Friday, February 20, 2009

A Mooooving Pinknique Saturday with ~Catherine de th`e Cups!

Thanks Miss Sweet Beverly for hosting another special MOOO~VING Pink Saturday! ;)
Once you leave my place, be sure to moooove on over to Beverly's to catch the many other hundred Pink Theme Shares today... at "How Sweet The Sound"

On a Whim.....I visited this lovely little place in Leesburg, VA last Saturday with my dear friend, Kathleen Ellis, of "Kathleen Ellis Life Style Designs" . It's one of her favorite places, one of mine now too. The only down side is that I live in GA. =( So, my visits truly will be "On a WHIM" when I go up to visit! (teahehe!)

The "baaaaad news is that they wouldn't let me bring a camera in to share some really cool items I found....but, the Mooooooo~ving Good news is that I was able to take a few pics outside!

A vintage outdoor chair painted Black with PINKNIQUE'n Pink Polka' about cute! And for the really MOOOO~ving Pinknique look, we had this...

a PINKNIQUE Cow with Black Polka's & Pinknique Milk Cans! Now, get yourself "Mooooo~vin along to Sweet Beverly's now to catch all the other Pinks today!

What a cutie pie this lil "cow" is, eh?



marty39 said...

Those are the cutest polka dot things I think I have ever seen. It must really be one fantastic place, with that kind of chic sense of style. Hugs, Marty

Shelia said...

Hi Catherine! I love your mooving experience! This was so cute. Now that wasn't very nice of the shop folks to not let you take pictures inside. It's really an advertisement for their store, isn't it?
Oh, yes, I'd love to lunch with you too!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Oh, I mean to tell you this everytime I come to your blog and just keep forgetting it! Your chandelier in your header looks so much like mine in the dining room! Go down my side bar and see it.
Continue to be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Kathleen Ellis said...

I'm seeing, non...dots!!! as in POLKA dots!!!
Cute pics!

Blondie's Journal said...


Very sweet post for Pink Saturday. Sounds like you had fun shopping but the pictures have a few...spots on them!! Ha Ha!!

Have a great weekend! :-)


xinex said...

How cute! I love polka dots. Thanks Catherine, for traveling to Turkey with me. I am glad it brought back memories!...Christine

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

How cute! I love polka dots! Too bad they wouldn't let you take pics inside, boooo!


Claudie said...

CC I would take the chair for sure... the cow can stay where it is lol
Happy Pink Saturday my friend.
Thanks for the MOOOOving experience.
Love Ya

Terri and Bob said...


It was a wonderful post... love polka dots. I like saying polka dots.

Kathy said...

Love that pink polk-a-dot chair, Catherine! Glad your trip was wonderful...Kathy

Linda said...

That's too baaaaaad that they wouldn't let you take any pics, but you had a moooo-ving blog anyway! Seriously, how cute is that black and pink chair?! Linda

vintagewindow said...

Haha... what fun cows. I would of loved to seen the inside of that shop if the outside was that much fun.

Happy PS


JudyBug said...

Oh dear! If I lived closer, that little chair would be coming home with me. It would be perfect on my porch!


Anonymous said...

They're all nice & fun photos for PS!

Shelia said...

Oh, Catherine! I'm so sorry, I didn't scroll down and see your other post yesterday. Thank you ever so much for thinking of me. How nice and I appreciate it so much.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Mimi said...

Your blog is w♥nderful! Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for sharing this week. It made the cold up here in northern Michigan a little more tolerable :)

Karen said...

Bummer we couldn't see the inside of the cute shop.
Puts me in a shopping "mooooood" . HA! Nope, not today. My checkbook is put away for a while.
Have a great weekend! Karen

Silver said...

thanks for the tour at the french antique shop back there..

you like Sushi? think we'll hit East soon huh with those tempura, sashimi and bunch of cute tiny finger foods the french would call hordeours, huh?

Should be a lot of fun!!

Staffordshire Garden said...

Good Morning Catherine and Happy Pink Saturday. I love polka dots, and shopping adventures! Too bad they would not allow pictures inside.
Thanks for sharing.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I love that polka dot chair!

You have a terrific blog - happy pink saturday!

ann said...

Now THIS WAS FUN.Thank you lol lol...Ann

Raggedy Girl said...


It is now time to purchase undercover equipment and get yourself back to this store. No photos inside, what is with that. Free advertising does not appeal. But the outside was marvelous and thank you.

Happy Saturday to you...
from Roberta Anne

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

How cute! Love that chair. These were so great for a Pink Sat. post! laurie

Smilingsal said...

I guess polka dots are "in" in VA. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

BTW: I see that Claudie is spotlighting you!

Bre said...

Wow...I just love black with pink polka funky !

...and by the way, I just love the chandelier in your banner !! I'd be thrilled if that was in my dining room !

Happy Pink Saturday!

Chantilly Grace

RobinfromCA said...

I love that chair! No photos inside? But it's free publicity! Too bad for them. But the chair and the cow are really wonderful.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Helen said...

Polka dot cow is my very favorite!

CC said...

Love that polka dot cow..:). Wonder if strawberry milk is stored in the cans? Happy Pink Saturday from the other CC.
p.s. I loved your grandmothers things you showed below. Such lovely things and sweet memories.
Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!!! Love that chair. How fun. So what cha going to wear to our luncheon? I'm very much a jeans kind of gal.

Deb said...

I love the polka dot chair!!!!

Chandy said...

Hello Catherine! or should I say CC. LOL I had to change my profile user name because someone already got your name mixed up with my blog.

Love the cow one the best! Great finds!

Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

Beverly said...

Now, you have to love a store that has pink and black and polka-dots. We'll have to wrtie them and let them know about the advertisement they missed out on today. ;-)

Happy Pin Saturday.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Catherine,
What cute pinkie things! Thanks for sharing.


carolinajewel said...

Cute polka dots and cow! :D Jewel

Anonymous said...

What a cute chair. I've just joined the group and will starting up next Saturday. Hope you'll stop by for a visit.


preppyplayer said...

That's my type of place!

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday Catherine!
I love polka dots!


Llyn M said...

Cute! ♥Happy Belated Pink Saturday♥

KatCollects said...

LOVE the polka dotted cow. Happy belated pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I so enjoy your blog and am overjoyed that you have found mine. I will lift prayers up for you & yours, it seems that we all need prayers and how better to exercise Christs greates commandment than to show love for each other, by prayer. The Lord our armor, let Him fight your battles & be filled with peace! Elizabeth. DreamsInPink

Deanna said...

Hi Catherine,
Sorry for the belated comment but my laptop crashed Saturday night and my hubby sent it to the laptop emergency room!

I was Moooved by the experience. That chair was so adorable! How sad that they didn't let you take pictures! Drats!

Deanna :D