Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Tuesday Morning Veranda Porch Party!

Thanks to Barb from "Grits and Glamour" for hosting today's Porch and Patio Party!
I did get a late start...but I decided to have my morning brunch on my break today in the most peaceful place at my home, on my 2nd floor Veranda Porch. Fruit is always on my menu for brunch!
Lovely flowers with the sky in view from my chair!

My favorite Romantic Homes Magazine, June issue
More lovely flowers to enjoy from the view of my chair, I have three hanging baskets of Impatiens to enjoy!
More brunch goodies! I have a scrumptious Dijon Chicken Salad on Whole Grain Wheat cut in the shape of a Carrot, and more healthy crunchies with cucumber and cheese hats!
My Tablescape for One using my new Life Collection from DaySpring. The place mat is so colorful and invites me in to truly believe that Spring is here in full swing! The Charger matches the place mat! (Don't forget to visit this link "BLOG GIVEAWAY" to get in my drawing, deadline is May 10, Midnight PDT.
My new little personal size Silver Holder w/ Blue glass liner for my Lemon Curd!
A dollup on my Scone and a lovely Italian Almond Cookie to enjoy...
Prior to my Tea Time, I love having cold water with fresh lemons and cucumbers...what a great way to hydrate your skin and feel refreshed! This Teapot / Teacup is one set for Giving Away... Be sure to click below on the appropriate link to sign up if you've not already done so.
Another view from my chair...

My resting place, with my favorite Toile Pillows~and the faux silk forsythia on the back of the chair... This chair makes me feel very special when I rest in it!
This little glass bowl of shells holds a precious place in my heart...they are collections from when our children were small and many have love notes to us on them. These are under the Boston Fern on the Veranda, right near my fingertips if I decide to reminisce...
And here you see it all together... Ahhhh....How sweet it is!
Again, don't forget to go HERE to enter my Fabulous Blog Give Away. Winners to be announced on Monday, May 11th!
~CC Catherine


marty39 said...

What a lovely porch and such a gorgeous place to sit and have brunch or tea or anything. Your brunch looks delicious too. I would love to join you. Hugs, Marty

Kris said...

I think you have enough there to share with MOI! The food looks both healthy and good.
Now, your veranda, very relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful flowers and the toile pattern pillows in the chair.....perfect. I don't have the June issue of Romantic Homes, YET. I'll have to go out this afternoon and pick up a copy, then find a cozy spot to sit and drool over the photos.

Deb said...

what a nice peaceful place...you did a great job

Chandy said...

That is one cool veranda! I'm hungry now looking at the food and the dishes! Those flowers would relax me, too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous, dahling!!!! Don't you just love the June issue of RM's?

Fifi Flowers said...

I need to pay more attention to all these parties... I'm doing a patio theme tomorrow for OUtdoor Wednesday.
LOVE your photos!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Oh I'll take one of everything please;) French

Envoy-ette said...

Wow! Can someone be relaxed and excited at the same time? I'm sure on your porch..it's possible! Food look yummy!!!

KBeau said...

Everything about your porch is so lovely. I can see myself sitting there and enjoying that magazine.

Karen said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes! We had a great time!
OK, so I've been thinking. I think you need a vacation. So come on out here and stay with me, and you can COOK FOR ME and spoil me in every way imaginable. Especially with SCONES!
I guess it's time for me to start smelling more of the roses. I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day . . .
I love your special place. I love the fact that you even have a veranda! All we have is a patio, complete with a gazillion LIZARDS!!!!! I just don't go out there unless we have company.
I need to do a post on my fear of lizards and see if anyone has a cure! :)
Wonderful post! (But I love each and every one of your posts!) Makes me want to go outside, (with a slingshot mind you,) and plant some special flowers so I can have tea there.
Hmmmmm ... did I mention we have a gazillion lizards? I dunno . . . we'll see how I brave I feel in the morning!
HUGS! Karen

prof en retraite said...

Oh CC! This looks wonderful...yummy! Having had your scones and lemon curd...I know what a treat this is!! Lovely...hugs...Debbie

Melissa Miller said...

Amazingly beautiful Catherine.
It is so lovely and elegant.
~Wonderful job! :)

Linda C said...

I enjoyed joining you on your lovely porch with the beautiful brunch setting! Everything looks so pretty and YUMMY!

I am honored to have signed up to be your 100th follower!:)

Happy Tuesday!

Linda C

Lya Sorano said...

I must be doing something wrong . . . a quick yoghurt while walking around my garden, a coffee while I read and answer e-mail and no verandas, no perfect pillows, no scones and no time to relax. Catherine, you outshine us all - especially me!

Kathleen said...

Catherine that looks beautiful, and I love the menu too.
The cushions on your white wicker are so pretty!
Thanks for coming to visit my porch..now I know why you like white wicker..
DH says it makes him itch, LOL

Carol said...

Hi Catherine!
Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment. What a beautiful veranda porch you have! From food to plants to furnishings, it's all so pretty! I see we have a lot in common. I blogged about collectng shells also (all through my house!). Come back & visit anytime.

Deb said...

Your porch is beautiful and tea time looks wonderful! Thank you for stopping by today. I'll add you to my blog roll. Talk to you soon~~deb

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Catherine, what a lovely setting! I just love the toile on the wicker chair. CHARMING!!

Thanks for coming by my place and your sweet sweet comments!

bj said...

Oh, my....this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL..just like every single thing you touch your hands to!!
And the refreshing drinks and treats...just to die for..
Thank you for spending so much of your time preparing this beautiful scene just for us!!
xo bj

Laura said...

Oh my...how pretty.


Debbie said...

Yes it is very sweet. A nice place to relax and ponder. Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Debbie

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a sweet blog you have! Enjoyed my visit!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

What a glorious way to spend a sunny afternoon. Your porch setting looks so inviting. A good place to enjoy a little read while nibbling on those scrumptious treats. I definitely think there's plenty to share with a friend.

I'm so ready for the sunshine to come and stay awhile!
My sis in So Calif said it was 80 degrees today! I was cuddled under the blankets with the heater running when she gave me her forecast!

I posted my mothers Day ideas, that I think you'll enjoy, especially after seeing your post:D

Sweet wishes,

Kathleen Ellis said...

I sooo wish I was enjoying that brunch with you dear friend! Looks heavenly!
I LOVE your new silver server with the lemon curd in it...wherever did you find that?!

Thursday late afternoon? say 4?
xo ;-D

The Raggedy Girl said...

Your porch is lovely and it just beckons to sit and stay.
The Raggedy Girl

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hey CC,
Love your little porch party! Looks so inviting! What a restful retreat to sit and visit with a good friend...

xinex said...

What a perfect place to relax, CC. Everything is so lovely, from tableware to accessories and plants....Christine

claudie said...

I'm coming to sit on this lovely Veranda and that lemon curd is one thing that I indulge in when I'm at a B&B....so you'll have some for when I come over... won't you my friend? LOL
Love You
P.S. You will have to share that chair.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Catherine...I love your beautiful porch and I can just see myself sitting in that comfy wicker chair on that gorgeous toile cushion! I love the colors in the Life Collection/Day Spring placemat...beautiful!

Miss Janice said...

Scones with lemon curd on your Veranda...yes ma'am, thank you! This is soooo pretty!

ann said...

well,al i had to do was read.what a time to take a blogging break,huh?
that chair,the entire scene is pure harmony.wow.nothing but peace and serenity.it is lovely...ann