Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage, Family & Friends, and Audrey Hepburn...who could ask for anything more?

My New Dress Form fits great in my Tiffany Blue office...
Adorning her is my grandmother's vintage black negligee with her tapestry shoes at the bottom of the dress form stand. Grandmother would have been 100 years old this May 7th.  She lived to the age of 92, and I miss her so much... This is one of the ways I keep her with me...

The red necklace she is wearing belonged to her too.

The belt is one of mine ~ pairing the old with the new...

The French Clock above the dress form is a new find in a quaint little town called Marietta, GA.  I found it in a shop called Vintage-ology.  In that same town is a museum called, "Gone With The Wind".  I toured it the same day I found the clock and was transported back to a sweeter time in history.  This clock will be a dear reminder of Scarlett and Rhett.

On the opposite side of my office wall you'll find this beautiful framed canvas painting.  It has muted colors and matches perfectly with everything in my office.  I located it in a nearby Consignment shop and I waited till it dropped to half price before bringing her home.  It's at least 26x32 large...and I just love it.  A great find for under $40.

On my book shelves that line the one wall are trinkets from blogger friends that remind me of Audrey, Paris, and Angels..   My blogger friends are the best!  ~Merci  to Violet Skiles from Creating Beauty for the Audrey Sparkle hanger...and Anita Rivera from Castles Crowns and Cottages for the custom embellished hand sketched portrait of Audrey Hepburn.   Both Violet and Anita have Etsy shops that you must must visit.  I love their creativity!  The cute little Angel derrier card on the left corner of the photo that is peeking out is the front of a card from Claudie Frid from French, Pink, Poodles and Pearls , my bud and pal that makes me giggle all the time.  :)

A few books to take me to Paris... and an Eiffel Tower to remind me of the time I  had the privilege of laying under neath of the original ET for hours just gazing up at her statuesque amazement!  Oh to go back and visit her again...

I love the caption on this framed art ~ a gift to myself!  The adorable Tiffany Bird candle was a gift at Christmas from my niece...the black Fleur de lis ornament was from my friend Claudie. She's all over my office...  :)

Another view I'm reminded of daily takes me back to my trip to Canada, when I visited Claudie in 2011 for her SUMMER BREEZE Blogger week long fun fest.  The trip of a lifetime...and the new friends I met were the best!  As well as reconnecting with others I hadn't seen for awhile... the memories brought back are as sweet as they all are! 
Thanks for the Memories all!  I adorn my office with things that remind me of 
the "Strong and Beautiful" women that God has brought into my life through this wonderful world of family and friends...  HE is so good to me! xoxo


Cheri said...

What a lovely office, you must enjoy being in there so much with all the memories.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Why are your pictures to the side?? Did you know they were like that?? I know you, you are a perfectionist, you make everything around you pretty. I LOVE the fact that your grandmother is with you, and we are too. She would be so proud of you CC.
The Tiffany blue colour POPS out. I LOVE it. I'm thinking of painting my bedroom door a fresh new colour. Not sure what yet. I have to wait to open the windows so the little birds don't get sick from the fumes.
Hey, why does everybody have "double word verification"... what's going on. I better go check mine incase blogger just did it to aggravate us ; )
Quiet day today. All alone with the pups and cats. I'm playing on the iPad, iPhone, computer. Haven't done anything productive.
All went well at the doctor's office. Waiting to have an MRI and bone scan. Now I have to be patient. ha ha
It's sunny and cold. Tomorrow soaring highs of +12 wow. That would be 44 your way, lol.
I adore you CC.
Love from your French Poodle gf.

wendy said...

The office looks Gorgeous...just like you of course. I'd have expected nothing less then Lovely.
I love to surround myself with Inspiring things, or things that evoke happy memories too.
(I wish I had my OWN spot in this teeny house of ours that I could truly make my own)

I would totally feell Grandma near by with her dress to look at each day. How wonderful that you have it.

I have never been "across the pond" as they say. ha ha..reminds me of that old song by Jerry and the Peacemakers FERRY CROSS THE MERCY (do you know it)
I have serious doubts I will ever see Paris.
Going to Claudies was the BIGGEST trip I had ever been on. but hey, I got a little taste of "francais" there, "nes pas"

Ok, I'm rambling again. We are trying to DIG OUR WAY out of lots of snow from these last 2 days. Barry is on the tractor trying to remove it so we can at least get out.

You girls are sooooo Audrey. I have never thought much of her until we all got together. You all "carry her style".
Humph, me....you call me DD, but I wonder WHO AM I. I am a mish mash of women I guess.

LOVE YOU Pretty lady.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear dear CC.......

Life has been busy and scary in the sense that I have NO IDEA how I am managing my time with school and blogging and Etsy (WHICH I LOVE!!!!!)

But THANK YOU SO MUCH for the little satin sachet! IT IS IN MY STUDIO and it goes PERFECTLY MY DEAR with the color hues in my room! AND this post is so BEAUTIFUL with my favorite color dominating! AND YOU, YOU are a gem. THANK YOU for your visit. It had been so long dearest since you had posted a while back that I was not sure if you were blogging on regular basis. I am putting you back up on my list because I DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON YOUR POSTS! You are a dear and I just thank you for every thing! Now I must run off to work dearest heart. LOVE SO MUCH! Anita

jeanne said...

Good morning CC, Why haven't I been here sooner. This post is so darling and so are you. Your office is a delight to behold. Good thing, you spend a lot of time in there. Wow, you were in Paris? Lucky you. Smile!
You are such a romantic and I love that about you.
I love your office, and I love you dear sista friend,
Jeanne xoxoxo

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Carol said...

What a beautiful office! You are so lucky to have those treasures from your grandmother!