Thursday, September 9, 2010

Primrose Lane ~ A Sweet Vintage Haven both Inside & Out!

In a little piece of Heaven on Earth, you'll find Primrose Lane. She's a little Vintage Boutique in Franklin, NC. June is the owner of the boutique, and she's just as sweet as the shoppe's name!
I fell in love with this little Haven and just had to snap pics with June's approval to share with all my friends in Blogland. I have nothing to gain from sharing June's information, with the exception of a sense of hope that we will all keep her in business by visiting her if you're in the Franklin, NC area. I want her to never fade away, nor the boutique! ;)
Here you will find precious ornament chandeliers & floral umbrellas hanging from the lattice suspended from the ceiling... Parisian items for all us Francois lovers, chic hats for all occasions, shawls, teacups, and on an on and on! To the right of her entryway of the boutique you'll see a Bistro Tablescape all set up, as if to invite you in to sit and stay awhile! Tea anyone? ;)
The photo of the home outside is one taken nearby Primrose Lane that I couldn't resist sharing, somehow it made it's way into this post! ;)

And for the finale in the Primrose Lane post, you can finish the visit off in the nearby Coffee Haus & Pub if you've overspent your budget when you visit her in Franklin! ;) On the opposite side of this Coffee Haus is a great big Antique Barn that we enjoyed and it was "BIG"! ;)
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Hope you've enjoyed your visit at Primrose Lane today! Give June a call if you've seen something you can't live without! I'm sure she'd be happy to ship something to your door, for sure! ;)
You can also email her at to let her know how much you enjoyed learning about her boutique in this post if you like! I'm sure she'd appreciate the hello and feedback on the items featured in this post.
~CC Catherine