Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tea Cups Have A Way Of Creating Instant Replays Of Great Memories!

Lefton Fine Bone China, Made in England
May I introduce "Nori" to you? I actually had the pleasure of having tea today with my friend Lya and I chose "Nori" as my favorite cup to use. Lya selected "Frenchy", the special all white embossed tea cup that you will locate on an earlier posting. She fell in love with "Frenchy" as soon as she saw her in the posting.
Nori Chesney is a dear friend of mine, and also a World Traveling Evangelist! I had the privilege of getting to know her and becoming a dear friend of hers in 1999 when we moved to the Charlotte, NC area. Nori is once again living in the UK and working full time as an Evangelist with her husband Dan.
Nori surprised me with this lovely "debutante" for a special occasion. As you can see, she is quite the beauty! Even though I don't get to chat with Nori often, we still keep in touch when she comes to the states and she keeps me posted with emails and DCM Ministries Newsletters. It was grand to enjoy tea today with both "Nori" and Lya! Ciao~
Crown Victorian Fine Bone China, Staffordshire England
As you'll soon learn, I have quite a few cups either named Rebecca, Becky, or a variety there of. Such as "Becky Sue" here. That's because my baby sister blesses me often with a new cup for my collection.
This cup has a unique shape, you can't really notice with this one because of the angle I've taken the photo from. But, isn't this a great view when you've sipped the very last drop of tea from the cup? This cup is all about "Forget Me Not" flowers. Forget Me Nots remind me of my dear friend Val in Carlisle, PA. Val and I used to have monthly tea. Before I moved to the south, we talked about Forget Me Not flowers and how much we both loved them. She and I both shared the love of gardening too.
Val & I have lost touch the past few years and writing this posting has helped me to make up my mind that we need to reconnect. Tea cups can do that you know? They have a way of replaying favorite times spent with dear friends and family. Do you need to rekindle an old friendship too?
Hudson Middleton, Lady Diana Fine Bone China, Made in England
Have you ever noticed how a gift given by a friend that knows you well can be exactly the gift you would have purchased yourself? If I had my way, I'd have Kathleen buy all my gifts... "hint, hint". "Kathleen" is another cup of royalty that was given as a gift many years past.
I've loved her from the moment I opened the box, and I love her each and every time she passes my eye. I'm so fortunate to have her in my collection. She is a loyal friend that continually makes me feel that I'm having tea with Queen Elizabeth when I sip from her rim. My dear friend Kathleen is also someone I'm fortunate to have in my collection of friends. My cup of life is so full; I am content. Ahhhh....
Royal Court Fine Bone China Cup, Made in England
Clare Bone China Saucer, Made in England
Amidst my "Te`a Mutts" is "Missy", short for another Misfit set. I purchased the saucer at a consignment shop on a $1 table, I'm still trying to locate a cup to match this beauty. It's like a pink thistle wispy and delicate. The cup, another stand alone Model, lonely with a bit of blue. Put them together, and you have Missy!
Missy is so elegant that when I point out to anyone selecting her that the two are not actually a set, they are amazed. I love it when two gorgeous pieces create such beauty! You must start shopping for the stand alones and not be intimidated to start matching your own beauties.
It's really very rewarding!
Crown Victorian Fine Bone China, Staffordshire England
Nearly a "twin" this one is; it matches "Becky Sue" above. My sister actually gave me this cup before she gave me the other. She wanted me to have a pair for when my tea partner and I want a matching set. They each came with a dessert dish as well. This cup is "Sissy", because that's what my sister Becky and I call one another at times.
Forget Me Not...

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