Friday, February 6, 2009

Show & Tell and ~CC's Shopping Spree...& Giveaway Drawing If You Can Identify These Eyes!

Happy Friday All! Thanks to Kelli for hosting another fun day of Show & Tell! Once you get done hangin out with me for the next few moments, be sure to visit Kelli at her place, Kelli's'll find many more wonderful places to visit today!
My Show & Tell item today is one of my favorite Antique books that I collect. "Mother, Home, and Heaven" is the title. I found this book about 15 years ago at a yard sale, beaten up, very distressed by water spots and really, most folks would have pitched it. Not moi~ There's something that calls out to me to rescue, and this wonderful book needed just that. She now sits on my shelf with all the other special tales of old...and I relish each time I enter her door to visit! Pull up a chair and learn just a small reason why she's one of my favorites!
Golden Thoughts...mmm, yes, all of the enclosed pose and poetry are Golden! This book was written in a much gentler time in many ways...where respect and love of family was priority for all. Less broken families, less stress from over commitments, and yes, less crime rate. Imagine, allowing our children to walk miles down the road to visit a friend...without any worry, wouldn't that be grand? Well, in this book, you can...join me!
This book is quite old, one of the oldest in my collection. As you see in the pic below, the copyright is between 1878-1882. So, it's 100 years + old. No wonder she looks a little tattered here and there! But just like our senior citizens, she still has SO MUCH to contribute in her life!
There are many sections in the book, one is on the home...and since many of us blog because we love our homes, and decorating, etc...I thought I'd share a tidbit from this section.
This is one of my favorite pieces... Double click on the pic to enlarge it so you can read each delicious word.
Then this verse, written by someone that is anonymous, is awesome! It's on the words we speak in our homes! Another valued trinket that for some has been lost...
Well...that's it for my Show & Tell for the day...but, it's not over yet!
SALE, SALE, SALE, Window Shopping Spree & GIVEAWAY!
Slide on down the page to see the fantastic items I found while shopping at the Gateway Antiques & Collectible Mall at one of the USA's largest malls. They're open 7 days a week between 9am-8pm. They're located in Ringgold, GA. We found them on our way home from TN last week.
At the end of the shopping spree I have a chance for you to participate in a GIVEAWAY! If you can identify who or what the eyes belong to on my final item showcased, leave a comment with your guess. For everyone who guesses correctly, I'll be pulling one of your names out of a hat! (Shipping limited to within the USA, sorry)
The winner will receive a lovely choice of gift from me personally. The choice of gift will be one of the following:
1. A Longaberger "2000 Century Celebration" Collectible Heart Shaped Basket with fabric and plastic liner. The fabric liner is pictured in a cream and pink/wine romantic vintage rose pattern. The basket itself is both wood stain and wine color woven wood. (See pic on the top of my Side Bar) can choose #2
2. A "Surprise Package" with some really sweet gifts for just YOU! (When I was little, we used to do grab bags...I loved them!
I'll post about both the gift & the winner so everyone can enjoy what you've won!
Well enough about the gifts...let's get on with the window shopping spree I went on!
Meet some genuine Tiffany Stemware...irridescent..they were breathtaking, and still a complete set! The price caught me off guard, but, they're TIFFANY! ;)
This was so precious...any little girl would love this! Any big girl would love this! A vintage baby doll carriage!
I decided to share lots of red since it's the week prior to Valentine's Day...I fell in love with this set of dishes. I need to build more cupboards... I collect blue and white Spode, but ...can't a gal have more colors?
This chair is one of six, the price was great! I want to say it was $120 for the entire set. I can see these in a Shabby Chic distressed look and really stepping up the "Francais et Chic" look... I need another room too, not just the cupboards! ;)
A lovely little teacup that I left behind from Royal Albert.. (I can't buy them all, my Beloved says) drats...why not? ;)
Vintage Floral Grapes it's called...I love it!
Another set of iridescent stemware...oohlala! Love it!
This little set was marked down from $24.90 to says as is, but I didn't notice a problem ...they are still adorable though, aren't they?
The teacups on this table were priced so reasonable...$12.95, how can anyone walk out of that store without one? I did... :( (I have 100+ in collection right now) ;)
This vintage fireplace mantel is stunning...I would love to add this to one of my rooms!
And, what an unusual teapot, loved the red/pink like color! And the style, CHIC!
This small kidney shaped accent table always catches my eye...another adorable piece to add to any room! The items on the top, just as sweet! Especially that little lacy cake stand.
An unusual red glass frosted lamp shade! This was under lock & key!
This picture stopped me in my tracks...PRECIOUS!
An adorable little antique vintage child's rocker...this was soooo fabulous!
Red matching lamps...Definitely a great accent in just the right room! These were about 20 inches tall...much larger than they appear here.
This adorable magazine rack was perfect, wish I'd walked out with that purchase. On the reverse side is spawned a little tiny drawer at the bottom... Very French and chic, whether distressed black, or redone in Shabby Chic white.
And...drum roll, now for the EYES.... Can you identify these? hahaha!
They're sideways, what's up with that? Sorry...they were not sideways when I imported it...all well, more fun this way~
Don't forget to leave your comment...guess who or what the eyes belong to so I can pull a name from that hat. I will close off the opportunity to guess by Sunday night....February 8, at 8pm. At that time I'll review all the comments, and anyone who guessed right will have their name put in a hat. Can't wait to see who the winner is!, go and give a wild guess!
~CC Catherine...Have fun with your guess! ;)


prof en retraite said...

Hi CC...Love all of your finds! I'm taking a wild guess and saying a Mme Alexander Caroline Kennedy doll because my sister has one of those. It seems as though she had big blue eyes. Throw my name in the chapeau...oh, no, I have to be right first. Oh darn! Have a great weekend...Debbie

Gypsy aka Tam said...

that book you shared for show and tell is lovely and I loved goin with you on the window shopping trip. Wow - I guess I should be glad it was just a virtual trip because I'm sure my wallet would have suffered the consequences.
Now to those eyes...hmmm I have a couple of guesses. Is it the Easterbunny? and my son thinks it's a furbie...LOL
Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

Hello Catherine,

I don't even have a clue "who's eyes those are". Not even one!

What a wonderful book review. Such a sweet book. I can see why you love it so.

About the virtual shopping trip, I love those Tiffany sherbert dishes too!!!


marty39 said...

Your wonderful book for Show and Tell is such a great find. I so enjoyed the pages you shared. Your shopping trip was great fun also. So many wonderful things. Now for the eyes, I think they're from the Easter Bunny, or a cupie doll. Can't decide which. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Is it a furby? (I kinda cheated & saved it to my puter & then turned it right side)

~CC Catherine said...

No guess is a bad guess on the EYES! Remember, I can't tell "Who or What" this is until after Sunday, 2/8, at 8pm! Happy guessing everyone...may the games begin! ;) ~CC

JudyBug said...

Oh you knew you were tempting me with the transferware didn't you? I would love to go shopping where you shop!!!

Thank you for your sweet comments re: my post and Daddy. It means so much to know there are so many prayers going out for him!

Blondie's Journal said...


I love your antique book, things were so different back then yet the values remain the same, if only we all chose to live by them.

Loved your antique mall trip, I have to scout these huge places out for future road trips, but I'm sure I couldn't fit all my finds in a car!! Love the spode especially. Did you buy anything per chance??

Have no clue about the eyes, other than maybe some popular baby doll from the fiftie's.

Have a great weekend & lots of luck to the winner!!


Hootin' Anni said...

I'm sure it's a vintage doll...sitting somewhere right close to that vintage doll carriage!!! Right? stole my heart girl! I tellya, we have 'antique row' here in our town, and I just LOVE to walk the aisles and drool. All the time. What really gets me is something I see that I remember my mom having, or my grandmother. Brings back fond memories, and always such a fun afternoon!!! Terrific photos.

Terri and Bob said...

You have some awesome books here. I agree with Debbie about the Kennedy doll.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

How did you ever pry yourself away from all of the lovely things at the antique mall? I really enjoyed looking at them!

Books from the 1800's are so special--people just don't write or talk like that any more, which is a shame.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll be back!

Melissa Miller said...


I'm going to guess a beautiful doll as well. :)

Karen said...

OH MY!!! I want a mall like that here in So Cal. The teacup was precious - I agree, we can't buy them all. (You mean you have the other 1/2 of my collection? HA!) ;)
FIrst glance at the eyes, a Furbie - my kids loved theirs. But I'm thinking it might be Big Bird! Maybe an old Big Bird who has lost his fluffy yellow feathers and grown older and more ivory. HA!
I want to win so I hope I'm right!!!!
HAGD! Girl, we need to go shopping together!

ceekay said...

Well, I am stumped..great game...someone has to have a clue, and we will probably all say, well of course when we find out who or what.

Kathy said...

First of all, is it a troll doll???!

I love everything you've shown today, Catherine. The book is wonderful. I LOVE old books - always have! The things you found in the antique mall are fabulous. Of course, I'm always a sucker for crystal. The table is really pretty and that print of the women - just lovely. I loved it all - great show and tell!

Have a perfect weekend...Kathy

Linda said...

Great book, I love the things they talk about in those and the old illustrations of things. And your shopping trip was fun, that looks like a fun place to go!
And my guess for the eyes, hmmm, I think it is one of those flocked kitty banks from the 60's or 70's.
Thanks, this is fun!
Have a good weekend!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Catherine...thanks for sharing that neat old book...I love reading the way they used to word things in these old books. :-) Fun shopping trip! I have no idea on the eyes...Susan

once in a blue moon... said...

great show and tell, so sweet you resuced it and i love the last page~

Carla said...

A doll for sure, one with a fur cap? SO pretty!
Loved your book, the words about kindness are ageless.
What lovelies you shared!!! I bet you had fun looking:)
Thank you for sharing today.

Cynthia said...

Hi CC,
I loved the tour, and I would have loved any one of those lovely items. For the eyes, I think that their the Easter Bunny, so furry. Cindy

Anonymous said...

I just loved looking at all your finds. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Lady Katherine said...

I just love the transferware, the tea cups! Oh and the book is so wonderful! OH, how about Blue Eyes! lol

Schotzy said...

Wow, what an amazing shop!I want to shop there! I have got to see those red transferware dishes! They are right up my alley! The tea cups were sweet, also!
Those eyes sure are briht and beautiful. Iwould venture to guess a lovely feline, perhaps a gorgeous siamese with those luscious baby blues!

Lady Katherine said...

Is it a lamb doll? No I can see it, my girls had one, well I can not remember! Thanks for the kind words, I have not told anyone really what been going on. This was a very hard article for me to write. For it does not even go to the deepth of my illness. But I am hopeful, the next surgery will give me back part of my life. I drove tonight after writing this post. First time in 3 years. Doc says I can for 10 min. at a time. Living in the country you can't go far! lol I felt freedom! There a tiny town 15 min away. I going to try and go to the thrift stores on my own soon. It will be so fun for no one to say you do not need that! lol I have a new tea pot and tiny tea cups, in Phildelpia, MS there is a great store, new things, but lots of fun. My sister lives there and I placed an order for her to go shopping for me. lol I was hoping for a pink teapot. Now I have feel in love with rose dishes, too. She told me about an outlet store on line, I have not found what I am looking for yet.

Pink Slippers said...

I love looking at books like that. They hold much wisdom, I think.

Dixie's Whimsey said...

cc... I think the eyes belong to a vintage Easter bunny doll... but I see that Easter bunny has already been guessed a few times... anyway, that's what I think. Thanks for stopping French Lique and taking a "gander" at Miss Scarlett... it was a fun trip for me too! Dixie

Karen Sherrill said...

What a wonderful book review! I love old books as well...there is just something special about them!

It looks like you had fun shopping! I loved everything! I really miss going to the antique malls back home...

Thank you for the sweet coments you left as well ;o).


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful vintage book. Too pretty to toss out. Loved looking at all the pics.

I'm guessing the belong to a santa doll.

Margaret said...

I think those Tiffiny glasses need to come live at my house!!! Love them! As for the eyes, I would have to say easter bunny also!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely book to have....old book are a treasures. Love the thoughts......Beautiful!
I enjoyed window shopping with the tea cups....

About the eyes...first I thought it would have been Chloe ...then I it can't be because the eyes look to glassy. Sooo I thought about this furry that my daughter called Popples. Or a little furry kitten. All I know it a pretty "Blue Eyes"....LOL

Thank you for stopping by and sweet notes...You are so sweet and precious too!
Have a wonderful weekends...Smiles and Hugs.Katherinellen

Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi! I love antique books, too! Really, anything OLD! Thank you for visiting me today. I enjoyed your show and tell.

carolinajewel said...

Catherine, What a wonderful book! It would be right around the time they were building my house, which was completed in 1883. I love the words of wisdom and just the looks of it. All the decoration and different typefaces - I am just not a minimalist!!!!

Also loved shopping with you. That glassware and the child's rocking chair!!! I guess it is a good thing for my wallet that I wasn't there!!!

I have pulled some of my teacups out of their cabinet to decorate for Valentine's Day. I will post them this weekend and don't want you to miss them!!!

My best guess for the eyes is a Furby. It seems like they had lower lids like the ones you posted, but I really have no idea!!!!! :D Jewel

Elena said...

I loved the book and the words within! Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for sharing this wonderful book. Have a great weekend. Elena

Becky said...

Those eyes have to be from a cat (fake of course) or could it be big bird with a new hair do???

I give up! I hate these guessing games especially without hints.

Can you tell I'm the baby of the family?

Sissy Becky

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog said...

Seems like very good prices at this antique mall...beautiful things!