Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Guest -

Welcome to Catherine de th`e Cups!

Allow me to introduce you to one of my most precious treasures, "Patricia"
"Rose Cameo Pink" is a Royal Albert Bone China Cup"

I received this "treasure" as a gift when hosting a "Get Acquainted Tea" in the neighborhood I had just moved into when I moved to GA. The lady that gave her to me is Patricia, so that's what I named her! I began a little system many years back that when a friend would give me a tea cup as a gift, the cup then became named in honor of the giver.
"Patricia" has quickly become many of my guests favorite cup to select from, especially the young guests. Who can resist that pink?
What I love about hosting "Get Acquainted Teas" are that once the first introductions are made, the tea and homemade scones and curds are served... friendships have been birthed. This past year, since I held the initial tea, I've met on a monthly basis with "Lya", and have met others at random when time has allowed. Patricia actually invited me out for lunch one day after the Get Acquainted Tea and we had a lovely relaxing chat while we enjoyed our lunch and dessert. I never invite all the same age people to my GAT's, actually...Patricia is probably 20+ years my senior, but what a rich woman I am to have such a vast array of new acquaintances.
I never want to have the mindset that my friendships necessarily have to be hand picked by me. I find the best ones are like my tea cups; pleasant surprises that God hand selects! Patricia is one of the hand selected friends in my life that I enjoy very much! And as long as I have this precious "Rose Cameo Pink" in my collection, Patricia will forever be with me, pretty and PINK!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Beautiful teacup! I can see why you treasure it!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

I just had to take apeak at your tea cup collection- this is part of the Royal Albert Collectible Tea series that I sell at my store.
These are beautiful!