Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Blessings Overflowing...

 Happy Birthday to Moi~ 
A lovely surprise Sunday dinner my Beloved prepared for me with surprise guests! My husband made his homemade Italian sauce, meatballs, sausage and pasta!  And a DQ IceCream cake... :)

 Here's my Beloved with our precious Jonny, youngest grandson from NC.  He drove in with my son and his mommy late Saturday evening - I had no idea they were coming.  
My best package to arrive!  :)

I also received some lovely gifts that arrived early...from my best blogging buds~
This lovely little box filled with the most precious was a combo Happy V'day & birthday combined.  My "Claudie" sent this all the way from Plantagenet, Canada to brighten my day...and then sent another package a few weeks later.  Strict rules were applied to the second package - I couldn't open till this morning... :) since today is my actual 56 b'day!

 This divine teacup below I rec'd will now be called WENDY, in honor of my "DD" friend that sent her to me all the way from Canada.  I have the bestest friends in the whole world!  xoxo  She'll look so sweet in my curio cabinet joining the rest of the girls~  ;)
Arriving yesterday for my Birthday dinner, my daughter Kim and her family, my son Jon and his family, my sister Becky and her daughter...  And more presents...yippee!  xoxo  R.S. choco covered cherries & a Nicholas Sparks book, "The Lucky One".
My favorite gift was having all my grandchildren (Tyler 5, Cate 3, and Jonny almost 2) together with us...and having this snapshot taken with all three just made my day.  They are all like speeding lightening these days and most of the pics don't show their faces as a result of that.  ;)  This one at least you can see all of our eyes!  Happy B'day to MOI! ;) My oldest son Jon is in the pic too.
More gifts to open??? Yup, and they were more of my favorites...
A Signature Facial and Swedish Massage from my Beloved with a nice green 100$ bill to spend on whatever I want.  sighhhhhhh.... :)
Cards just make my heart sing...these were from both my sons...and I hung on each word that were written in them.  My youngest son, Peter, sent the blue one.  He's in TX awaiting back surgery and couldn't be with us.  He wrote so many lovely things in his card...and that just warmed my heart as if it were a million $'s. 

 So this morning...I got to open this...  :)  finally...
And here it looked so pretty inside when I opened it...a teency cupcake cute!  How Claudie...  ;)

Then this lovely little card inside...with lovely words to match from Claudie's heart to mine.
 And then this inside that lovely wrapped package... I took several photos trying my best to capture her beauty... A hand made bracelet Claudie sent me from artist, LuLu Kellogg.  It's made with London Blue Glass, white copper, Swarovski Crystals, and a sterling silver artists tag.  It's an original LuLu bracelet

Isn't she just so lovely?  I'm wearing it today on my outing to my day of Beauty at the near by Winery/Spa.
 My sister Becky gave me this lovely Spa Sampler package at the Chateau Elan nearby.  So today I'm getting a real nice treat, facial, massage, hot stone pedicure, hand dipped in wax, and lunch with my sister.  

 And then in just four weeks, my daughter is taking me to see Les Miserables at the theater in Atlanta.  Thanks Kim!  :)  My daughter is just the sweetest & thoughtful one...I love spending time alone with her.  This will be great to look forward to~
Have to run now and get ready for my day of beauty, so...just wanted to say Merci to all my lovely friends and family for their thoughtful gifts, cards, and well wishes that have made my Birthday already spectacular before it's even begun! 

Merci, Merci, and Merci...


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sounds like such a fabulous day and so wonderful to have your family together. Great gifts. Enjoy each one. Hugs, Marty

wendy said... teacup made it there in ONE piece!!! I just loved it when I found it and HAD to send it to you for your b-day. I am glad you like it.
YOU girl, SCORED on the gifts!!!! Everyone of them so special and sent or given by people who LOVE ya. Favorite thing to do. I love being pampered.
and OF COURSE the best present being that your grandkids were there and your family. That is what makes our heart SING.
I'll be singing happy birthday to ya...all. day. long. CAN YOU HEAR ME.

Cheri said...

Well Happy B-day late. I wish we had known that your B-day was just 4 days after mine (March 21) because a bunch of us bloggers met up for lunch at Chateau Elan to celebrate mine and we could have celebrated you also. I'm also 56.

You were so lucky to have most of your children there and to also have those darling grandchildren...what a nice surprise.

Hope your son, Peter, has much success with his back surgery.

C'est moi Claudette said...

AWWW how wonderful to be at the spa today on your special day CC. I forgot, you did tell me you were taking the day to yourself. Oh how I wish I was with you, but you know I am in your pretty little head don't you.... or around your pretty little wrist : )
Your gifts are ALL special. I'm so glad your beautiful family was around you to celebrate. I know it makes your heart sing. You are da glue and you are da bomb.
So upset that I missed J's home made sauce. I do know how wonderful it is. Tell him I made a nice spaghetti sauce today since I read this... yummy.
Wendy's cup is so so pretty. So you CC. Glad you liked your pretty blue bracelet from my friend LuLu. She truly is a wonderful artist. I hope it fits ok.
I called and sang to you. I'm sure you heard me. I'll try calling tonight before The Voice. Send me an email when you can talk ok?
Happy day today and may this year be full of beautiful moments each and every day ; )

C'est moi Claudette said...

I tried calling you. I called your office. I don't have your house #. Help!!!!!
The Voice is on in 45.
You have that double word verification on again. You won't get many visits sista. We don't like those words : (

jeanne said...

Dear CC, you have had the most wonderful birthday celebration. What a blessing that your family, except poor Peter, helped you celebrate your happiest of birthdays. My little surprise is coming so your birthday will just keep on running. HA! I adore the photos of your beautiful family. I wish you so much love and the most happy birthday celebration. The love your family shares is a credit to you and your dearest of hearts.
Love you bunches my dear sweet friend,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Belated B-Day CC!
You look marvelous my dear!
That Claudie, with that beautiful bracelet she sent...what a gal!
And all of your other great presents too!
I will be 56 in August..seems were all the same age! hehe.
Big Hugs friend,
Your grands are all adorable!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear friend,

I had no idea it was your birthday.

I have to tell you that you have been nothing but kindness and sweetness to me, and KNOW THAT YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. But I have not reciprocated appropriately for all the loveliness you have bestowed on me. Quite frankly, I cannot keep up with all the kindness that comes my way....I just cannot. I DO SEND YOU MY SINCEREST WISHES for a wonderful YEAR of a new age of wisdom and joy and may we skype again dearest? Anita

nj said...

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Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

What a delightful B-day celebration!
Surrounded by family and friends is sure to create of cherished memories.

Sweet belated wishes!