Monday, January 5, 2009

A Collection Isn't Always Planned, Sometimes They Just Happen...

A birthday gift to me of Blue & White Spode spawned a love for "Italian" Spode China
My husband and I had already fell in love with cobalt blue glassware and my son's fiancee knew this. She was working at a location where there was a tea set for four of the Spode design called "Italian", and it was in Blue & White. She and my son not only got me the tea set for four, they also got me the creamer, sugar, and a Dessert serving platter that you see under this Spode Teapot.
The Teapot became my Christmas Gift for 2007, and it was a lovely addition to what was now my new collection. Throughout the years since my first Spode items fell into my possession, I have now acquired some new family members. My daughter blessed me with a covered serving dish, it's gorgeous!
So...when you least suspect it, you TOO could be caught off guard by receiving a gift that could very well start you off on your own new collection~ Whether Blue & White Spode, or Te`a Mutts, like the ones you'll find on this blog... I'm sure your collections will bring you much enjoyment as mine have given me.
Until later, Catherine......enjoying a Cuppa~


CIELO said...

Gorgeous.... and I love the chandelier on your blog banner as well.... have a lovely day, CC!


Lady Katherine said...

Its just beautiful!Love the tea set on side bar too.