Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show & Tell Friday...And a Virtual "All Things French" Shopping Spree...

Thanks to Kelli @ "Kelli's House" for hosting another fabulous Show & Tell Friday! Please be sure to slide by her place to visit all the others that are sharing today!
My Show & Tell for today ~ I decided to share another one of my Antique Books, By The Fireside, by Charles Wagner.
This book (over 100 years old) was originally written in French and was translated into English by Mary Louise Hendee. My first copy of this book was purchased at a yard sale for $1. So fragile that the pages and cover began falling apart as I began reading it. I soon began my search as to how I could find another copy in better shape.
In Kennett Square, (near Longwood Gardens) Pennsylvania, I found an old book store, "Thomas Macaluso Rare & Fine Books" that was able to locate this newer copy for me. This book cost me $29.68. A small price to pay for such enjoyment that will last me for my lifetime.
Copyright is 1904 as pictured below:
This particular book that I obtained through the Rare Finds Book Store had once belonged to the John Hopkins Library. It has a stamp inside the front cover that the book was disposed of from John Hopkins and my guess is that the little markings you see to the bottom left of this picture has something to do with who maybe owned it at a later date.
The chapters of this book are about life, family, love in marriage, brothers & sisters, order in the house, golden hair and gray, and so much more. The chapter below you see is on good humor in the home.
My favorite excerpt of the entire book is on "Marriage".
Since it's Valentine Day weekend, I thought it would be a lovely excerpt to share with you.
Read what the author writes, and how applicable that it should be even 100 years later.
"We are too familiar with these unions where love, dying early, sleeps forgotten in a hidden corner of the memory, like the wedding-dress and orange blossoms in some remote chest. We end by believing that it must be so, that it is the law of life. Let us lift our hearts to something more lasting, to a more tenacious love, not ending with the roses but faithful, deep-rooted and abiding, a love that braves the tempest and fears no frosts. It is not at all like a pretty child, full of caprice and half rebellious; it is a rough and ready comrade, not indifferent to fine weather, but known for what it is, and proven in dark days. It knows how to suffer, to pardon and to endure. It does not hang upon a ray of sunshine or the colour of a lock. It has no age, or rather, like good wine, age mellows it. As the delicious German proverb has it--"Alte Liebe rostet nicht," old love never rusts."

"All Things French"
Now, it's tough to follow those words of Charles Wagner, but I'm going to that I can continue on the Virtual tour I have for you of "All Things French".
Imagine, if you will, that at the end of this lane, we've entered the border of France!
("Winter Version" of my "Four Seasons of Heaven" photo's that I recently snapped) Once across the border we've come upon a small French town with, none other than, a French Vintage & Antique Shop. The first thing I see as I enter the boutique is this lovely tray that will go on my Verandah Porch that I'm in the process of making over. (I purchased this, so it's the real deal) ;) The tray is made from broken china and the colors are absolutely perfect for any room in my home. I love it!
The next item is a lovely white porcelain and gold embossed edge custard dish w/ a small matching plate. I actually purchased a pair of these for my daughter's china collection, they're for her birthday. My Beloved accidentally chipped the one plate before I could get it in my gift closet... (drats, I'll keep that one now) ;)
This is the shape of the little French plate that holds the custard dish and the markings on the bottom of the dish.
Next are all these French and Frilly extras for any room in the home. The colors are so rich! I love the dish behinnd all the vases. The colors in it are gorgeous! I was brave and walked on by...
I adored this delicate sugar & creamer set, but could not justify adding one more set to my home. (I'm still on the Dave Ramsay Total Money Makeover) ;) So, I took a picture so my memory would keep it longer... ;)
This little Vintage and very French looking short curio with glass encasement was stunning. So was the price! ;) But, I can dream.... Oui?
This delicate porcelain statue of ladies dancing just reminded me of what the lovely young French dancers must have looked like in earlier of my favorite eye candys of the day! ;)
This entire set was stunning!
I loved the way the soft yellow glass lamps were reflected in this mirror...
Cherubs, Silver, and unique Vintage finds...
Totally Floral and French!
My favorite little piece, and only $29...porcelain floral by Aynsley
A teapot...Floral & French! ;)
This color and pattern jumped out at me, even though I'm traditionally not a green gal!
Crystal Decanter... Love the shape!
A French Country "CHIC"ken look! ;)
A "Fleur de lise" pattern set of dishes in light peach tone.
A French Chair for the boudoir
A delicate yellow collectible porcelain Francais et Chic!
Blue & Whites....always in with the French!
And last, but not least, this fabulous teapot! So delicate, so floral, so Hummingbirding... ;) Remember, just because we're in France, doesn't mean necessarily that everything in the shop will be from France! I found this to be true when I visited there...just like here, we have collectibles from all over the world in our Vintage and Antique shops.
I hope you enjoyed this "Virtual" tour of "All Things French" from my make believe trip to France!
(The few things I mentioned purchasing I really found here in GA! ) Isn't pretending fun? ;)
IT's all about dreaming, isn't it?
Now, don't forget to stop by Kelli's for more Show & Tell shares! ;)
~CC Catherine


Deb said...

I have the little white tea pot, my Mom gave it to me.

Deb said...

The one you called floral and french, I just love mine!

marty39 said...

Your book is just wonderful, and I loved the passage you shared. It is really so true 100 yrs. later. Now as for the shopping, there are so many pretty things, but I think my favorite was the pretty little pink basket with the flowers on top. Just stunning. Love the tour. Thanks, Hugs, Marty

Gypsy aka Tam said...

'Alte Liebe rostet nicht' that made me smile. Beautiful book for Show and Tell, thank you for sharing it with us.
Now - can I please go shopping with you in 'France' or anywhere??????? Pretty please?...LOL I wish I could find stores with items like that around here *sigh*
Have a wonderful Friday,

Raggedy Girl said...

Lovely French trip with beautiful things to look at, thank you.
Roberta Anne

mbkatc230 said...

You're a fabulous "tour guide", you always find such wonderful things to share. That book is lovely, and the passage is so true. Wonderful post for Valentines Day. Kathy

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

How fun! I love the boudoir chair.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Saw your cute pup..a poodle and a yorkie too!

Karen said...

Ahhhhh, the tea set. That's what I'd love to find in my china hutch!
Very fun shopping excursion! Let's do it again!
Hugs. Karen

Joyce said...

I love the 3 girls dancing!
I happen to notice the dogs on the side of your blog. Are all 3 yours? They are so... adorable. xoxo

Kathy said...

A completely gorgeous post, Catherine. LOVE the fabulous book - "old love never rusts" - loves it!

You found so many lovely items at the vintage shop. A wonderful day, just wondering around such a place filled with beautiful things, isn't it?

Lovely post, Catherine...
Happy Valentine's Day!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I love old books. Just something about that they have been enjoyed by so many other people before me. What wonderful finds. And the virtual French shopping trip was so much fun. I love everything you came home with. I'd love to try to make a tray like that. laurie

Cynthia said...

I would love to have the tray you purchased, just gorgeous and that chic french lamp. Loved the tour, Cindy

Carrie said...

Your virtual tour was delightful...there are several items i'd like for my own home!

carolinajewel said...

What a lovely passage from your antique book!
I enjoyed the trip to France with you! So many lovelies. I just adored the tea set! :D Jewel

Hootin' Anni said...

I so enjoy touching and perusing old antique books!!! What a treasure.

My SnT is the 2nd of 3 installments of troll doll collection. Hope you can stop by. Have a glorious, wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

Bo said...

What a wonderful post this was! I could have bought each & every item you showed us...if money was no object, that is...Thanks for the fun trip! ;-) Bo

Melissa Wertz said...

Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing Catherine. Happy Valentine's day.

JudyBug said...

What beautiful pics! I could definitely find a place for the french dancers. I just love that one!

Smilingsal said...

Ah, "old love never rust." How beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday!

prof en retraite said...

Hi CC....Well, you know I enjoyed your frenchy shopping spree!! I can't pick a fav...maybe the beautiful teacups!! Looknig forward to March 2nd...can you come?...Debbie

A Hint of Home said...

Very pretty post. I love the old books.

prof en retraite said...

Hi CC...I just found your comment...Yaaaay!! Why don't you just plan to come to my house and ride with me? No reason for both of us to drive all the way over there!!! I'll email you directions and we'll plan a time. See you soon...Debbie

Susie Homemaker said...

What a beautiful tour of beautiful treasures...


Candy said...

Oh, yes, I did indeed enjoy the tour. Every picture. Thank you for thinking of and taking us along.
You are too kind, Candy

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE you French show and tell... of course!
ENJOY your weekend!

claudie said...

Thanks for taking me on that fab tour.
I could have bought so many things. I love your little French Tea pot and your vignette of pinks and glass... well let's just say I better get out there and do some serious shopping for that swap!!
Your probably on the road by now reading your beautiful book.
Love Ya
P.S. That tray is to die for.
Happy Valentine's Day

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Catherine, I'll take the chocolate set, please... be still my beating magpie heart! Oh, how pretty it is! I love limoge.

Thanks for sharing your shopping trip...


Sheila :-)

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Thank you for sharing the book. As for the tour, I think I would not be able to resist the rooster lamp.

BTW, thanks for the tip on Kauffman's Coffee. I think I may check it out.

A coworker lives in Gettysburg. I asked here about the tea room you mentioned and she believes it to be closed. However, she said there is a Miss Pittypats Tea Room. I have to go there just because the name is so cute.

Karen Sherrill said...

Thank you for taking us along with you!!! Loved everything ;o).


Cass said...

Ah, old books. Love them! I even love how they smell (I don't share that bit of info with just anyone!).

I really enjoyed this post, looking at the wonderful old book and the passage you selected from it, and also the tour of all things French.

Come shopping with me! You have a good eye.


Heidi Pocketbook said...

The quote you shared from the book brought tears to my eyes. What an appropriate book to share for Valentine's Day. I never would have appreciated that quote when I was younger--but after nearly 24 yrs. of marriage I certainly do now!

I loved the frilly pink dish in one of your pics--it was sweet!

Have a lovely weekend :-)

Susan said...

Have a great Valentine's day...and weekend!


Susan B said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love your book, it's wonderful. And I enjoyed your virtual tour, and all the beautiful items! Thank you for sharing them all.

Lisa Ann said...

Great book!

Lisa Ann said...

I love your book!

Kelli said...

Such a wonderful old book...I love seeing bits of your collection. I wish I could visit that shop with you. :0)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Fabulous S&T! I enjoyed seeing all the pretties!

I have that morning glory tea pot!

Love the fragile yellow rose dish!