Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd Fellow Blues on a Monday! :)

Drop by Sally's to see all the other lovely BLUES today!

Let's start out with this cutie pie of a PIC!'s not BLUE - but it's too cute to not share it with you! This is my precious little Allie (Grandbaby Girl Yorkie) that was hiding her head under the chair. She's so embarrassed when she wears her pamper! :)
Now this one, you have to THINK of BLUE when you see these precious shells! :)
This is one of my Mother's favorite Pink Dahlia's in her garden! Is it not gorgeous with the BLUE SKY backdrop? That fills my PINK cup too! :)
This is the beautiful ceiling of a B&B that I stayed at in Memphis, TN last spring. We dined in the evening and it was tremendously romantic.
My favorite tea party amongst the clouds and blue sky earlier this past spring!
A Whimsical Tea Set always looks great with a BLUE SKY Backdrop... God truly is the ULTIMATE artist!

Have a great Day!
~CC Catherine


SmilingSally said...

That ceiling is too much for me! Thanks for sharing your blue. Happy Blue Monday.

xinex said...

Beautiful skies,Catherine, and the yorkie is so cute!...Christine

Anonymous said...

Ok CC for the record... that was a belly button piercing. I had it for a year, have to take it out. It kept catching on everything including Randy LOL
Second... Poor little pouch. Did you not know, I'm sure I told you that I sell FANCY PANTS for little boy dogs and little girl dogs that have those "moments". I do an they are way cute!
I love the cieling and your mom's fav flower. I have yellow ones growing in my garden.
Love you Bunches
Love Claudie

Karen said...

Girl, you are very clever with all of you "blue" themed pictures.
And I agree, the doggie pamper rear end is just too cute not to share!
I have to share, I treated myself to a new teacup and saucer while on vacation. Gt it home and it DOESN"T FIT in my teacup shelf! Imagine that! The saucer is just a little too tall. It is so pretty - I'll just have to find it another special spot. Don't know where - this house is beginning to really fill up!!! (Don't tell Mark!)
Had a ball on vacation - but am very glad to be home again. The old phrase "there's no place like home" is so true.
big hugs! :) Karen

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi CC!!

I have missed you!! Love your little granddoggie and her pampers!! Doesn't seem to want to be seen in the diaper! lol!!

Beautiful dahlia. Must be the Dinner Plate variety.


Mary said...

I love the blues you selected to share with us today, almost as much as I loved your yorkie.

marty39 said...

CC I love your blues and the pamper is just too cute. Great pictures. Love them. Hugs, Marty

The French Bear said...

Wow, what a ceiling!!! I like the diaper shot too!!! Hehe he ...... so cute!
I am having a giveaway, don't forget to stop by, I put your name in already in case you were busy!!!! But go ahead and enter again!!!!
Margaret B

jeanne said...

Hi CC, I love the Dahlia and blue sky. The ceiling in blue is gorgeous as well. Love the doggy too.


claudie said...

What about my Fancy pants girlfriend???
Come back and look at the pics again. I added some inside shots, since I haven't shown the inside as of yet.
It's there for your viewing. Are you coming for a visit now????
Love You
Love Claudie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

CC, I am laughing at that precious dog's embarassment! That is just the cutest thing. Your blue sky pictures are beautiful. What a beautiful ceiling that is. Hope you and your family are doing well. laurie

ButterYum said...

Lovely blues... that ceiling is fantastic!