastel pink scenic saucer I had found all alone at a consignment shop.
The inspector Gadget that she is, she wrote all the details from the bottom of the saucer and began her search, but instead of finding a pink cup in this pattern, she found this lovely light buttery yellow set. I absolutely adore the scenery, it reminds me of the day I was at the Middleton Plantation with my husband when we traveled to the Charleston area a few summers ago.
This cup spent a fair summer day in my Mother's Iris Garden during an afternoon garden party that we had under the apple trees, while shading ourselves from the intense garden. This cup actually made it big on my other Blog, "Stay In The Day"., and became a featured photo at the bottom of the blog. After our garden party, I went photocrazed and spent hours just photographing this cup, my silver tea pot, and the hundreds of irises as the backdrop!
"Te`a Mutt"
"Sadler, Wellington Fine Bone China ` Made in England"
"Janet" arrived at my door step from a friend I've had for over 23 years. Janet is a friend that God selected for me, and I learned many endearing things about friendship from this wonderful lady.
Janet bought me this cup one year prior to my move to the South in 1999. At the time I lived in PA, and we met while attending a local church together. Janet became an adoptive aunt to my children, and we spent many times together during our 17 years in that area.
I miss my Janet...but am often reminded of her when I use this cup! Unfortunately during our move to GA, the original saucer broke in transition. Fortunately for me, my love for collecting lonely saucers here and there came in handy, as this one is so close that you can hardly tell it's not a perfect match!

"Mlle n° Nom" translation in French: "Miss No Name"
This cup and saucer is one of my favorite stories to tell. I lived in Mechanicsburg, PA at the time I located the cup at a local yard sale. Once again, the lonely soul made her way into my heart. She is the color of butter yellow and white lustre.

"Mlle no Nom" does not have any markings on the bottom of the cup, that's how she got her name. About two months after I added her to my collection, I visited another yard sale and noticed what I thought looked very similar to the cup I'd purchased only miles away from someone else. How can you go wrong when the saucer is only 10 cents? So, I made my large purchase and anxiously awaited for the two to meet.

Sliding into the drive way, I raced into the house to grab Mlle no Nom., and sure enough, she met her mate! A perfect match that they are., and she is often selected as a favorite from my
Tea guests.

"Te`a Mutt"

"Cup ~ Bavaria Germany"
This cup appears to be hand painted porcelain and I found it in an antique shop in Martinsburg, VA as a single gal! "Tomi", as I call her, was perched in a vendors booth with all the vintage items I love rummaging through. Simply this...she begged me to take her home. I took the bait, payed the unbelievably super price of $3 for her and here she is now, a Southern Gal!

Her saucer is the Aynsley England Bone China pretty pastel pink scenic saucer that inspired my Mother's Day cup, Kimberly, above. Doesn't she look great matched with Tomi? Yes, I guess you would say she's another one of my Tea Mutt's. A pretty one at that too...just love her, don't you?

"Hammersley & Co. Bone China ` Made in England "
"Rebecca", named after my sister that gave her to me years ago, is so delicate and is what I believe to be a flower that....hmmm, can't recall! This flower blooms in May in the north, I'll do her justice by locating the exact name and updating later.

I love the fancy handle she struts, isn't it cool? I know she is a Georgia Peach gal because that's where my sister purchased her. This set always makes me feel like Spring...even on a Wintery cold day, Brrrrrr....

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