Thursday, June 24, 2010

At 18 months, It's still important to learn the Basics of Tea Time~

Catie is my namesake, and she's my 18 month granddaughter!
I had to show you these pics as she explored my world of Tea Time ~ and I shared just a couple
tips with her along the way.
1. Always sit with good posture ~ She gets an "A"
2. Never put your arm on the table ~ She's gotta work on that one. :)
3. Always be sure to inspect the cleanliness of the silverware when no one is watching - just kidding...
Then on to the real fun, the Tea Pot & tray ~ What is that lid for she thinks...

Hmm...Any tea inside?
Nope ~ They drank it dry
Well enough of having "no tea" ~ I'm trying on Mimi's shoes she says...
And before I knew it, she was tired and needed a bit of afternoon shut eye ~ But as all angels do, she needed to work on her lil angel wings awhile before she could shut her eyes.

I hope you enjoyed Catie's little Tea Time excursion today!

We are anxiously awaiting her little cousin that is due any hour...his name is Jonathan David. He will be her first baby cousin on our side of the family and my third grandchild and second grandson.

We are excited!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely hot summer!

Blessings to all of my friends I adore in Blogland!

~CC Catherine


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi CC,
I was so happy to see your note! What a beautiful granddaughter you have! She is so angelic and perfect looking! What a beauty, just like her grandma. Guess what? I am going to be a Grandma in October for the first time! Yippee! And it's a girl! And congrats to you on the upcoming birth of your new grandbaby, that is so exciting! Keep us posted. And when I do get back down south, I will definately come to visit. That would be so much fun. You take care now.
Big Hugs,

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

She's adorable! Every cultured young lady needs to know the fine art of taking tea for sure.

claudie said...

What a precious little doll. I have a close up of those baby blues in my photo library. Has she gotten blonder with the sun? Sure looks like it. Does Cinderella's shoe fit? and WHAT? gram has "NOT A SPECK OF TEA IN THERE"??? How about some cool aid, yum yum for Catie.
So nice to see you here CC. Your posts are always so special. I miss you in blog land.
Told you Saturday is the day for that precious baby boy to join the world. I'll be at a wedding. Thinking about you big time girlfriend : )
Love you to the moon and back again.
Love you
Love me
P.S. My word verification is... delightful...just like you.

LDH said...

Beautiful little namesake you have there! So excited about your new grandbaby on the way! Blessings to all!

Shelia said...

Hi Catherine! Oh, little Catie is just the most beautiful little girl! She looks like a little angel! Look at those big blue eyes! She's adorable! Hope all goes well with the new little one to be and his mommy!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

The French Bear said...

What a sweetie!!!! Oh my, doesn't she have the most beautiful blue eyes!!!! How charming to learn about the etiquette of tea at age!!!!
Great talking to you honey!
Margaret B

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh what a gorgeous baby! And of course she is ... ALL Catherines are beautiful, right? Spoken as one of them...
Cass (Catherine!)

Karen said...

OMG! She is so PRETTY! Love the dress, the hair - the EYES! Boy - I would have a heck of a time if she were my granddaughter . . . how do you keep from just eating her alive?
I love it that you are teaching her one of the more ageless arts of teatime. You cannot start soon enough. Proper manners and all.
Very fun!
I have missed you my friend. And yes, I got your last comment - You caught me when all #@#*@! was breaking loose. CC - WHO KNEW? I had no idea it would get so big so FAST! I thought there would like 25 of us just laughing at our own little secret! HA! Jokes on me! But it's fun and am meeting some great gals. From all over the world, which I find AWESOME!
Keep us posted on the latest delivery! Praying all goes well.
I know how to solve your PC problem.
BUY A MAC!!!!! You'll love it! :)
HUGS! karen