Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chandies, B&B's, Yummy food, and sunshine, what can be better?

May 2012
St. Augustine, FL
My Beloved and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary early by traveling to a city we never had the pleasure of visiting before.

Highlights were the following:
Eating at the Scarlet O'Hara Restaurant

Staying at "The Peace & Plenty B&B"
Dining every morning with the most delicious breakfasts.  
This is Cheesecake filled Crepes with home made blueberry syrup, fruit, and sausage.
One of the 3 rooms we enjoyed while visiting there...this was my favorite room with a Parisian influence called, "Prosperity"
Me in the outside courtyard at the B&B...the Guest house is behind me, and we stayed in one of the rooms there also that had an Asian & Zen theme

This was just breathtaking - the cross you see behind is 200+feet tall and is made from Stainless Steel. This cross was erected to commemorate the first Catholic Mass ever held in the United States.  The statue of the man in front of is in honor of the Priest who conducted that mass.
Cool drinks in the hot weather.  
These were served at the O.C. White restaurant where we enjoyed Lobster tails...and they were delicious! 
 The carousel we were told was a must!  
Thanks Claudie - it was - and I rode it too!  ;)
 Multiple chandies to gaze our eyes on.  
This one is in Flagler College - a must tour for everyone who visits this historic town.  
  A carriage ride that my Beloved had already arranged prior to our arrival - our first ever!
 Another view of the cross with a fountain in front of it at the Catholic church nearby. 
 Our final night there was spent on a 2 hr Sail boat ride - another first for us.  
We loved it too!
 We met a lovely couple from NC where we used to live.  
We took turns taking pics of each other so we'd have COUPLE shots!  ;)
 I took this pic - and I love it...
 And this is the view of the 200+ feet high cross from the waters on the sail boat on our final evening there.  A great way to end our lovely Anniversary trip.

St. Augustine is a must for anyone who loves shopping, great food, lovely historic views, and so much history.  We'll definitely return - and the weather was PERFECT every day we were there.

Hugs to all my blogging buds!
~CC Catherine

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