Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have my EYE on Valentine's Day... :)

Happy Valentine's Day
 to my precious Blogger Friends!
I've got my eye on you today... literally!  ;)

So does my Princess Mignon Abbie ~ 
She wants to invite us to a special tea today!
 Should we have the tea in Paris, she said?
Or since Paris is so far, let's go to Caff`e Rel in Franklin, NC ~
that way we'd be back in time for dinner...
 On the menu we'll have a lovely Hot Chai Tea
 We can sport our favorite Red hats in celebration of Valentine's Day 
 We'll shop till we drop to find Abbie's favorite book, Little Pink Pup...
while out and about
 Abbie will open the door for us at Caff`e Rel...
"Please come out to the back patio", she'll bark... :)
 Here we'll bask in the sun and order from the menu...

Oh my, what will we have???  
There's so much to choose from~
But Abbie recommends this French dish...

And after lunch...as we leave to go shopping,
Abbie will sport her Valentine's Day glasses 
for us as we wave Bonjour...
Happy Valentine's Day once again friends!
Hugs from Georgia~
~CC Catherine


C'est moi Claudette said...

I thought you had pink eye, lol
Hey Jeanne and Bill were at Café Rel today. Did you bump into them??? HA as Jeanne would say.
I LOVE sweet Abbey girl with her heart shaped glasses. She rocks those puppies.
Every-time I sit and "P", you are looking at me. Let me explain. In my wee bathroom of my bedroom I have a little table. The frame you sent me with that exact same pic looks at me every-time. I love it and you talk to me too, how cool is that. Better than a magazine LOL.
Happy V Day my sweet friend. You'll never guess who came to visit me today??? The big "P". It's been 9 months. I was telling Jeanne. I know too much information, but WTW is going on with this nearly 56 yr. old body??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sending you big mushy Valentine hearts. There's still one hour left to this day. Gotta go snuggle Randy ; )

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEAREST ONE!!!!! I am late, late, LATE to this sweet tea party, but I do hope little fuzzy wuzzy Abby has a place for me? OOOOOOooooooooo she is adorable! Dearest, this has been a terribly busy week at school. I came home late last NIGHT and I saw your package!!!! BUT I DID NOT HAVE A MOMENT TO OPEN IT! I am now on the run to get ready to go to work. I am not allowed to email or blog at work, so I will come home earlier this evening, I HOPE, and I will find a quiet corner to open it. YOU ARE SO SWEET AND WONDERFUL and I adore you! HUGS TO YOU AND ABBY, the best tea hostess!!! LOVE YOU! Anita

wendy said...

Love your tea parties. Yummmm, love Chai. I think we would all have had a wonderful time having lunch togehter. I'll have to just sit and visualize what that would have been like.
Wearing our hats.
Holding out our "pinkies" while sipping our tea (tee,hee)
Well, perhaps not ME, I'd kick my cowgirl boots up on the table, lay back in my chair, and instead of Tea, I'd probably order a "BUD"
ha ha ha ha......I TRY to be girly, but it is hard to pull off sometimes.
Love you to death. I am glad I have you and Claudie to "polish me up"...and probably Anita too, if I were able to meet her.

jeanne said...

Good morning CC, I am loving some time today to visit my dearest friends. My life is way too busy.

I love this post and I missed it. anyway I am so happy to be here today.

Your story in photos made me smile like crazy. Oh how I wish we could go to Cafe Rel again. Claudie's comment really made me laugh out loud.

I love you bunches mt sweet friend,
Jeanne xoxoxo