Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Antique Mirror Makeover Serving Tray ~ And all for under $7

We all love a Makeover, don't we? I know I do!
I found this mirror at a tag/yard sale in CT years ago for $1 - it is a great antique with some missing pieces on the lovely sculpted deeper part of the frame. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with her...
As you can see by the close-up pics, the chips were definitely noticeable, but I had just the idea that would bring this Mirror up to her potential!
The condition of the Mirror itself was in perfect condition...
At one of my favorite antique stores, I found this genuine mink brooch/hair clip (yes, it does both) and decided she had to play a part in the Makeover. Doesn't every lady love a mink brooch?
Using a jeweled metal ponytail holder that had lost it's attachment through frequent use, this was the perfect piece to hot glue to the mirror so I could clip the minkie on, but also take it off when "I" wanted to wear it! This was my favorite part of the entire project...dual use for this luscious clip.
I'm a button and bauble bead collector - so I pulled my tray of goodies out and selected just the right ones that would bring this Mirror Lady to life. Many of the items in this location are not only buttons, but odd earrings that I no longer wear, but have great artistic interest.
A sneak peak at her on the bed after her Makeover was complete - you'll see in the front middle area that I've added a few pheasant feathers that helped to tie in with my hint of animal print that I have as accents in my Master Suite.
I decided to keep the entire stressed look, other than covering the areas that had badly chipped. This reminds me of us ladies that begin to mature, it's part of "who" she is, and it somewhat speaks of where she's come from...
I loved making the earring drape over the outside edge...again adding to her sweet presence and uniqueness.
Another great view...

The pic above allows you to see how the mink clip reflects in the mirror - unfortunately a little dust is showing in this pic that I missed dusting off first. Oh well, I have a bit of dust on me today too... ;)
And, here she is - in her full glory in her new room.
The wine colored pillow on my bed says "I believe in Angels" ~ a great thrift store find right before Christmas. I think this Mirror definitely had her own little Angel to bring her all the way from CT at a tag sale to my home here in GA to live like a Queen with all of her new Jewels & Mink. You can't really see from these pictures, but four smaller knobs are attached to the bottom of the mirror, as every woman needs shoes... Oui? I am on the search for some small crystal door knobs to replace these smaller ones eventually.

I have missed posting these past weeks, life continues to spin so fast...the harder I try to slow it down, the faster it gets. I'm sure many of you can relate!

Hoping to drop by and visit many of you this coming week! I miss you all so much when I'm absent. Happy Spring!
~CC Catherine


wendy said...

I love how pretty that turned out. The buttons and fancy doo-dads (pretty sophisticated word) that you placed on it.

I love things that turn out so great and ended up not even hardly costing anything eh.


Happy WHAT? Spring????? Are you kidding me girlfriend? It's -20 tonight with the wind chill factor. BRRRRR.
Your mirrored tray really is pretty CC. I can see all your hard work on this beauty.
Has hubby served you breakfast in bed yet : )
I have a feeling that tray will see all of your pretty bedrooms, from my pink one to Julie's purple one.
Great job CC.
I spoted your Xmas tree hehe.
Busy day today pour for my scoliosis, Sister Lolotte visit, Costco and American Idol. And it's still only 11:00 pm.
My finger is better today. It's only a little yellow with a hint of purple. Sounds like spring... but it's not, lol.
Sasha is OK. Randy and Colt have been taking her blood counts every 3 hours, 2 shots a day poor thing. Mom is probably going to be moved to the 2nd floor. That's the floor where they will assist her in most everything.
I know you are looking forward to seeing your mom soon. I hope she's doing ok.
Love you to the moon and back again CC
Love Me

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

CC!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!! I have been waiting for a post from you for soooooo long! Did you get my valentines? How is your mother? HOW ARE YOU? This is a great MIRROR!!! Come on by...I have been so busy with work, sleeping, work, the house, trying to catch up on sleep, work...see a pattern here? teeeheeeee....COME ON BY DEAREST!!! Anita

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a pretty tray CC!
And girl, do I ever love your bedroom! It's so romantic and classy looking!
I hope all is well in your world...
Big Hugs,

Shelia said...

Now aren't you the most creative one! I love how this turned out. I would never have thought to do this!
Can't wait to meet you too! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Karen said...

I'm popping in to say hello!
How are you!
Love your mirror - love your pillow too!
I know the name of the tune "life is spinning and and I want to get off!"
I think I would like one week with NO COMMITMENTS! No work, no appointments, no kids, no cooking, just time to walk from room to room and just .... fluff.
That's what I need.
How about you?
Were your ears burning yesterday? I thought about you over and over as I placed my cute pink table cover that you gave me on my dining room table. :)
Big hugs! Karen
Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Love the pretty mirror transformation!! And the price is just perfect too!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

PRECIOUS CC!!! I have not heard from you...and to see your comment this morning was so wonderful! How is everything dearest? How is your mother????? Keep praying dear one, and have a peaceful, wonderful day, Anita

OH! Do you have a camera on your computer? Reason I ask is WE COULD SKYPE! I just signed up for it. IT IS FREE!!!