Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards I've been blessed to be bestowed upon...

A Gracious Thanks to all those who've shared awards with me!

Tablescaper Award from Debbie at "Confessions of a Plate Addict"

Thanks Kathy from "Mimi's Garden"
Sisterhood Award from Heidi at "Bargain Hunting In The Corn"

Bubblin Over Award from Claudie with "Bubblin Over"

Marie Antoinette from Susan from "A Southern Daydreamer"
& from Lady Katherine from "Lady Katherine Tea Parlor"
Butterfly Award from Lisa at "Simple Blessings"
Friendship Award from Linda C. at "Seasons of Life"

The Thinker Award from Marty 39 at "A Sroll Thru Life"
and from Sheila at "Notesongs"
Thanks again!
~CC Catherine


Blondie's Journal said...

Congratulations Catherine!

You are truly deserving of each & every award you have received! I'm happy to see that all of your fabulous blogging is being rewarded! :-)


prof en retraite said...

Hello there Miss CC!! Congrats on all of your awards! You are so deserving! I am battening down the hatches for the major rain that is supposedly coming! Hope you are having a great week...hugs...Debbie

xinex said...

Congrats, CC! You deserve all those awards!..Christine