Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't get her outta my Head!!! ;)

I wonder if I packed my home made Strawberry Scones in a suitcase to fly to Canada if they'd travel well? If they do, we're gonna make this when I GET to Claudie's!
mmmm.... The only thing sweeter than my scones are my spring posies getting ready to bloom in the weeks ahead.
Spring has a way of bringing new life, and I just love it! The Iris above is from 2010 ~ she resides on the side of my home and she is preparing to bloom again soon, and she's had lots of babies! I can't wait!!!

Another thing I can't wait for is my Canadian trip to my friend Claudie's! I just can't get her outta my head today! Probably because Saturday was her birthday, and "her b'day" just past about 14 minutes ago. Happy Birthday again Sweet Friend! ;) Claudie and I are like twins.

We're the same age, born only one week apart. Only she in Canada, and I here in the states~but fortunately we found our way to each other two+ years ago.

I'm excited about the trip to Canada and did more shopping today. Isn't that what we girls like to do when we're getting ready for a trip? Oh yes.... Okay, so here's what I've found so far..
This top above is so cool. It's one of those comfy tops that has multiple colors. You can blend it with so much, and it has a really neat fit to it.

Oh Claudie, I think we're gonna be...
in Montreal, right? I'm counting the days...
Now, you were wondering what this lane is called, I call it "Heaven's Lane". :) And you're right, the Bradford Pear blooms are even more gorgeous this year! I know Canada will have it's own breathtaking views just like this one here in Ga!
Oh yea, I'm going to be bringing my vintage white coat above with me on the trip just in case the evenings are chilly. I'm looking for some vintage or sparkly buttons to replace the ones on it. It's my spring and summer coat that belonged to my Grandmother many moons ago. Once I lose 10 more pounds, I'll be able to tie that little belt like it should be tied. ;)

Here's one of your cute cards that I taped in my cupboard, it always brings a smile when I go to grab a glass for my H2O for the day.
...back to the outfits. This little gem below is both a skirt and a strapless dress. I can wear the top folded down when I want it to be a skirt and pull it up when I need a quick little strapless black dress to wear under a jacket. I need "5" of these! Love it!
One of my favorite colors to wear is Aqua blue...and this little two piece set is silk and if you notice on the top of the hanger I've hung the necklace that I bought to go with it. This little set is so sweeeeet. The earrings I bought to go with it are silver flowers with a crystal in the center to match the aqua flower on the necklace. Only the earrings are much smaller. ;) Thank goodness, a girl could lose an ear with earrings that large.
These little pumps (from last summer) have exchangeable tops that helps them convert into multiple pair of shoes and they are great for everything. The belt is a total treat at only $1 last weekend when I went antiquing with a friend, and it's NEW.
Below is my favorite pastel yellow lace top of all time, found it at a local consignment shop two weeks ago. It has the best design and is so fresh and springy with these floral slacks.
...another look at these multi-colored slacks ~ also picked up at the consignment shop.
Below is another top that has the cutest design. It's a deeper shade of blue and it's so feminine. Notice the little ruffles all over the majority of it and the neckline? I picked this up from a friend selling some of her clothing. Fits like a glove...with enough comfy room to eat too! ;)
See how cute it looks with my interchangeable black shoes? And the pic below this one shows the back.
Next on the shopping spree I picked up this packable black and white hat that I'll be wearing with this jacket, among other things. I love this hat! It's so comfortable... The little white stitched jacket is priceless too! Notice how the little $1 black belt looks so cute with it?
She's stylin and profilin now... :)
I've washed out my "T's". The one on the left I picked up today. The one with the poodles was a Christmas gift from my daughter. I adore them both.
Now, don't be a hatin me, but I got these Chinese Auction red shoes (below) at Goodwill today in NEW condition for under $5. Every girl needs a splash of red in their wardrobe and these made the cut! The heel on the shoe is black and quite stylish. Thank you GW! :)
And the red shoes will go with this little red silk top that I bought from my girlfriend as well. And the tops I bought from my friend were only$5 each. ;)
There's something about wearing red. One year I was so crazy about red that I bought a red coat, and multiple red's been a while for me, so... now I have my red back again!
That's it for the fashion show today~ I'm still collecting little things here and there.

Claudie, I sure hope I can find the perfect little ~ "kinda big" suitcase to carry them all in soon. :)

Having so much fun getting ready to travel!

Ciao for now...
~CC Catherine


Julie said...

Ahhhhh! your birthday is 1 week apart from Claudie's. How come I didn't know that. I am so -so absent minded. I am on it! Geez that mail is slow from Canada eh?

Sheesh. I love your enthusiasm in your post. I was smiling the whole time. You have fab taste. Lots of great things in your suitcase. I think we should consider a swap of 1 item each before we go home. ? Good idea? I can see you in the black & white hat and that coat of your grans is great on you. I have some vintage buttons... What kind do you want and how many do you need? Let me know the diameter of the ones on there now.
Those red slips you got today are such a good color. Red after all is the color of attraction and you will be stunning my dear. I haven't thought much about clothes but I have a couple of bags of goodies to take along already too. Can you imagine when we see each other in the airport? It is going to be chaos.

I always go home with way too much stuff. Overweight on my suitcases. Good thing they don;t weigh me too!

Oh - those scones are like my most favorite. Strawberries and whip cream on a fresh bake scone? I am glad we are friends too.

Love ya.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

CC!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? I have emailed you, but I assumed you were occupied with family matters....DID YOU HEAR THAT I MAY NOT GO? I had not heard from you....I am so sorry that our home renovations are making it a little difficult to plan this trip correctly. I had to tell Claudie that I probably wouldn't be going so that she could plan and get her plans in order. YOU LOOK SO GREAT and I so enjoyed getting to know you through your lovely letter. This school year and our home addition have made it impossible for me to take the time to draw, write as I wish and to write a LETTER TO YOU! FORGIVE ME??? I so love my little tassles you sent me....please write me an email, please and let me know how your mother is!!! ANITA

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi CC! Yes, I remember Claudie and Julie's visit last year at her much fun! And happy birthday to you, too! :-)It looks like you are ready to head out for your visit! Love what you are cute! Hope you are enjoying this weather! I am waiting for my new little grandson to be born...any day now! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I just love all of your stylish outfits! Those are some of my favorite colors too!
Your going to have so much fun you lucky girl!
Hugs to you friend,

wendy said...

OK, I think the consensus is out...we all LOVE Claudie. Can't wait to meet her this summer...and YOU, and the other gals.

I didn't realize your birthday was a week after hers, or I would have got a card in the mail to you. Dang. Things are pony express here is seems. have found some amazing outfits to wear for this even. Sassy, Classy.
I haven't even begun to think of what to pack/wear.
I have a few cute-ish things in my closet, but alas, due to a lovely 20 lb weight gain this past 18 months (new marriage, moving up here, loss of my son, yadda yadda, stress issues) ---excuses??

But, I am sure with the help of my daughter, I'll find something fun to wear with my BLUE JEANS.

When I was a young girl, my grandmother used to make me homemade angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries from the farm....your dessert brought back fond memories.

have a lovely week CC!!

wendy said...

OH crap oh crap oh crap.....You must think I am the dumbest person on the face of the earth.
I kept wondering WHY my comments wasn't showing up, so I kept redoing it.
THEN........I see is is visible after blog owner approval.
YES I am a true blonde....and OLD
does that give me a free pass for my stupidness
(how embarrassing) Said practically the same thing 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over and out

C'est moi Claudette said...

Mon amie, are you really that organized to come and see moi? WOW I'm very impressed with all your beautiful pieces your bringing. I LOVE your gram's coat. It was made for TOI. Knowing Julie she will find you the perfect buttons I know it.
What if you loose ten lbs. though? WIll you still fit into all the pretties? You don't need to loose anything, you look fab just the way you are. Oh well, if no,t I could probably fit into your wardrobe, lol. I LOVE everything your bringing.
Not sure if you will need a coat here in July, but I really think you should walk off the plane with it on, because it looks like a million bucks and you look like a movie star. Julie's right, my airport will never know what hit it.
I cannot wait. It's just around the corner isn't it? I'll make sure Randy has fresh strawberries and cream to go with your scones. Julie's fave too : )
Thank you for birthday wishes... I'm truly blessed with your friendship. Not sure what my life would be like right now, if I didn't have you, Julie, Jeanne, Miss Bee, Wendy, Anita and our other bloggy friends in it... I know I would be "triste" sad.
Thank you for being in "Claudie's world".

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO AGAIN GORGEOUS! Oh, I saw your email, emailed back, came to see you had visited me and EVEN A CHAIR CONNECTS US!!! Oh dear, I gotta get myself over to Canada this summer...I HAVE TO MEET YOU ALL! I love your new profile goodness, what a beauty!


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi CC,
I love this post. Girls gotta have fun shopping for a trip and you have pulled together some great outfits. I love the black belt and all your awesome tops. You are going to be stylin for sure.
You look like a doll in your grams vintage white Spring coat. I love it. Perfect for the weather in Canada which might be a little chilly at times.
Love your new pic in ths hat, Just too gorgeous my friend.

I know you are having fun and how special for you to spend time with a friend that's like a twin in Canada. Sweet little blessing of life~~~
Hope your dear mother is doing okay.
Thank you for stopping by and your sweet get well wishes.
I emailed you with my info.
Happy Spring and enjoy the week.
Love to you dear one,
Celestina Marie

Shelia said...

Hi CC! A little bird told me it was your birthday! Happy Birthday! and I hope all your dreams come true.
Man, you're doing some serious shopping to co go Claudies! I haven't even thought what to wear. But I can tell, you're going to be the most beautiful one! :) Can't wait to meet you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;) I'm old though! :)

Julie said...

Hi, It's your birthday tomorrow! I sent a little prezzie in the mail because who doesn't like a surprise instead of a bill! I hope you have a day that is warm and filled with many kisses.

You look like a movie star in your picture. Truly. OH - and I absolutely love the chandeliers in black that grace the sidebars of your blog.

More than fab!

Big smooch from Western Canada!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST! I just visited Claudie's post TO YOU!!!!! BRAVO!!! Anita

Envoy-ette said...

That sounds like the best outing ever!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a wonderful post, CC! Love everything you picked out, but my personal favorite is that adorable teal jacket. Oh, how cute!!!

I so wish I were going with you. It looks like it isn't going to happen for me. Sigh. I can't talk about it, or I will cry. I had SO looked forward to meeting you and giving you a great big hug. Alas, I might just have to come to Georgia (or you to Florida) to meet.

Is your birthday coming up or has it passed? Either way, I wish you many happy returns.

Love you and love my little tea treats you sent me in the mail, you sweet girl!


Sheila :-)

C'est moi Claudette said...

I miss you CC.... I hope you had a lovely time with your mama.
But........ I MISS YOU.